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Parents Are Getting Creative Tattoos With Their Kids' Names For An Everlasting Keepsake

When you have a child, your life changes forever. It's a time to celebrate, be excited, and look forward to what the future will bring.

So it's no surprise that many parents want to commemorate such an occasion with a special tattoo. If you are thinking of getting your kid's name inked on your skin here are a few cool ideas to keep in mind.

1. This Cute Elephant

This little elephant is absolutely adorable. What an awesome way to celebrate the birth of your daughter. I love the subtle pop of color here.

2. An Owl Tattoo

I'm such a huge fan of owls so this tattoo already has that going for it. It's cute, fun, and totally evokes a positive spirit.

A Rose Name

How wonderful is this rose tattoo? I absolutely love the idea of incorporating the name into the stem of the actual rose. This is absolutely gorgeous.

Footprint Tattoo

What can be better than your baby's footprint inked on your skin? This one comes with a lot of information about the little one and it's fantastic.

Tree Of Life

If you're looking for a colorful tattoo idea, this Tree of Life might be just right for you. I think this is so pretty and unique.

A Butterfly Design

I'm always fascinated by butterflies, so this lovely tattoo speaks to me. I love everything about it from the shapes, shades, and the pop of color.

A Flower In Bloom

Flower tattoos are always so pretty. This one incorporates all the relevant baby info so nicely. It's like a happy reminder of a special time.

These Elephants

An elephant never forgets and neither will you with this fun elephant tattoo. What a cool idea for a baby name tattoo. I really like this concept.


Instead of getting a footprint you can always opt for cute handprints just like these. This is a simple design but such a great shading job. Loving this.

10. Simple Line Tattoo

Talk about simplicity. Sometimes all you need is a clean line tattoo that clearly spells out what you need. This one is straight to the point.

Just Dot it

I really like the technique of a dotted tattoo. Here's another simple design that packs a punch in delivery. I'm impressed with the shading here.

12. A Lovely Sketch

Here's another fun way to put your baby's name on your skin. This sketch tattoo idea is totally what I would do. I'm digging this.

A Sweet Reminder

What a beautiful way to celebrate a special bond between a mom and her baby. This baby name tattoo is incorporated in such a lovely way.

Mom & Son Tattoo

What a beautiful concept for a tattoo to show off mom's love for her son. I like the simplicity and sweetness of it all.

This Strawberry

This is a cool tribute to a baby clearly named after John Lennon. "Strawberry Fields" is one of my favorite Beatles songs. This is so cool.

Flower And Moon Combo

Such a nice way to incorporate a little femininity with this pretty blue flower and the celestial aspect of a moon. What an awesome design.

17. What's All The Buzz About?

Zuri is what all the buzz is about. in this design. Ha, ha. This is such a clever way to do a baby name tattoo. Don't you think?

A Wave Tattoo

This is definitely a very manly design. It looks perfectly positioned on an arm like this. I like how the wave works with shape of the arm.

This Double Baby Name Tattoo

Clearly someone didn't want to leave the second baby out so they added their handprint into the already existing footprint tattoo. Nice!

This Subtle Rose

Here's another rose name tattoo idea. I'm really digging the colors used in this tattoo. They're so vibrant and definitely deliver a punch here.

Name Inside A Footprint

Oh wow, how cool is this tattoo idea? I've seen footprints but putting the name inside it makes it that much more special.

Infinity Tattoo

How wonderful is this tattoo idea? It looks like the baby is in the womb here. I gotta say I'm impressed with how creative this looks.

As you can see there are so many different ideas to get your baby's name tattooed on your skin.

From simple line tattoos to creative flower designs. You pick!

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