24 Funny Pics To Make It Through The Day

The best things in life are free...like hilarious pictures found on the internet, sure to lift even the darkest of spirits. Seriously, is there a way to bottle these up and drink it for when you're feeling down? If so, someone do this ASAP.

1. Just living my truth, sorry about it. 

Instagram | @zero_fucksgirl

Nobody talk to me.

2. Will I ever learn?

Instagram | @napsandnutellas

The answer is definitely not.

3. The most popular dog at school! 

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

What a dreamboat.

4. They deserve to be in every history book.

Instagram | @textpostlogic

Arguably the most important person in the world.

5. Oh yes, yes we do.

Instagram | @swank3y

We all know it very well.

6. Anything for a good gram...ANYTHING.

Instagram | @clearstupidity

Even lying about something you don't have to lie about.

7. Hmmm, who're they talking to, though?

Instagram | @memesfromdanrth

Suspicious as hell.

8. We really aren't that evolved.

Instagram | @lowkeyunchill

This is cool, right?

9. Not at all what I expected it to be.

Instagram | @followalliance

But now I can never see anything else.

10. My friends and me 24/7.

Instagram | @stupidmemesforstupidpeople

Memes are a way of life.

11. C'mon teach, get with it!

Instagram | @zzzmemes

When has this EVER happened?!

12. Me when people talk about me and I can hear them.

Instagram | @memepocalypsee

I feel you, pupper.

13. Very accurate portrayal of myself.

Instagram | @persianbape

Just let me be me!

14. Absolutely ridiculous.

Instagram | @aranjevi

It's like when someone calls you to ask where their phone is.

15. Every dang day.

Instagram | @paul_vicktor

Literally, I will sit here in my thoughts forever.


Instagram | @multiplesocks

Run like the wind!

17. Oh man...So THAT'S what happened!

Reddit | GreenLarry

Poor Peppa,

18. Get a custom shirt, they said! It'll fit great, they said!

Reddit | regarfarmer

On the plus side, if you magically turn into Stretch Armstrong, you'll be OK.

19. I wish I had spare cats...

Reddit | no_notthistime

So cute!

20. Plz stop.

Reddit | Dubs07

Too little too late.

21. They are not messing around.

Reddit | redditpirateroberts

Fair enough.

22. So cute.

Reddit | AnidgeImminnyp

Relationship goals!

23. Someone's been rolling in the fresh cut grass!

Reddit | joey_r00

It's OK, you're still a good dog.

24. I love this too much.

Instagram | @kalesalad

25. My life motto.

Reddit | Xiphers

I try not to take too much of my life advice from signs, but I have to say that this one definitely has a point.

26. Like father, like son.

Reddit | swagh3tti

There's something about smaller versions of regular-sized things that are just so cute. The smaller truck is definitely bigger than I am, but I still look at it and think about how tiny and cute it looks.

27. All great art is a little gross.

Reddit | jkell1990

This cute little fish is made out of hair left on a shower wall. I don't know whether to be impressed with this person's artistry or if I should go grab a power washer and destroy the little flipper.

28. Everything the living room light touches will be yours.

Reddit | playsomezelda

I think everyone who owns a cat who saw The Lion King trailer tried this, and I think everyone who owns a cat who saw The Lion King trailer got the same result.

29. Who wore it better?

Reddit | SupriyaKaushik

It's a tough call to make, but I think my choice depends on whether or not I'm deciding based on which will make a tasty sandwich or a cute one.

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