Amazon Is Selling A 'Ghost Rock' Necklace That Changes Color When Ghosts Are Near

If you're like me, you're 150% susceptible to buying things on Amazon that you don't necessarily need.

I blame fast shipping since you don't have enough time between clicking purchase and your package arriving to come to your senses and be like "why did I need a personalized egg-cracker?"

Nevertheless, you and I both know that we'll continue to make these purchases until they day we die.

Probably after too. I'll leave my Prime subscription in my will or something. I'm sure Bezos will charge me posthumously.

Like, you PROBABLY don't need a Ghost Rock color-changing ghost-detecting necklace.


But we both know that you'll buy one anyway cause how could you not? It detects ghosts and looks like it high key came straight outta Game Of Thrones, so really, it's a purchase for fashion and home security.

The Baketan Reiseki Device is a Japanese-made invention marketed for detecting spirits with its color-changing glow.


Though a direct translation of the name is a little tricky, Baketan Reiseki roughly translates to "stone that searches for ghosts."

The necklace has three different modes:

Search Mode, Automatic Search Mode, and Barrier Mode.

Yes, of course, I'm serious. You thought I was messing around, didn't you? You'll be moving into a full-on haunted house with that kind of attitude.

Search Mode scans the area you're standing in for any spirits.


Automatic Search Mode automatically checks your area for ghosts once every ten minutes without being told, and Barrier mode which "protects you" from the spirits it has detected.

The inside of the necklace is a "real crystal ball."

However, it is unclear specifically what kind of crystal is inside.

Crystal fanatics, can we get a crystal check-up in here? If you don't know who I'm referencing, ask that friend of yours who asks "What time were you born?" every time she meets someone new.

The 'Ghost Rock' necklace retails for a little less than $100.


Small price to pay for total protection from the world beyond if you ask me!

The Baketan Reiseki Device is currently available on Amazon, and honestly, I can't imagine a better Christmas gift for a loved one than the gifts of sight and safety.

h/t: Bustle