8+ Food Packaging Designs That Are The Definition Of Clever

Usually, we don't look at packaging as something that's all that interesting or useful. But when you can mix functionality and beautiful design, then you've got something.

When it comes to food packaging, the more environmentally friendly and consumer-conscious the better. Just take a look at these awesome design ideas that will totally blow your mind. Honestly, they must've been designed by a genius.

1. These Pizza Fingers


I wish every Pizza box came with these cool inserts that you can easily use to grab your pizza slice. No more sticky fingers. Yay!

2. These Chocolate Paints


Imagine if your favorite chocolates came in a set just like oil paints? Well, these chocolates do. Isn't that so clever and unique? I think so.

3. This Sunflower Seed Packaging


For someone who's obsessed with eating sunflower seeds, this packaging is so handy. I'm always looking for containers for the shells. Problem solved! Haha.

4. These Chips

Fast Company

This cleverly designed tin of chips turns into a bowl so you can enjoy your chips even if you don't have one on hand. This is awesome.

5. This Egg Carton


This nifty carton lets you adjust the size of it depending on how many eggs you have left. So you can easily save fridge space.

6. This Yogurt Lid


I'm always so annoyed when I bring single-serve yogurt, but I forget the spoon. Well, with this lid that turns into a spoon, I won't have to worry.

7. This Squeezable Wine Box

Packaging Of The World

If you're a wine-lover and you want to get the very last drop of your wine out of the box, this is definitely for you.

8. This Fries Box


Wouldn't it be nice to have a place to put that ketchup in that goes perfectly with those fries? Somebody came up with that exact thing.

9. This Tea

Is that a fish in that teacup? Yes and no. This goldfish-shaped teabag looks just like a fish floating in that teacup and it's absolutely adorable.

10. This Wooden Wine Box


At first glance, this looks just like a regular wooden wine box but then you realize it can turn into a birdhouse. What? Mind blown.

11. This Honey Set


What if I told you you can have fun playing checkers when you get this honey set? This is such a cool concept, isn't it?

12. This Wine Bottle

Facebook | AmproDesign

If you can believe it, this wine bottle comes with two drinking glasses built right into the bottle design. I think that's pretty genius.

13. This Butter

Reddit | smartalax

This single-serving butter container comes with the seal that also turns into a knife. So no worries if you can't find a knife to butter that bagel.

14. This Pasta Packaging


Why settle for just a boring pasta packaging when you can have way more fun with it? This is clever and playful at the same time.

15. These Flowering Tea Bags


I'm a huge fan of tea. I've got so many different varieties, but if someone gifted me this flowering one I would definitely be thrilled.

16. This Tea Hanger


Speaking of tea, here's another super awesome design idea. How cute is this adorable tea hanger? I wish I came up with it. Haha.

17. This Parmesan Pencil


I had to take a second look at this before I figured out it was a parmesan stick that's just like a pencil you can grate.

18. These Cookies


Give your kids an interactive cookie experience when they turn the packaging into a playful mask. This is so clever. Don't you think? Wow, amazing.

19. This Tea Bag Coaster


No need for a separate coaster for your tea bag because the packaging actually turns into one. And it also shows off a cool pattern.

20. These Beer Cans


Is this genius marketing or what? It's a pretty clever way to convince people to want to buy more beer so they can match the cans.

21. This Egg Carton


Finally, an egg carton made out of paper that lets you easily grab just one egg at a time. This is really handy.

22. This Sandwich Packaging


If you're going to serve someone a sandwich to go, at least make the packaging useful. I really dig this concept here. What do you think?

Is it just me or do you get giddy when you see food packaging that's cleverly designed?

I hope I'm not the only weirdo here. Ha, ha. These are so amazing.