14 Pregnant Ladies Who Totally Won Halloween

While there are some things about pregnancy that don't sound very appealing — morning sickness, having random people encroaching on your personal space just so they can touch your belly, out of whack hormones, just to name a few — there are plenty of other aspects that are amazing and totally worthwhile.

If you're a soon-to-be mama who wants to rock your pregnancy and enjoy every minute of it, I'm going to suggest taking a page out of the books of the lovely ladies below.

1. Baby Bump Bandit

Instagram | @babyprepping

Something tells me she's going to get away with this one. This costume is so creative, and what makes it even better is that it would be super simple and inexpensive to recreate for yourself!

2. Darth Vader And The Death Star

Instagram | @mrsekramer

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but Star Wars is a pretty big deal, and this Vader + Death Star costume combination is appropriately awesome, imo.

3. Sunnyside Up

Instagram | @mz_sofly

Not only is this idea eggcellent (sorry), it's also adorable and insanely easy to make! I guarantee you'll get a compliment or two if you rock this costume for Halloween.

4. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

Instagram | @harlowbliss

CUTE FAMILY ALERT! I can't even handle these guys, they're just too much — in a good way, obviously. Did you happen to notice the cat? I wish all chocolate bars were that adorable.

5. Fortune Teller And Crystal Ball

Instagram | @nadinegrandjambe

How creative is this?! Seriously, I love it when people totally immerse themselves in any sort of holiday and don't hold back. Halloween hopefuls, take note!

6. Linus And The Great Pumpkin

Costume Works | Costume Works

Everyone's favorite cartoon gang is once again making people smile. This idea is simple, but still super creative, which is why I love it so much.

7. Mama Bird

Instagram | @little_lady_smith

Props to this lovely lady, not only for her creativity, but also her DIYing skills. Her belly is painted beautifully (as weird as that sounds), and I love the nest she made!

8. Avocado

Instagram | @jennifer.ingle

You didn't expect to get through a list of pregnancy costume ideas without seeing an avocado, did you? Avocado lover or not, you have to admit that this one's absolutely darling.

9. Wrecking Ball

Costume Works | Costume Works

This woman wins Halloween for both her sense of humor and genius. You don't have to like the song, but you certainly can't hate on this costume idea.

10. Mama Kangaroo

Instagram | @lacyllamacrafts

Who doesn't love kangaroos? I'm sure this mama and her li'l joey won all the hearts in their neighborhood — and probably got some extra candy in the process, too.

11. The Grinch, Max, And Cindy Lou Who

Costume Spooktacular | Costume Spooktacular

Reasons why I love this: first, and most importantly, the dog. Second, it works SO well as a pregnancy costume! The Grinch's potbelly has never looked cuter.

12. Juno And Paulie Bleeker

Costume Works | Costume Works

You don't have to be a Juno fan to appreciate the genius behind this couple's costume. Incorporating your baby bump into Halloween doesn't get easier than this!

13. Kool-Aid Man

Instagram | @jlmacrina

OH YEAH! This belly is rocking Halloween like it's nobody's business! Extra points for originality and getting the Kool-Aid Man's voice stuck in my head for the next three days.

14. Beer Belly

Instagram | @samanthanylen

I should point out that she's not actually drinking beer. And for an outfit that was thrown together at the last minute, I'd say this mama-to-be knows how to have fun and make people laugh.

Which costume idea is your favorite?

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