11+ People Who Need To Stop Right This Instant

Some people just don't know where to draw the line. Sometimes it can work out for the best, and sometimes it can work out for... well, definitely not the best! From dismantling cars and reassembling them on the roofs of buildings, to dissing lawyers in court in the most savage way imaginable, there are some among us who just don't know when to pump the brakes.

In order to shine a well-needed light on some of these people, strap in, pour a coffee, and get ready to be amazed, as I present you with 11+ people who need to stop right this instant!

"The doctor is a straight savage"

Reddit | TigoOver

This could be the courtroom exchange of the century, never mind the day! Imagine how annoyed that lawyer must have been after that!

"There are three types of people."

Reddit | ghost20k

There is such a clash of emotions here. That officer looks like he is not getting paid anywhere near enough money to be dealing with this situation.

*Erratic Breathing*

This is just unacceptable. Do you reckon that you could live with someone who did this?

"My boy out here holdin' up traffic"

Reddit | Calithrix

Some people simply can't avoid living a life of badassery. You don't want to mess with people like this, you never know what they're going to do, absolute madmen.

"I couldn't stop giggling at her new 'flower' dress"

Reddit | C-hip

Either the initial designer of this dress is the most innocent fool of all time, or they're a trickster God!

Can You Feel Your Blood Pressure Rising?

Reddit | mr-otta

Some people pointed out that in certain cultures, this sort of thing is done to show that only God can achieve perfection. However, frankly, I'd rather not get a headache every time I looked at the floor!

"You know your pops is committed to dad jokes when he stops in the middle of a six hour drive just to take this picture."

Reddit | Mechanicalmama

Nothing can get in between a dedicated father and the opportunity for a terrible pun!

"This mad lad trying to sell coke on Facebook"

Reddit | Ian1231100

£4000! Must be some premier regular coca-cola that, none of your off-brand cola nonsense.

"My friend was stopped by tourists to take a photo of them with an advertisement for Tape Face... My friend IS Tape Face."

Reddit | createch

I mean, how, just how, do you not realise that the person taking the photo is the guy you're meant to be taking a photo with?!

The Sweetest Slice Of All

Reddit | linkdafourf

Now I personally hate eating the crusts, because apparently I'm still a child, but I'd never have the gall to try and get away with this kind of tomfoolery!

"To the asshole who keeps doing this to my apartment. If I find you, I'm going to kick your ass."

Reddit | njr4t

In fairness, I did laugh when I saw that note. I wonder how many times a week this person has to take these notes down, and at what point would you just leave them up?

Thug Life

Reddit | bestlaidplans

Maybe it was filled up by a color-blind person? Yeah, bet you feel pretty bad about yourself now eh!

But... How...?

Reddit | Riley-Faulknier

A group of students managed to do this two days in a row, and the police had to call helicopters to get the car back down. The police were completely baffled as to how the students had managed it. It turned out that the students had found secret tunnels which helped them get to the dome, so they dismantled the car piece by piece, carried it up and reassembled it.

I Quit

Technically, this counts as submitting it in writing, but I'm not sure that's what the rule is going for.

"Unit conversion for Americans."

Reddit | ShinigamiDady

This is useless to me, I exclusively do my weight measurements in Jeff Goldblums.

Totally Legit

Reddit | French_Santa

Undercover cops are getting so good at blending in with the common criminal, aren't they?

All The Bubbles


Admittedly, if I had glass doors around my tub, I'd consider doing this at least once too. The bubbles will be contained for easy clean-up.


You do not mess with a person's grilled cheese sandwich. It's the law!

Stealing Pro

It's a dick move, but also kind of brilliant, because it looks like you tried on shoes, they didn't fit, and you returned them. Far less easy to notice than someone trying to kick their old shoes under the rack.

"Some people just a want to watch the world burn"

Reddit | Yonderyeti

How annoyed to you reckon the maintenance team were with this. I can hear the sighs of hard-working people just looking at this printout of grounded birds.

Epic Mic Drop

Reddit | benrod2

If I ever date someone named Andy, I'm saving this idea for any eventual nasty break-up.

Worst Pun, Or *Best* Pun?

I suppose that really comes down to whether or not the restaurant stayed in business very long.


Reddit | AbhiramAT

Well, that escalated quickly, didn't it?

Sassy Bakery

Reddit | Communist_Hobbit_420

There is nothing like really rubbing a sport's fans face in it when their team loses, it's uniquely gratifying.

Doing God's Work

Reddit | Manbearcatward

I think that janitorial staff must take pleasure in putting toilet paper refills in the wrong way. They know people can't fix it easily.

Squirrel Perch

Here's someone going a bit too far in search of the cutest photo-op ever. Which I can get behind.

Just imagine what it'll look like when a squirrel finally spots the treat and sits at the little picnic table!

"Kitchen too small? - Extend & install the sink outside the kitchen window"

Reddit | Wundertips

Was the window/door thing already there? I feeling like if it wasn't, then this was a lot of work for a lot of ugly. If you're going to build the door, then why not just extend the room a bit?

Clearly, things like building codes are important here.

Always Face Swap Responsibly

Admittedly, the husky face on the tiny body is kind of cute, but that cat face is going to haunt my dreams.

They'll Still Find A Way

Reddit | PlayfulYetBored

What makes this sort of thing so irritating is that you probably only ever use like one or two buttons on each of those remotes. But without all of them, the whole system breaks down.

This Raises So Many Questions

Reddit | dwimback

I don't know why someone was doing this, but above all I don't want to know! Just stop, please God just stop.

"Spotted in the wild of rural NC."

Reddit | mcolipha

Yeah, I'm sure any cop that sees that will be totally understanding. Although depending on how rural it is, actually crossing paths with an officer on the regular may be unlikely.

"Please secure your load better."

Reddit | lydibro5

If you told me that the rest of the Jeep fell off a few miles back, I'd believe you.

Dear God Why?

Reddit | BridgetteBane

Why would you ever do this? Just put gumballs in and label it as "gumballs", then when they're all out, fill it with your remaining jawbreakers and label it "jawbreakers"!

"No one move."

Reddit | Zunnen

What could possibly go wrong with this set-up?

I get the appeal of an afternoon of grilling by the pool, but not IN the pool!

Teaching The Tough Lessons

Reddit | AbhiramAT

Seems a bit harsh for a bad habit, but you've got to do what you've got to do.

Brought This On Themselves

Reddit | drakzzin

I hope "Josh" was smart enough to not use his real name, because otherwise it'll be pretty easy to find the vandal.

*Slow Clap*

Reddit | CaptainPrice_6

Got to appreciate a person's ability to follow through on something like this.

"I found this from my husband in the bathroom lol..."

Reddit | AJBHcats

People were quick to ask whether the husband has specific red towels for if he does end up murdering his wife.

"Spilled my drink putting my seatbelt on when I saw this!"


I think the more dangerous part of this was taking a photo with your phone while driving of a police car overtaking you over not having your seatbelt on!