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24 Funny Pics That Raised Our Eyebrows

Since my job involves spending a lot of time on the internet, I stumble across a lot of strange and funny pics that catch my attention.

You know the ones. You scroll past them, then double back for a second look. Then your brows raise and you give one of those "HUH!" laughs.

This list collects some of the best ones.

Irony Hurts

Reddit | MisterT12

I can imagine the meeting where everyone was honestly trying their best to come up with a way to honor Rosa Parks. And then their faces when they realized...

Always Choose The Pine

Reddit | Gingersnap911

Just because you can.

This is a petty clever little pun, and it'll definitely make you remember your visit to this particular ice cream shop.

Meanwhile, In Canada

Reddit | bibowski

I know that with Newfoundland under a state of emergency, all stores were technically closed, but maybe there should be an exemption for liquor stores.

Also Canada

Reddit | Big_Black_Cat

According to the comments, the results of a ketchup cake taste better than you'd think, but this feels like Heinz is trolling the whole country after Canadians began to defect to French's a few years back.

Thanks, Kid.

Reddit | OldWitchOfCuba

They're right. Now that it's been pointed out to me that the Colonel's tie looks like a tiny stick man body, I can't unsee it.

Car Insurance: After Dark

Reddit | STAY-FR0ZTY

It definitely took me longer than it should have to realize that's the corner of the enclosure and not a stripper pole.

Hope She Laughs


I can't decide if this a great sign or a terrible one, but I need to know what those things in the bottom corners are.

I think they're meant to be rings, but they look like peanuts.

Did They Realize?

Reddit | ShinigamiDady

I get that brands want in on the easy marketing opportunities a holiday brings, but maybe skip the holidays where things become awkwardly sexual.

Dubious Fortune

Reddit | mintyranger

Quick question: did you automatically try to wipe dirt off your screen when this photo loaded? I did.

Heart Burn

Reddit | ViewtifulGary89

This is funny, but I really hope those antacids weren't ingested afterwards. Don't eat Sharpie ink, please and thanks.

Introvert Card

Reddit | ImmobileLavishness

I need a few of these to keep in my wallet for every time a cashier asks for my email address. I know it's not their fault, but it's so annoying.

Maybe Don't Use That Word

Reddit | ImmobileLavishness

You know how in brainstorming there are supposed to be no bad ideas? This was a bad idea. Don't even put it on the whiteboard.


Reddit | Marubolas

This is the only reason I see for upgrading to a phone with facial recognition.

Gravity FTW

Reddit | KotalKahnScorpionFan

It may seem like a floor couldn't possibly sink enough to make a glass slide off the table, but I believe it.

I needed to prop one end of my computer desk up with a 6-inch block when I moved into a home with floors about 100 years old.

Buns Of Steel

Reddit | ChrisStoneGermany

The caption on this says it's from a bakery near a local fitness club, which is pretty funny.

But I draw the line at bread-y nipples.


Reddit | Kildjaded

However this happened, I think it's going to take more than a plastic scraper to get it off.

Come At Us, Bro!

Reddit I ronaldplett

I love how calm the cat is. Like, it's not dumb enough to go after a whole bunch of birds that size and is just enjoying them react like it would.


Reddit | besterich27

Pro tip for teachers struggling to get students to leave their phones at the door: turn it into a meme.

Oh valley of plenty!


Reddit | Wonder0486

"Left alone for 5 minutes and this is what I find."

Clearly, the puppy is at fault.


Reddit | ReignStorms

Though I will note the glaring omission of Werther's Original.

Extra Credit

Reddit | OldDeadEyez

This is way more clever than your classic "clean me" message.

Judging by the hand marks around the seam, that door has been dirty for a long time.

Good Kitty

Reddit | PoonSwoggle

Mad props to the person who found a cat willing to stay still long enough to get this photo.

Human, We Need To Talk

Reddit | BraySC

I mean, what else are you going to do with a random pair of doll hands? At least, I assume they're doll hands and not actually mutant cat paws.

Dripping With Sarcasm

Reddit | ilkikuinthadik

This could just be a cute joke, but in this economy I could believe that someone was desperate enough to steal their prescription meds from a discount pharmacy.

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