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Crochet Cat Butt Coasters Are Purr-fect For Cat Lovers

We need to talk about why the term "crazy cat ladies" has to have such a negative connotation attached to it. You know what crazy cat people? It's time to reclaim how awesome it is to be obsessed with cats and get some cat butt coasters!

That'll show the haters.

Cat lovers, gather 'round.

Etsy | SewYarnAdorable

How purr-fect are these cat butt coasters by the Etsy shop SewYarnAdorable?

They're around $4 each and are so clever and cute!

Don't even be shy about whipping these out for guests to use.

Etsy | SewYarnAdorable

They'll think they're absolutely hilarious and the shape just works out too perfectly as a coaster.

I mean, no detail is missed! Check out the bright pink butt hole that lies in the center.

Etsy | DexterouslyMade

Many needleworkers on Etsy are also creating their own versions.

This set of 4 comes from the shop DexterouslyMade and is $20.

So if you're looking for a special and thougthtful present for that cat lover in your life, heck, maybe it's YOURSELF, then look no further!

Etsy | BrenleyCreations

Now all we need are corgi butt coasters.

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