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16+ Folks Who Are Doing Their Own Thing

The path well worn is not a path for everyone. Some people like to craft their own way through life, venturing down routes only take by those such as philosophers, inventors, and the insufferably smug Bear Grylls.

There are plenty of such people out in the world today who go without the recognition that they deserve, and I hope to rectify that. So, don your safari suit, and prepare for 16+ folks who are doing their own thing.


Reddit | vonbraski

Just like eating ice cream for breakfast and turning up the thermostat as much as you want, being an adult can have its advantages. Until you get your first bill that is. But you do you anyway guy!

You Okay Up There?

Reddit | saintwithataint

This really is the road less travelled. Even though she is so far away, you can tell from the face that she is that perfect blend of furious, apathetic, and aware of how ridiculous the situation she is in really is.

"Just chillin"

Reddit | anoobsearcher

Some animals will do anything for comfort, and I can relate a lot to this lizard. It probably likes sticking its head out to get head scratches.

"Naturally what you do if you live in apartment 314"

Reddit | leezahfote

Pi see what you did there. *Fistpumps and feels slightly validated about life thanks to a terrible pun.

It's... Art? I guess?

Reddit | TabCompletion

Undoubtedly, it is very impressive what they have done here, but I don't really know why they did it?

"No f*cks were given"

Reddit | achillea666

He may just want to work on his tan, is that a crime? I mean, I'm genuinely asking if it is a crime, because I can't tell just by looking at this photo.

Just A Casual Night On The Town

Reddit | died-young

I sincerely hope that this is also part of some strange art project. However, all of my instincts are telling me that it isn't. Although, if you spilled any food down yourself, that would just wipe straight off the latex.

"When you've only been doing the lectures online and your professor pulls a fast one on the midterm."

Reddit | thepkmncenter

This professor doesn't give a damn about the online option. You need to be in the midst of education for it to sink in, not sat in your pyjamas!

Printing Out YouTube Videos

Reddit | Labor1er

I wonder if it printed out like a flip-book, just frame after frame that you have to rapidly flip through.

The Ol' Switcheroo!

Reddit | Wiildman8

"What style do you want?"

"Have you seen an Uno reverse card?"

"Say no more."

"Old woman uses a marionette of herself to feed squirrels in the park"

Reddit | tikotanabi

I don't care how weird anyone thinks this is, I think it is downright adorable and you will never change my mind!

Who's Walking Who?

Reddit | vurzum

At what point do you think the dog will just be dragging a dangling man along the edge of the wall.

Casting Spells And Cashing Cheques

Reddit | nerrad6

What would a wizard need money for when they already have a velvet robe covered in stars and can shoot fireballs out of their magical staff? Nothing, that's what!

The Doll-Maker

Reddit | phillydog1

Yeah, that's what you get for reading random signs in the street! I'd actually quite like to have a little model version of myself made though.

"I'll Show You Sign!"

Reddit | Labor1er

I mean, what possible other outcome could there have been for trying to drive over that ditch?

"I relabelled the trash cans in the office."

Reddit | koma77

Funnily enough, captain compost was my nickname in high-school. By God, those were some long, long years.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!

Reddit | ScarecrowFighter2018

Of all the animals in the animal kingdom that would help you out of a jam like this, a cat is the least likely to offer any actual assistance!

"When you are in a gingerbread house competition and it doesn't work out."

Reddit | bgsnowify

I'd give them the prize just for the ingenuity alone, and it still looks damn tasty!

"I ran out of wrapping paper and had to improvise. It's nearly unnoticeable."

Reddit | wes00mertes

If anything, this took more effort than simply wrapping the present, so the recipient should be extra grateful!

"My cat only has one eye, so we improvised"

Reddit | Catme

That cat looks decidedly less than pleased with that particular replacement! Also, if you've got a cat with one eye, do the noble thing and give it an eyepatch so that it can be a pirate cat, jeez.

With Technology, Anything Is Possible!

Reddit | spicyspic69

With the technology available to us today, anything is possible! Why you'd want to do something like this I don't know, but the point is that you can!

"Forgot to put water in my noodles and nearly burnt my house down"

Reddit | KenSpliffeyJunior_

Their house now apparently permanently smells of soy sauce. I can think of worse outcomes if I'm honest.

The Ultimate Indignity

Reddit | CamTheChest

Are you allowed to ride live animals through a drive through? I know that seems like a daft question that no one should ever have to ask but I'm genuinely curious!

"When you receive a complaint from your neighbors, it's important that you do your best to resolve it."

Reddit | PoopThoughts

"Oh boy, free dandelions! Gee whizz mister, are you sure we can take as many as we want?" — said nobody ever. Still love the optimism though!

"They didn't have a flag for the national anthem."

Reddit | tracenator03

"I always wanted to be a flag pole when I grew up, and look at me now!"

"What do you mean they're all wrong?!"

Reddit | Rapturos

Well, at least they tried. Alas, frluse was not the right answer!

"He's not taking a photo of them..."

Reddit | pearinactive

If you are not aware of Danny Devito's Twitter, then you should know that he loves nothing more than to upload photos featuring his foot! You do you Danny, you do you, you absolute treasure!

"Cop at my university forgot his bicycle lock."

Reddit | prettyflyforaryguy

Sure, that seems like a great idea at the time, but just wait until he needs to arrest somebody! "Come with me sir, we need to go find my bike."

The Art Of Knitting Noodles

Reddit | readball

I believe that this style of knitting is called "Continental Knitting". However, I really hope that I am wrong about knowing that fact!

Excellent Improvising Skills

Reddit | b-radical29

Ducks are one of nature's most adaptable creatures. They can survive nuclear blasts, and they can even survive without their head... or is that cockroaches?