Brides Are Ditching High Heels And Wearing Sneakers Down The Aisle Instead

Finding the perfect wedding dress that's right for you is a tall order. I should know. I tried on 21 before I found the one. But in addition to the dress, there are the shoes.

Do you opt for high heel stilettos that might kill your feet or do you go for comfort? That's every bride's dilemma. Thankfully, there are options out there that brides can now choose from.

These days, many brides are no longer going for high heels but instead, they're opting to wear comfy sneakers.

And a pair of classic Converse seems to fit the bill just fine.

These sneakers have become so popular with brides that Converse realized it and even created their own Wedding Collection sneaker line.


It includes sneakers in white, black, and metallic colors.

They come in low top and high top designs so brides can choose the style that suits their needs.

The sneakers are unisex so the bride and groom can match.

If white is not your color, the wedding collection also features black sneakers that come embroidered with cute roses.


A perfect choice for that rock 'n' roll bride.

Some brides go even further than just plain sneakers.

They opt to have their shoes embellished with sequins and rhinestones. That way, they can match their dress perfectly.

Other brides even get their shoes monogrammed with all the important wedding details such as the date of the wedding and their future name.

That is such an awesome idea.

You can also opt for sneakers that are embellished with pretty lace details that can be absolutely fabulous as an accessory to your beautiful wedding dress.

These look amazing.

Don't worry about missing out on height when it comes to wearing sneakers on your wedding day.

You can always find a pair with a platform heel just like these.

Of course, you can have the best of both worlds.

Many brides still wear traditional dress shoes for the ceremony and save the sneakers for the reception. This way, your feet will be more comfortable for dancing!

It looks like brides all over the world are adopting this trend.

Comfort is the universal fashion trend, apparently! I'm on board with this.

These accessories also make for beautiful wedding photos.

This bride looks cool, comfy, and happy! This is how every bride should look on her big day.

You might also want to consider sneakers if you're having an outdoor ceremony.

Stillettos have a tendency to get stuck in the grass, and no one wants to trip down the aisle with everyone watching. It's just another reason why sneakers are quickly becoming a practical option for brides.

Finally, brides can make a statement with a pair of classic converse in the color of their choice.

Red, yellow, patterned... whatever you choose, your sneakers will add a splash of color and personality to your wedding.

So what do you think about wearing sneakers for a wedding?

Are you all for comfort or would you suffer for that high-heeled look? I'm personally digging this idea.

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