17+ Messages That Were Delivered Loud And Clear

Human interaction is really just a never-ending series of message exchanges. Some messages are vague, while others are right on the nose. Let's see if these messages effectively communicate their intent.

Never change, Target employee.

Reddit | HalvJapanskFyr

You can tell these giant letters are designed to be arranged to spell #YOLO or @SWAG on someone's mantle. Someday, maybe they will. Until then, they'll express precisely how one employee feels about their job.

Word to the wise.

Reddit | herberz

You would think that guys wouldn't need instructions on how to use a urinal, but judging by the state of the average public washroom, this advice is long overdue.

It's not wrong.

Reddit | Aliawab7

This is probably just some mangled English, but it's also bang on. I mean, this is a bus that's carrying kids to school. I don't know if they're babies or not, but I'm sure they're bored.

Good boy.

Reddit | the_hillman

Dogs might do the dirty business, but it's humans who make the choice to clean it up or leave it on the grass. That's why this sign doesn't need to say much to the doggos of the world.

Speaking of dogs...

Reddit | TheWingalingDragon

This is a cute note. The only thing I'm concerned about is whether or not my dog thinks highly enough to vouch for me. If not, I might be sleeping in the car.

Instructions very clear.

Reddit | Convillious

I don't think I've ever seen such a high concentration of no parking signs. I'm guessing that, for whatever reason, this stretch of road is popular with rogue car parkers.

You and me both, elevator.

Reddit | ludology11

We should all be okay with acknowledging that, sometimes, we're not okay. This elevator offers no excuses and no apologies. It's just telling us that you'll have to take the stairs until it has itself sorted out.

Choo choo, I'm a train.

Reddit | Infinity_Chug

This sign really took me on a ride. At first, I thought it was just telling me to keep myself off the tracks. By the end, I was questioning reality, and whether trains know that they're trains.

I like those odds.

Reddit | shidanesayo

The owner of this corn maze is having a little fun with guests by putting this sign up. Heck, even if this was a serious warning, there's only a one in three chance that you won't make it out.

I think that about covers it.

Reddit | dullmomma

You could be a jerk and find something disruptive that isn't listed on this sign, and then flush it. Either way, don't flush your baby, even if it is screaming its little head off.

No, never mind.

Reddit | jajames03

If you've forgotten the first rule of passive aggressive club, the club won't hold it against you. They'll just say something vaguely disapproving and leave you to work it out for yourself.

Oh happy day!

Reddit | LA-Roca

It turns out this is a joke — the Redditor who posted it says she used it to embarrass her mom at the airport — but I really like it as an all-purpose greeting sign.

Thanks for the warning.

Reddit | ratman150

Nothing like taking something apart, then finding a note saying you shouldn't have taken it apart. The message is loud and clear, but somehow passive aggressive at the same time.

Wait, what?

Reddit | memeboimanperson

Those pictograms are made to be easy to interpret. This seems pretty straightforward: if you'd rather have a cat than a baby, just put your baby in the magic changing table.

Risky click.

Reddit | wowbobwow

"I've gotten some odd computer error messages before," wrote the Redditor who posted this image. "But never one warning me about the risk of starting a fire if I click the 'Poof!' button."

Mind games.

Reddit | weulz

Whether the note writer did anything with that toothbrush or not, the psychological warfare aspect should ensure that said toothbrush gets tossed in the garbage and never used.

Fair enough.

Reddit | Justin_quantum

Look, Toaster Strudels are delicious. If you've bought a box, the last thing you want is for some freezer bandits to sneak a strudel or two. That's why this note is fair. Tough, but fair.


Reddit | Fleetingambition

There very well could be bags of 'heavy deer parts' in this bin. But it's also worth considering that this is totally something that someone who'd just murdered their wife would use as an excuse.

Day two: bird has pooped everywhere.

Reddit | Martimus28

Dave sounds like a good soul. He's taken this bird in, despite its bad manners. He's also taken the initiative to print these posters. But Dave doesn't have endless patience, and it sounds like this isn't going to last much longer.

Loud and clear.

Reddit | lzcostademoraes

People go to hospitals to get better, so it's a tad unnerving to see this "DIE" sign on the wall. But people also go to hospitals to, well, die, so it's thematically appropriate.

Tactful but direct.

Reddit | GraceTaft

This person brought veggies and dip for their workmates, along with an image of the Seinfeld "double-dip" bit. It's a reminder of a classic joke. It's also a subtle message that no one should double-dip.

Thanks, Mom.

Reddit | father_boognish

At a high school graduation, parents were able to send personalized messages to be displayed on the arena's ribbon board. Whoever Tommy's mommy is, I think it's safe to say that she gets it.


Reddit | many_mishaps_melly

If you live in certain areas, you know it's an inevitability that you'll eventually get burgled. Rather than stress about this eventuality, why not lean into it by letting the burglar know exactly what's going on?

Honk, don't text.

Reddit | DrCarrieSweet

This is pretty clever, but I'm guessing this driver wouldn't take it too well if you drove up beside them and frantically started honking at them.

There's a story here.

Reddit | Aloy_is_my_copilot

You know, businesses don't usually feel compelled to put up signs urging customers not to literally drive their cars inside. This, combined with the hasty plywood exterior, tells me that something unfortunate recently happened here.

Sure, I guess.

Reddit | MS0410

This guy would be more of a hero if he was holding up a sign telling people not to use Reply All when emailing, but whatever, he's got his own battle to fight.

Whenever you have time.

Reddit | khoidangle

The display isn't up now, and it might not even be up tomorrow. You know, it would be good to have it up, but it's a busy week, so maybe some other time.

OK, boomer.

Reddit | Ender_assassin6

My instinct is to be mad at this driver for this boomer humor, but I'm a millennial who can't drive stick, so the joke is really on me.

You're OK, I'm OK.

Reddit | JesseSuave

These are good parents. They're not bragging about their kid's GPA, alma mater, or sports skills. They're just being straight about their kid — a great kid to be sure, but not always.

Just breathe.

Reddit | scottzee

It's cool that watches can use our biometric data and all, but getting this message is liable to stress you out even more as uncles and cousins start up another political debate.