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30 Things That Shouldn’t Be The Way That They Are

It seems that no matter how much life experience we may gain, the world still has a way of throwing us curveballs. All we can do is move forward with the certainty that the world will continue to troll us.

All the control.

Reddit | KustomKonceptz

I think everyone has a drawer full of old remotes, but this takes things to another level. The person who posted this says their mom in law keeps old remotes under the belief that it's good luck to replace the whole thing when the batteries run out. Yeesh...

Toilet with a view.

Reddit | Radish00

It's hard to know how the fates conspired to turn a perfectly good washroom into a precarious toilet over a vertical drop. Looking on the bright side, I guess it's still a usable washroom.

One way to advertise your wares.

Reddit | DrFetusRN

This photo from the 1930s shows an English butcher shop displaying its (many) animal carcasses on the outside of the building. Considering the amount of smog pollution at the time, this seems super gross.

Take that, coronavirus.

Reddit | v8reddit

The jury is still out on which masks are the most effective at protecting the wearer from airborne viruses. I haven't seen anything on wearing bottles over your head, but maybe that's the next big thing.

One of these things is not like the other.

Reddit | down_vote_magnet

One poor screw never received its threading, which begs the question: is a screw even a screw anymore if it's literally unable to screw? Poor little screw.

There's a story here.

Reddit | earningsolutions0321

This is weird. I don't rent pigs either, but I've never needed to advertise this on a sign. In fact, it's never even come up. This sign hints at a convoluted story.

You do you.

Reddit | 513superfoxhottie

People decorate their vehicles in all sorts of ways to display their patriotism, political affiliation, or any other slice of their personality. So if someone wants a lounging sasquatch on the back of their truck, why not? It's a free country.

Graveyard? More like faveyard.

Reddit | centralnjbill

Like so many of the pics on this list, there's clearly a story here, one we probably won't ever know. That said, I'm definitely not opposed to anything that makes cemeteries a little more fun.


Reddit | TomatoHeadTheKing

Car advertisers like to show off how many kids or how much luggage can fit into their vehicles. For some reason, they don't use the real metric of whether their car is big enough to accommodate a pony riding shotgun.

Make an adjustment.

Reddit | tinyricksanchezC137

This is an x-ray of someone standing with their back flattened against a wall. They said they thought their doctor was messing them when they saw the twisty, turny results.


Reddit | Thebaldeagle

Look, servers make less than minimum wage and absolutely need tips in order to pay the bills. So sure, pay 18 or 20 percent. But suggesting a 99 percent tip seems a little ambitious.

The hard stuff.

Reddit | ScathedRuins

It's a good thing this bottle of cleaning solution stands out like a sore thumb. Otherwise I'd be very concerned about the ingredients of my next cocktail from this place.

Mobile home.

Reddit | Eulielee

It's always jarring to see a house that's being physically moved. This family uprooted their home just to move it a couple of hundred feet further away.


Reddit | jimmyoneshoe

I don't know what this machine does, but I do know that a) it looks very happy and b) more likely than not, it's literally Mike Wazowski.

This is a cursed image.

Reddit | nesfor

Yes, Shrek is a weirdly enduring meme. Yes, you can get internet points for sharing unique Shrek imagery. But there's no excuse for buying so many copies of this cursed movie on VHS.

Looks like grape Kool Aid.

Reddit | severflux

What looks like a delicious purple beverage encased in icy pipes is actually medical waste from a hospital inside glass pipes. Guess I won't ask for a glass after all.

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what was wrong with this picture.

Reddit | DragonSurferIchBin

In my defense, I knew there was something off about it, but I just thought the woman was wearing a mask because her face didn't seem real.

Yeah, it turns out the rest of her isn't real either because she's a mannequin. That's about all the context I have for this, though.

Perhaps it shouldn't seem like a big deal, but something about this just bothers me.

Reddit | jwdmsd

While many of us might instinctively feel the urge to straighten picture frames we see, I'm just not willing to accept a tower of Pisa that doesn't lean.

I've seen some pretty thorough ownings in my time, but I wouldn't have expected a killer diss at a phone book company to rank so high on that list.

Reddit | dardanian

Indeed, the Yellow Pages would actually stop printing phone books by January of last year.

While it seems unlikely that this decision was solely inspired by this note, I want to believe it was.

Although there probably is a vehicle like this out there somewhere, this ain't it.

Reddit | AviatorCam

Instead, this perfectly normal SUV happened to be in a janky position when the Google Street view car passed by, so its image got split into the weird Frankencar we see here.

If this is a prank, it's a more clever one than it may seem at first.

Reddit | funnelcakemishap

After all, there are definitely some mornings where I would see this and feel my whole world turning upside down for an irrational split second.

Uh oh, you know you've got an unsatisfied customer on your hands when they've got their face in the window like this.

Reddit | DJEagles11

According to the uploader, this deer was also inconsiderate enough to cut in line just to let the manager know how displeased it is.

Apparently, there are Karens in every species.

I never thought I'd be applauding the restraint of people who draw on their passed out friends' faces at parties, but now I've seen this.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

This is why it's not a good idea to party with the Joker.

I apologize if this confirms the worst nightmares of some, but it's likely that those are all actual spider webs.

Reddit | CamTheChest

If nothing else, I suppose that solves the mystery of why this park is so deserted. That's one big NOPE field.

It's not a proud day when bugs of all things have us in checkmate, but that's the only way to describe what happened here.

Reddit | UpwardsBeliever

If the little buggers could talk, I guarantee they'd say, "looking for this?" in the most infuriating little mocking buzz.

Apparently, that building is just as much of a surprise to local residents as it is for us.

Reddit | hollyisnotsweet

That's because the sunlight peeking through the fog created the illusion of a "ghost building," which sounds like a convenient excuse to keep a real one under wraps.

Yes, I'm suggesting that Hotel Transylvania was a documentary.


Reddit | designflaw2b

We all need WiFi to live (pretty much, at least). But judging from the fact that this router has totally murdered part of this plant, I'm having second thoughts about all of the invisible internet signals in my home.

Does it glow in the dark?

Reddit | Farlaven

Raising chickens is a cool hobby that provides the hobbyist with delicious, fresh eggs in a variety of colors. I might leave the weirdly blue egg back in the chicken coop, though.

Sounds enthralling.

Reddit | TheHeckIsGoingOn

I can appreciate the subtle humor in this marquee advertising its own renovations. Honestly, watching drywall being installed is probably slightly more interesting than watching the proverbial paint dry.

Tyler didn't like his gift.

Reddit | Magikarp_King

If you look closely at this Amazon gift card, you can see that it was originally intended as a gift for Tyler. Tyler, whoever you are, I hope you wound up getting what you wanted.