16+ Pictures That Gave Us A Brand New Perspective

Getting a new perspective can mean a few different things. For some, it's arriving at a new plane of thought after self-reflection. For others, it means getting vaguely weirded out by unusual things they find on the internet.

Follow the yellow brick road.

Reddit | benderboi05

I can't deny the aesthetic appeal of this pic of a bright yellow road in a dreary winter landscape. A freight train in Minnesota was apparently leaking corn — for miles upon miles.

Behold, the janitorial kingdom.

Reddit | EvTheSmev

This hidden janitorial closet is kind of like Narnia, so long as you're willing to replace magical lions with slop buckets and sawdust.

Surrealist cerveza.

Reddit | MrGamerman1

Either Corona's running some kind of co-promotion with the estate of Salvador Dali, or something's seriously wrong with their glass formula down at the bottling plant.

Wars on wars.

Reddit | nilehighclub

The west has experienced a remarkably peaceful half-century or so. This photo of veterans from four wars is a powerful reminder that, for much of human history, war has been nearly constant.

Cool cat.

Reddit | jubjub666

This is just a cool-looking cat sitting on the back of a leather chair, but I choose to believe it's an extremely cool-looking cat who's wearing a leather jacket.

They need a new concrete guy.

Reddit | [deleted]

The erosion of this concrete shows the path of water from this drainage pipe. Also, this seems like some seriously weak-ass concrete.


Reddit | Dr_Apk

This beautiful scene in Italy, showing a massive dinner table under the canopy of lemon trees, has me wondering why I live in a perpetually dark, snowy land.

Skin and bones.

Reddit | shellybean23

The illusion in this pic is a funny accident, made possible by the fact that the bag of popcorn this girl is holding is exactly the same color as the dead grass in the area.


Reddit | danish-pastry

At first I saw a frizzy-haired guy with weird arms jumping into the water, watched over by a benevolent giant face. Then I realized there was never a frizzy-haired jumper in the first place.

Modern Caesar.

Reddit | alpharaine

It's hard to picture historical figures in modern contexts. But this modern-day reconstruction of Julius Caesar's face shows that he was just a guy who was disappointed, but not surprised, by your actions.

They're here.

Reddit | JustABigBitch

Either there's a bug on the windshield, or there's a really good reason for the traffic jam up ahead. Maybe it's time to turn on the windshield wipers.

Forgotten but not gone.

Reddit | nilehighclub

Thanks to large-scale farming, humans eat a small fraction of the fruit and vegetable varieties that are out there. There are all sorts of apple varieties out there, and this guy is dedicated to preserving them.

Glitch in the matrix?

Reddit | Tterrajsiwel

The ice on this barn is super weird to look at. Where I come from, icicles look like icicles, not like giant strips of Scotch tape.

Just like us.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Our closest living relatives are great apes like this orangutan. It's incredible to see how similar the act of breastfeeding is between these two species.

White Out

Reddit | theejordanjohnson

If you've never driven during a heavy snowfall, this is what they mean by "white out conditions". Yes, it's as terrifying as it looks.

Engage Hyperdrive!

Reddit | timotyjh

Driving directly into the snow is a bit cooler-looking, but still pretty tough, especially at night.

Not a bad deal.

Reddit | shadowedanansi

It's easy to forget about libraries, but don't sleep on them. It's like taking a trip to Barnes & Noble, but you don't have to pay.

Confusing Size Comparison

Reddit | fotopaper

Is this a teeny tiny bottle of ketchup or a massive french fry?

Back in drydock.

Reddit | Mono_420

The Swedish warship Vasa was launched in 1628 and promptly sunk on its maiden voyage. After more than three centuries underwater, it was raised to the surface, almost completely intact.

Whatcha Pointing At?

Reddit | SANTAAAA__I_know_him

I was convinced that the orange arrow was added to help the viewer find something interesting in the picture.

It's actually just a very bright orange birdhouse.

Mildly Terrifying

Reddit | Mazderatti

That's a piece of glass embedded in the top of an aluminum can. It happened when a light bulb burst.

Suggestive Tomato

Reddit | LelouchLamperouge_

Look at this oddly-shaped, tiny tomato. I'm not going to say what it looks like, but you know what it looks like.

Lefties, man.

Reddit | sepphoric

There's nothing wrong with lefthanded people. Some of my friends and family members are lefties. But, even though there's nothing inherently wrong with it, I'm deeply unsettled by this lefthanded checkmark.

Clever Garbage Station

Reddit | hand_ 8 hours

If you've ever emptied garbage bins in a fast food restaurant, you know how much soda gets toss and leaks out all over the place. This station includes a spot to dump out your cup before tossing it.

Some people asked why this is better than a drain, but that would require extra plumbing and limit where the stations could be placed.

Best Slice In Bedrock

Reddit | xxxtencioncord2

Yes, that's a rock. But it looks like a slice of pizza Fred Flintstone would order.

Sorry, Tyler

Reddit | Magikarp_King

Whoever bought you the wrong SD card as a gift must have had a seriously heavy hand when writing your name on the gift tag.

And then it was returned to Amazon and sent out in someone else's order.

Secret Love Story

Reddit | destructsean

While updating a home, contractors found a stash of love letters under the floor. Apparently they are from a woman to the married man who lived in the house.


Reddit | EtOHMartini ​

I mean, if they're going to pass notes in class, at least they're doing it in a cute way.


Reddit | Frying_Onions

A bike accident caused this person to lose a fingernail, but after seven months, it's grown back a little bit wrong. Shudder.

Makes My Head Hurt

Reddit | lukamu

This is just a picture taken at an indoor trampoline park that's been flipped upside down, but because the one guy is mid-pencil flip move, it makes the whole thing really confusing.


Reddit | dytigas

I take it back. This really makes my head hurt.

The perspective is shifted, but I think the floor is actually on the top right.

Glitch In the Matrix

Reddit | Alwaysleaveenoughspa

It's just a cloud farm. In a few weeks, the cloud buds will have bloomed and will be ready for harvest.

Who's that hiding under there?

Reddit | HellotoHorse

This cliff on the Isle of Wight has eroded enough to reveal a long-buried dinosaur tail. I wonder if this poor, unfortunate dino got crushed under the rock.

Giant Crane Robot?

Reddit | LongLiveTheCrown

This isn't actually a robot, but the perspective of this building and the crane make it look like there are arms reaching out to work on the construction.

Highway Sign

Reddit | cloverhunter1

They're bigger than you realize.

Also, the hoods are up to protect privacy, but it makes the whole image feel mildly threatening.

Honest Soap Dispenser

Reddit | honysty

The little note is just so friendly, and yet the reply scribbled on the side makes it all kind of sad, doesn't it?

Red Light District

Reddit | MonkeyMcBucks

But not in the naughty way. This neighborhood actually uses red lights on their streets so that sea turtles won't confuse the lights for the moon. That way they can make it safely to the ocean.

Colorful climb.

Reddit | shatteredankle

A rock climber created this incredible photo by strapping on color-changing LEDs, setting up a long exposure shot from a static camera, and climbing the rock face.

Bonus banana.

Reddit | floode

"Bought some uncomfortably long bananas at the store yesterday," wrote the Redditor who posted this. They even provided some normal-sized bananas to show just how out of wack these long ones are.

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