I Don't Know Who Needs To Hear This, But There's An Entire Jason Momoa Coloring Book

I don't know what I would do if I was materialized into a coloring book. To be honest, the whole book would just be me in various thrift stores or just laying on my couch with my laptop resting on my knees and YouTube on the screen. That pretty much sums up my life.

But thankfully, I'm not a celebrity and will not be made into a coloring book.

But do you know who's a celebrity and was made into a coloring book being sold on Amazon? Jason Momoa.


Many of you, right now, are screaming internally or externally.

There are plenty of things that make people absolutely swoon over him.

First, there is no denying Jason Momoa is a good looking man.

He completely stole everyone's hearts as Drogo in 'Game of Thrones.'

His muscles, eye makeup, and love for Daenerys was just so attractive. It's too bad his time was cut so short.


He's also an amazing father.

Instagram | @prideofgypsies

There's nothing more attractive than a man who loves his kids! Am I right, ladies?

I personally wouldn't know because I don't have a partner or kids, but I hear it is.

He has a funny bone.

We love a funny guy!

He's an activist and wants us all to be able to live happy lives.

He hates plastic water bottles and is not afraid to call people out, even his pal Chris Pratt, for using them!

He even shaved off his iconic beard to bring awareness to his new canned water brand.

YouTube | Jason Momoa

We love what he will do for the environment!

And you know what?

YouTube | Jason Momoa

He can effortlessly rock a bare face too!

For many people, he's basically an angel sent from the heavens.

Of course people would want to spend their quality leisure time coloring him!

And you're definitely going to be wishing there were more hours in the day to do so.

Who knew self-care would suddenly mean coloring a whole book of blank Jason Momoa portraits?

The book is complete with 35 different drawings of Momoa imagined into different scenes fit for a daydream.


"Escape to your very own rugged utopia with Jason Momoa!," the description reads.

Mhm, yes, I'm sure there will be no problem for people to feel that.

The drawings are surprisingly detailed.


I mean, just check out those bulging biceps!

You know this is a great quality book.

Each page is perforated by the spine of the book, so you can rip off your creations and proudly display them everywhere in your home or workplace.


It's art, okay?

Well, I know how you'll be spending your lunch breaks, evenings, and weekends!

Find it for $10.23, and make sure you grab a few more for your friends and family.