8+ Terrible Designs That Made It Past The Planning Stage

Usually, when bad designs happen, they pretty much go unnoticed. Thanks to the internet and subreddits like r/CrappyDesign, however, we can now all enjoy these gems.

I always wondered, how did these major fails even get past the designing stage? I mean, somebody must've been overseeing these projects, right? Or did they all just go to lunch when it came to approving these ideas? Ha, ha.

1. This Clock

Reddit | patchestheshark

At first, I wasn't sure what I was even looking at. Is this some weird wall puzzle? Turns out this is supposed to be a clock. What?

2. This Building Sign

Reddit | Cataclysmxdd

If you've come to see the shoemaker, you're in the wrong place. If you came to see some 18+ entertainment, you're probably in the right place, at least according to this sign.

3. This Fence

Reddit | DarkBoi69Lol

I think it's pretty evident somebody failed their Security 101 class here. Otherwise, how did they think this was going to work? Nice going, buddy!

4. These Buttons

Reddit | YaBoiJasper

So even though I don't really know Braille, I can pretty much figure out that both "Alarm" and "Stop" can't possibly be the same. WTF?

5. This Pole

Reddit | esteban_agpa

Oh my, what in the heck is going on here? Why is there a pole right in the middle of the road? How did this even happen?

6. This Tumbler

Reddit | chizjamby

Why put measuring numbers on a tumbler that's totally black? You can't see through it to actually measure anything. LOL! Who even designed this?

7. This Playground

Reddit | ReiReiKi

Tell me somebody designed this on purpose. I mean, there's no way they looked at this idea and actually thought this was okay for a kids' playground.

8. This Numbering Situation

Reddit | clarinetshredder

Um, was somebody drunk when they put these numbers on these letterboxes? There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this whatsoever. Am I right?

9. This Sign

Reddit | chica420

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I try to read this it actually sounds like it's saying "Don't drive safely." Come again?

10. This "White Castle" Meal

Reddit | batj00

What is it exactly? Is it all-white-meat chicken or 100% beef? I guess this is what they call "mystery meat," lol. Indeed.

11. These Pants

Reddit | kan-neigh

This is exactly why I insist on checking myself in the mirror front and back when I buy clothes. Just so I can avoid looking like this.

12. This Bridge

Reddit | Tara_is_a_Potato

Hmm, I thought the point of a bridge was to get from point A to B when there is no other way. This makes no sense at all.

13. These Bananas

Reddit | KoldunMaster

Seriously, who wants to buy a banana that's individually wrapped in plastic?

Ladies and gentlemen, that's the pinnacle of human stupidity and total wastefulness.

14. This School Clinic Sign

Reddit | TwirlyGuacamole

Looks like this school's clinic may need some emoji-education because this emoji is definitely not coughing, if you catch my drift. OMG, total facepalm.

15. This Tile

Reddit | vince_of_hearts

Is it just me or does this tile have no rhyme or reason? What were they even going for? Maybe they just ran out of tiles.

16. This Book

Reddit | Qudufy_Duck

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a book all about being anti-plastic wrapped in said plastic is all kinds of wrong. No? This is so moronic.

17. These Mailboxes

Reddit | Smail_Mail

I really dig the look of these visually appealing mailboxes, but my only question is, "Why are they blocking the actual sidewalk?" This is so not cool.

18. This Chocolate Bar

Reddit | Voyager87

I really like the big image of the M&M on this chocolate bar, however, it makes it impossible to snap it cleanly. This would bother me.

19. This Road Sign

Reddit | notgayyyyy

If you live in this neighborhood, you've probably wondered what this sign is referring to. Sadly, I'm afraid you'll never figure it out.

20. This Light

Reddit | hitezz

I guess whoever bought this light and realized it was going to obscure the TV was just too lazy to return it. Right? Minor detail. LOL!

21. This Shirt

Reddit | wumboweed

I guess this shirt covers all bases. Some days you never do your best. Other days you just want to quit. Talk about mixed messages.

22. This Restaurant

Reddit | twitchPr0saic

Imagine getting a table at a well-known Taco restaurant and then have to endure sitting like this? Are these guys for real? Or is this a joke?

I hope this teaches people to always get a second opinion on a design idea.

Otherwise, you might miss an important design flaw and that can change everything.