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11+ Adorable Animal Tattoos That Made Us Say 'Aww'

People get tattoos for many different reasons. Some get them to commemorate a special event in their life like the birth of their child or an anniversary. Others get special messages tattooed on them.

But, there are those tattoos that people get simply for the fun of it. These whimsical animal tattoos are just the type of design that will put a smile on your face any day.

1. This Lamb

Oh my goodness! How adorable is this little lamb tattoo? I absolutely love all the pretty little details on this design and the color scheme.

2. This Tender Moment

Now, how precious is this tender moment between a mom giraffe and her little offspring? This is such a beautiful design and so well done.

3. This Piggy

Have you ever seen a pig wearing a onesie? I can’t say that I have, lol. But why not? This is super cute and really clever.

4. This Snake

That is some snake, huh? I really like the shape of this snake tattoo. I think it's very flattering as an arm piece. Awesome colors, too.

5. This Tapir

It's all in the eyes, isn't it? The eye in this tattoo makes it just jump off of the skin. There's so much depth here.

6. This King Of The Jungle

I'm a Leo, so any lion tattoo that's done really well is okay in my book. I'm absolutely loving this black and white version.

7. This Rabbit

I can't get over this face. How absolutely adorable? I feel like I can just squeeze this rabbit. It's so cute. What a sweet idea here.

8. This Bat

I've been thinking of getting a bat tattoo for some time now. Not as cartoonish as this one, though. But I like how colorful this design is.

9. This Goat

Ha, ha, ha, this is super fun. I love all the colors here. I don't see yellow often when it comes to tattoos, but it works here.

10. This Mouse

Wow, an upside-down archer mouse. Okay, why not? But check out the detail on this piece. It's absolutely amazing. The shading here is definitely top-notch. Gorgeous.

11. This Panther

Don't mess with a lady with a panther tattoo on her arm! LOL! This is not only fierce but it's also really fun to look at.

12. This Doggy

I'm digging the simplicity of this tattoo. All you need is a tattoo artist that can do an awesome outline tattoo and you're all set.

13. This Hamster

This style is quite minimalist, but the cute details and bright colors make it pop. Hamsters are really underrated when you think about it.

14. This Tiny Koala

This tiny koala is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to commit to a big piece. You can put him just about anywhere for an added touch of adorableness.

15. This Colorful Bat

Bats really have a bad reputation, which is so silly since they are cute and helpful when it comes to pest control. Show your love for bats with a tattoo like this!

16. This Cat

I love how this tattoo still has a cartoonish style, but elements of realism as well. It would be the perfect piece for any cat owner.

17. This Leafy Sea Dragon

You don't see a ton of leafy sea dragon tattoos, but I bet more people will start getting them soon. These sea creatures are so unique and beautiful.

18. This Song Bird

Bird tattoos are always a classic choice. There's just something about them that makes me think of freedom and nature. Plus, you can choose your favorite bird to feature in a big or small piece.

19. These Cats

Another great option for any cat-lovers out there. Get mini portraits of your felines done so you can carry them with you wherever you go.

20. This Sea Turtle

Another beautiful sea creature! Sea turtles are so graceful and gentle, making them an ideal tattoo choice for all the dreamers out there.

21. This Fox

I absolutely adore this colorful, geometric design style. It adds some extra whimsy to this tattoo and makes it look like it came out of a storybook.

22. These Dinosaurs

Oh wow, talk about a dinosaur party here, hee, hee. That is such a cool idea for a tattoo. They're funky and whimsical if you ask me.

There's something about a realistic-looking animal tattoo that's really cool.


But as you can see here, a more whimsical idea can be too much fun to resist. Which style would you pick?