23 Thrift Store Upcycles That Make Us Want To Hit Up Goodwill

Buying new stuff? That's so last year. Hitting up a thrift store for a good 'ol fashion thrift flip? Now that's the tea.

Whether it's clothes, home decor, or furniture, these upcycles will definitely inspire you to hit up your nearest thrift store. Like, ASAP.

This thrift flip is next level.

YouTube | XO MaCenna

When XO MaCenna found an old Kodak slide sorter, she did what many of us never would have thought to do: She turned it into a chandelier.

Not only is this cute as heck, it was cheap, too! Check the whole process out on her YouTube channel.

This is art.

Not only has the chair been upcycled, but the nightstand has, too!

The chair was done first, and then the nightstand was done with a patterned paper. I love when artists really go for it with furniture. Why not have fun with it?

The vision this took... I'm speechless.

We see an oversized red blazer. Bambiix2 saw something else entirely.

Her new blazer dress features cape sleeves and a pleated skirt, and is a total stunt. Check out her transformation video here.

This has some unexpected hardware.

This makeover involved keeping the original legs in their natural state, painting the drawers in shades of blue, and attaching some hardware — but not any old hardware.

The handles are actually copper piping from the hardware store!

From weird footstool to chic storage.

YouTube | Hermione Chantal

Hermione Chantal on YouTube had quite the challenge on her hands when she picked up a padded jewelry box from the thrift store.

She set to work stripping it of its old fabric top and fitting a new wooden one in its place. A little paint and some new hardware later, it's something I totally want on my dresser.

This is part restore, part rehab.

This mid-century dresser was saved from a state of disrepair with some pretty basic tools: a sander, paint, and some wood.

A black grate was purchased to add to the right-hand side, and now it's a stunning piece that I would totally put my TV on.

Custom painted clothing is super in right now.

One of the great things about thrifting is finding pieces that are so old, they've come around to being trendy again.

This is definitely the case with mom jeans. Bold Dino on Instagram added some retro designs to some thrifted jeans. Wearable art? That's everything, honey.

Get super creative.

Why not have fun with something you've thrifted? Since the stakes are low, you can really let the creativity flow and create a piece of art for your own house.

A hanging planter? Don't mind if I do.

Brittany Goldwyn

That gorgeous, modern planter actually started out as a bowl.

Brittany Goldwyn picked up a cheap silver bowl from the thrift store and dreamed big dreams for it. Using a drill, paint, some s-hooks, and chain, she created a modern planter for her plant friends.

This is a total retro moment.

Upcycling + retro print = love at first sight.

This cabinet was covered in a sci-fi print and painted with gold details. It's totally Jetsons meets Star Trek, and tbh, I totally want it.

A headboard fit for a queen.

The DIY Dreamer

Can you believe that headboard used to be a bunch of thrifted picture frames?

The DIY Dreamer detailed her thorough process turning frames into a gilded headboard. I personally think it looks like the Mirror of Erised from Harry Potter — what do you think?

Put a little art deco on it.

Can you believe this was hand-painted? @doneupnorth usually goes for a more geometric look with their upcycling, but this sideboard just needed to have an art deco print.

Seeing the results? I totally agree.

This is the definition of an upgrade.

Goodbye, baggy shirt-dress. Hello, cute summer dress!

Over at Two and a Half Seams, Desireé decided to take on quite the challenge: flipping and updating a heavily patterned dress. I think she totally nailed it!

Geometric prints? Don't mind if I do.

Mid-century furniture looks amazing with bold, strongly contrasting prints and shapes. Throw in some tropical flavor, and you've got a recipe for a stunning piece that doesn't break the bank.

Go halfway.

Who says you have to makeover the whole piece? For those who don't like to lose the natural wood of thrifted furniture, this might be the solution for you. Plus, look how gorgeous that pink is!

This bar cart went through some serious TLC.

Thrift Diving

Before this fantastic bar cart became a rolling art piece, it was a wooden, laminate, rusted mess.

Serena from Thrift Diving saw potential in it, though. Using some elbow grease, handmade marble paper, and glass, she brought this bar cart back to life.

Bringing this wedding dress into the future took some WORK.

April had a pretty hefty challenge on her hands when she decided to upcycle that '80s wedding dress.

She asked her followers to vote on how she should design it, and the results? Well, they speak for themselves.

This used to be a magazine rack.

No, really!

Rachel Metz took a thrifted magazine rack and turned it into a boho lover's dream. She removed some slats, added her own wood touches, and of course finished it off with some woven cane.

Check it out here!

Gold leaf is a crafter's best friend.

How cool is this? It's like there's a gold river going through this dresser! That boring 'ol thrift store dresser became an amazing piece that would fit any throwback lover's aesthetic.

These mushrooms are magic — no, not that kind of magic.

Turning crystal into garden mushrooms is so hot right now.

Flo Bell on Instagram wrote: "We always have an over abundance of crystal bowls and vases in the store. No one wants them. I made crystal mushrooms. 🤷🏻‍♀️"


This basket began life as trash.

YouTube | Embers & Ash

Well, as a home for trash, anyway.

Embers & Ash on YouTube bought a thrifted trash can and decided it could be so much more. Using a thick rope and some hot glue, the trash can went from ugly to trendy. We love a redemption arc.

This used to be a dish rack.

YouTube | The Sorry Girls

The Sorry Girls took a thrifted dish rack and quite literally spun it into gold.

By removing some parts of it and painting others gold (not to mention adding that gorgeous piece of wood at the bottom), this dish rack now holds some bumpin' records.

A little paint goes a long way.

Everyday Originals

Sometimes, upcycling can be as simple as adding paint.

For this mid-century modern table refresh, Lindsey at Everyday Originals sanded and painted the entire thing. When a piece is that nice, letting the lines of it speak for itself is the way to go!

Also, I want it. Thanks.