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Man Has Weird Reaction To Being Caught On Kiss Cam At Football Game

Would you like a not-so-fun fact thrown your way today? Alright, here you go:

Kiss cams are weird. Yeah, I said it.

Again, not my opinion—full-blown fact.

Regardless of what gets caught on the kiss cam, be it a proposal, a fight, an awkward sibling side-hug, or even some good ol' face-sucking, it's always weird to be sitting at a sports game and then be unexpectedly blown up on a giant screen and have your human weirdness revealed to like, 40 thousand people or however many people go see sports.

You can really tell that I'm a sports master here. Hardcore. Score those, uh, points. Get those layups on the 30 goal line. Land that assist on the green. yeehaw.

Regardless of their general weirdness, not all kiss cams are created equal.

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There are definately some kiss cam people who are weirder than others. Like this couple caught on the kiss cam at a soccer game (or football if you're, like, Queen Lizzie).

The video starts off with em', you know, doing the do. Hitting the base before first base. Licking lips. lovin' one another from not-afar. You get it.

Then there's the moment that happens in most kiss cams: the people realize they are being watched.

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This man notices here that he is, in fact, making out with his girlfriend for everyone in the stadium to see, and his face is like "Ummm."

However, this is where things get PARTICULARLY awkward.

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The man makes this face like he's just been caught eating 3-year-old McNuggets from underneath his grandmother's couch, and he hastily lifts his arm up and away from the girl, who, at this point, is just laughing it off.

It then becomes obvious that even though the ENTIRE stadium saw this guy making out, he's going to pretend like he NEVER WAS.

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He tries to pull this whole "I was just looking at my phone" thing while his girlfriend shoots the kiss cam the expression that will win her the Best Supporting Actress Award at this year's Oscars. Academy who?

The video ends with the guy pulling this "maybe if I look in the OPPOSITE direction, they won't think I was kissing her" move.

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I don't know about you, but I would pay a ridiculous amount of money to hear what this woman is thinking when she shoots this awkward son-of-gun that glare.

Watch the most awkward moment of the century for yourself.

"Cringe" is seriously an understatement. Men, take note: kiss cam etiquette exists, and this is not it.

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