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18+ People Who Are Prepared For Anything And Everything

It's good to be prepared. I mean, how often do you see disasters on the news only to realize how exposed to threats you and your home are. At any moment you could be attacked by a flock of geese high on acid and dreams of grandeur, or you could fall prey to a flute waving maniac who challenges you to a flute duel.

However, one thing is for certain, the people on this list would never let themselves be caught out in such a ludicrously specific situation, as I present you with 18+ people who are prepared for anything and everything.

"Visiting my grandparents in Florida. Always be prepared."

Reddit | themvf

What in God's name can protect you against a hurricane but is also small enough to fit in that box!? Let me know what you're putting in your magical hurricane protection kit below.

"My Brother is prepared for his Skype interview"

Reddit | Mysteryman345

Business in the top half, didn't do laundry in the bottom half. This is how a successful businessman operates.

The Bathroom At The End Of The Universe

Reddit | Lepang8

No matter what you've ordered from Taco Bell, no mater how much of it you ordered, this bathroom has you covered!

"I asked the guy taking my order for, 'as much fire sauce as you can give me without losing your job'."

Reddit | superman2706

Yep, as it turns out 243 packets is the maximum amount that you can have. When the fire-sauce apocalypse comes, this person will be a king amongst men.

"Work was slow, I made a 'Chainsaw'."


I don't know what the situation is that this person is prepared for, but hot damn when it happens, you'll be wishing you'd made one of these bad boys!

"Made a hideout for my cats"

Reddit | Teharu

They will occasionally send out reconnaissance scouts to locate snacks, toilet rolls, and other things to be generally vandalized or eaten.

"The first year my little brother gets me anything for Christmas and he gets me this..."

Reddit | PoisonPanty

At least now you're ready to charge up any real presents you get. Either that or you can spend the day throwing them at your little brother?

"They say dress for the job you want, so I dress like the Willy Wonka of Day Drinking."

Reddit | KingCannibal

I never knew there was a man out there who could oust Jeff Goldblum as my hero, but here he is. Any situation, anywhere at all, this guy has just the cocktail for you and looks fly while he makes it.

"The world isn't quite ready for Apple's wireless vision"

Reddit | Escake

The wireless vision is all well and good, except for the fact that everything still uses damn wires!

"Ready for Summer"

Reddit | naruto_hd

"What flavour would you like, we have all of the best, blue, red, and cola?"

"Served a customer on the weekend. When he stood up I made a comment on his height. He handed me this card and left"

Reddit | thatcrazycatbitch

I wonder how many times a day this person has to hand these out? I'd guess four a day?

"These kids are ready for the future."

Reddit | MrSegasilver

Little do people know they have a minimum transaction cost that will sting you! Genius.

"My son made my wife a handy flowchart"

Reddit | ActualJeremyAnderson

This flowchart encompasses all manner of possibilities, so long as they are raccoon and house related. I do love this, and I wonder how many times this kid's mother must have been panicking about this for him to make such a thing.

"Gotta be ready for whatever happens"

Reddit | ChiodoS04

God forbid you'd get stuck in the middle of nowhere only to find all of the accouterments to make instant noodles except for the seasoning! That would be an absolute disaster.

"No Flu for Me"

Reddit | gijoeusa

This is just a sandwich sneeze-guard but for humans, what a wonderful idea, I'm sick of people sneezing on me, aren't you?

"Ready for the eclipse tomorrow!"

Reddit | demshinynutz

Shortly after posting this picture, and due to a completely unrelated incident, a family member of the person who posted this requested if anyone knew of any good teachers of braille.

"My wife asked how I was preparing for our first baby..."

Reddit | cnigroni

I remember the first day I got a Tamagotchi, truly that was the day I became an adult. Until you're a Tamagotchi owner yourself, you just don't know anything about life, it just makes you reevaluate everything. (And yes I'm talking to you parents!)

"Ready for Combat!"

Reddit | Ze-skywalker

"It's the finest armor in all of the land sire, none finer I assure you."

"Getting ready for my in-laws to visit"

Reddit | stubbornmoose

I can't believe they still left the troubleshooting button-free, I'd be covering everything!

"Pro life tip: Never trust the train to have an empty seat and just bring your own"

Reddit | plantopia

This guy looks just as defeated with life as you'd expect from a man who brings his own chair on the train.

"My buddy Bill is a Vietnam Vet. He puts mini traffic cones on the bar if someone sits next to him he doesn't want to talk to."

Reddit | RoninRobot

This guy clearly doesn't care a jot about what people think about him and that is really refreshing. Also, those tiny cones are adorable!

"I designed a pair of jeans with one giant pocket across the butt for all your essentials."

Reddit | rightcoastguy

I know that it is a joke, but it is giving me mad anxiety looking at how close to falling out that Macbook is!

"The sooner you're aware, the better you can prepare"

Reddit | Morty_Goldman

And who said that earthquake detection had to be boring?! Everything can be fun with googly eyes!

"Now that is what I call being prepared."

Reddit | westayfree

I genuinely do not know if these are a real thing that you can buy as a precaution, or something this person did as a joke. Let me know in the comments if you've ever had to strap down your house... and why!

"Ready to go to dinner in a Chinese restaurant."

Reddit | cknyakina

These are perfect for the person who is too proud to ask for a knife and fork, yet too lazy to actually learn how to use chopsticks.

"Every shopping mall should have"

Reddit | nielsica

Comfy chairs/bean bags, check. Classic video games, check. I literally cannot think of anything else it needs. Perfection.

"Summer is coming."

Reddit | FairDinkemAussie

It may not be the most glamorous thing that I've ever seen on the internet, but I can't pretend like it's not a good idea!

"I'm concerned for the man next to me in Starbucks"

Reddit | the_giraffe_elephant

I mean, as truly unsettling as the possibilities are, hopefully, he's just trying to increase his knowledge of a wide range of separate genres!

"Bought my mom this mug years ago and waited for this exact moment to finally happen"

Reddit | notthefakeguy

I wonder how many years in the making this moment has been! I'd like to get one for my mother that has "in microwave" replaced with "on the sideboard getting cold."

"Gotta stay strapped."

Reddit | woke_folk

You never know when you might be in a rough area and need to defend yourself in a flute-off.