17+ Bizarre Real-Life Pics That Look Fake

Sometimes the world throws us a curveball. It can be something small like a strange piece of writing which makes no sense, or an accidental observation of something from a strange angle which breaks the matrix. Thankfully, the internet revels in the world of the strange and unnatural, so it is only natural for people to share these strange moments, allowing us all to partake in the world-bending moments other people experience.

With that in mind, here are 17+ bizarre real-life pics that look completely fake. Prepare to have your reality questioned.

"Shadow and slope makes it look like he’s floating."

Reddit | tommytwooo

It is far easier for my brain to simply accept that this man has mastered the art of levitation over trying to work out how this has happened.

"The floating fisherman."

Reddit | whywee

Can you see where his legs have gone? This one is a masterclass in taking a photograph from an accidentally confusing perspective.

"This window that makes my back yard look like it’s in 4 different seasons."

Reddit | pommiegurl130

What an amazing bit of serendipity! Someone suggested turning the house into an Airbnb and calling it the Four Seasons.

"The way my remote looks like it was badly photoshopped into the picture."

Reddit | Knorkebork

If you look at the way that the blanket reacts to the weight of the remote, you can see that it is real. People spent ages analyzing this image to try and figure out how it was photoshopped, but it turned out that it really wasn't.

"The way the vents are oriented makes it look like mirror symmetry is broken."

Reddit | fitzdrizzle

It can take your head quite a while to make sense of what is going on in this picture. It does at first seem like a bit of a glitch in the matrix.

"My picture of today's sunset looks like it is from GTA."

Reddit | DField118

This image actually had most of Reddit fooled into thinking that it was from GTA. However, it was discovered it was taken by Southern Grist, a brewery in Nashville.

"We found an eggplant so perfect it almost looks fake."


These new real-world emojis are getting far too real for my liking. Before long, our streets will be full of smiley faces and 100!s.

"The tilt of the cruise ship makes it look like the water isn't obeying the law of gravity."

Reddit | DustyMudflap

Just looking at this photo is making me feel a bit seasick. There are few things like a rocking boat to make me feel queasy.

"My cat's fur grows like this naturally, it’s very soft."

Reddit | Mpoweraz

This cat is looking pretty wavy. In fairness, it does look incredibly soft, even just from this picture.

"This mosque in Istanbul looks like it was rendered on the lowest settings possible."

Reddit | aI03owolkY

It looks remarkably like this was built in Minecraft!

"Boat looks like it’s hovering above the water."


Is it a boat? Is it a plane? No! It's confusing perspectives and light refraction!

"This photo looks like somebody has poorly inserted another photo into it."

Reddit | Durkss

As wonderful as that dog is, I simply cannot be distracted from the headache-inducing angle that this was taken at.

"This actual photo of my dog looks surprisingly fake for some weird reason."

Reddit | GhostalMedia

This looks more like an exhibit in a taxidermist's office than a nice photo of you and your dog on a walk!

"The shine on this filing cabinet makes it look like it's fading away."

Reddit | Dr_Dewey

This cabinet is caught in the process of being beamed back up to the cabinet mothership. Also known as Home Depot.

"Local KFC got pulled down a few years back, owner kept the old bucket and put it on his property near the highway. Was foggy a few days ago."

Reddit | WoolliesMudcake

Apparently, according to the person who posted this, the bucket itself is around 10-15 feet tall, and looms on the grounds of the owner's property.

Imagine seeing this out of the blue, it looks so ominous.

"Is this necessary?"

Reddit | pm_me_chonkyveggies

Just yesterday I was using a Walmart self-checkout and was annoyed at how it seemed to be treating me like an idiot. Suddenly, I have context.

This is a sign of a manager slowly going insane.

"Piles of dead bugs covering this gas station window and floor, you could hear them before you saw them."

Reddit | TheHeroSaitama

"Sounded like bubble wrap when cars pulled up to the pumps and ran over them."

Mayfly season is so very very gross.


Reddit | Nath_396

Is it wrong that my first thought was that this is the obvious solution for stealing carts from places where the wheels lock if they leave the parking lot?

"Here's the toilet of a restaurant in St. Petersburg."

Reddit | Yogashi

For some reason, the fact that one of the toilets is crooked irks me. That's not what I should be focusing on, but it's the truth.

"A hedgehog born without spikes."

Reddit | killerbunnyfamily

My first thought was that it looked like a large, weird avocado, but then I read the Reddit comments and realized that it looks a lot like other NSFW things.

"Those are some really shitty prizes."

Reddit | Chuche002

I think this is meant to be some sort of prank or maybe an art piece? The sign says "corprolite happens" and corprolite is fossilized poop.

So it's basically a very odd way to say "shit happens".

"Came across some very flat frogs at an expo."

Reddit | time4stew

Yes, they're alive, and yes, the flatness is normal.

Surinam toads are famous for their flat bodies and crazy reproductive style in which the tadpoles grow in sacks on the mom's back and then "hatch" as full-grown toads.

"Meanwhile in a gated retirement community in Florida..."

Reddit | rastroboy

The fact that it's a retirement community tickles my funny bone. I'm imagining a little silver-hair lady with a wicked sense of humor.

"Literally yelled “OH SHIT!” and jumped about a foot backwards when I glanced over at this old truck I was walking past tonight."

Reddit | wowbobwow

Right there with you, mate. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner was nearby and had a good chuckle at your expense.

"Would you go down?"

Reddit | miliebug

Maybe in a hazmat suit.

It looks like these people ran their dryer vent right down the stairs, so the webs are mingling with lint to become the stuff of nightmares.

"The Wood In This Tree Looks Like Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce."

Reddit | AwayState

This is incredibly unsettling. As of right now, Snopes has this image listed as "unproven" but note that it's possible that the photo is real and the tree has a very unusual case of burl.

"No filter. A motel in NSW Australia in middle of the day."

Reddit | AcceptableJunket

This looks more like a still from a post-apocalyptic video-game than something from reality.

"The fires in Australia are so bad we are using snow making machines to protect infrastructure."

Reddit | Sterndoc

This is actually a really clever idea, since those machines produce a super-fine mist of water that can quickly wet a large area.

That guy isn't holding it on his shoulder. The perspective just makes it look like he is.

"This is a swing set. It’s in a cage."

Reddit | whitecatcannonball

I'm sure this is due to some sort of laws about fencing being required around playground equipment, but this seems petty almost.

"This mall was flooded."

Reddit | SkinheadPunjabi

This is awful, but the good news is that everything on the main floor is part of a liquidation sale!

...I'll see myself out.

"Close up of my chameleon."

Reddit | Sofacamaa192

I used to have a chameleon when I was younger, and the immense variety of colors they can exhibit at once is truly spectacular.

"This Indian restaurant was in a basement, but wanted to created the sense that it wasn't."

Reddit | JoffreyGoldblum

This restaurant created an entire wall of fake windows that make it appear as though you are looking out onto a car park in order to maintain the illusion.

"This cereal box I found in an Australia supermarket 2 years ago."

Reddit | Godly15

This is not a fake product, it is a real thing that you can buy in certain places. There is nothing inside when you open the box and all of the money goes to help feed hungry children.

"This road sign."

Reddit | mr-strange

There must be a good reason for this, I just for the life of me cannot see why! Can you?

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