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44 Photos Capturing A Powerful Moment In Time

Photography is an incredible thing. With the click of a button (or tapping of a touchscreen), the lens instantly immortalizes that split second in history. Sometimes, the timing is just too perfect.

Only in Russia.

Reddit | aguart

I have no context for this photo other than the fact that it happened at a Russian wedding. Whatever the backstory is, I'd rather come up with my own theories as to what led this guy into this predicament.

Winged it.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

The early days of aviation were a lot more dangerous than air travel today. Pilots were essentially flying by the seats of their pants. Without advanced tech, incidents like this were inevitable.

History in the palm of your hand.

Reddit | bitcoinsucksass

This person was hoping to find something interesting while metal detecting, and a Roman coin that was minted more than 1,500 years ago surely takes the cake.


Reddit | bojangles1234567

The composition here makes this photo look like a Renaissance painting. And that's before you realize that, in addition to Dwyane Wade, this pic also features John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

The air up there.

Reddit | Slazo-v2

We've all seen video of orcas and dolphins leaping before, but it takes a freeze frame to truly appreciate their agility. This orca weighs in at eight tons, but jumping more than 15 feet up in the air is no challenge.

Turn around!

Reddit | wadeybb

This vintage snap is great because the photographer not only had perfect timing in taking the pic, but they also captured a photographer who managed to totally miss what's going on in the background.

The invisible torso.

Reddit | -Pineapple_on_Pizza-

It looks like a normal club photo until you look at the middle guy in the second row from the top. Either he's wearing a shirt that perfectly blends in with the bleachers, or something supernatural is going on.

Blink and you'll miss it.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

On one hand, this leaping iguana totally photobombed an otherwise very aesthetically pleasing photo. On the other hand, said iguana just made this photo way more memorable.

Generations of paint.

Reddit | MaricxX

When a new layer is painted, the paint underneath is seldom removed beforehand. After a few repaintings, a chunk will sometimes fall off, revealing decades' worth of paint layers.

Not happy for long.

Reddit | Volcomstone986

Everything is perfect in this selfie. The crisp lighting and photogenic facial expressions are attention-grabbers for sure, but the best part is the perfect timing. In, like, a hundredth of a second, this guy's getting pelted with a snowball.


Reddit | Gonzoman_thk

Everyone knows that Australian animals want to murder everyone, and this vintage photo from the 1960s just goes to prove it. The 'roo must have impacted this woman pretty hard to make her camera fly like that.

A tight race.

Reddit | NeilBeale

Considering the stranglehold the Star Wars franchise currently has on pop culture, it's almost surprising to see that Star Trek is keeping pace in terms of popularity. This will change by the time everyone's seen The Mandalorian.

Calm before the storm.

Reddit | csnk

This photo demonstrates absolutely perfect timing. It's even more impressive that it was taken before the age of digital cameras. When photos were on film, it was harder to capture stuff like this.

Feeling floaty.

Reddit | anamatko

The animal figures on this shelf are casting some mesmerizing photos in the sunlight. It's a totally unique image, because at any other time of day, or time of year, the shadows would be different.

Okay then.

Reddit | vxyg

A camera's flash is a bright explosion that can sear itself on your retinas. When one flash interferes with another's, nightmare fuel like this pic can be the result.


Reddit | wikings2

The inside of a soda can is a dark, mysterious place. This one appears to be harboring a tiny crocodile with an all-seeing eye in its depths.

Missed opportunity.

Reddit | eYan2541

The dude in a Zeppelin shirt was so plum tuckered out that he missed the chance to meet not only John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin, but also all-around good guy Dave Grohl.


Reddit | christycann

It isn't every day that you get to meet your exact double, but when that day does come, you absolutely must photograph the event — if only to make sure they're a good twin, not an evil one.

A view inside.

Reddit | Pez-Mez

Because these red dwarf honey bees decided to attach their hive to a window, the person inside the apartment gets a rare view at the happenings inside the hive.

Life goals.

Reddit | and_peggy1776

This artist was showing some of her Weird Al Yankovic-inspired art pieces at a local gallery. Imagine her surprise when the Weird one himself actually showed up to pose for a pic.

Candid camera.

Reddit | naughtykteacher

This engagement photo might have been super classy. We'll never know, because doggo decided to ruin everything. Classy or not, this one still needs to be framed and put on a wall.

Don't give up the fight.

Reddit | AtiCaTToR

It's a common complaint that politicians may talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. In this case, an image of a young Bernie Sanders getting arrested for protesting segregation in 1963 might change that perception.

The second coming.

Reddit | tencents1010

Diving lends itself to all sorts of impressively photogenic moments, but it takes absolutely perfect timing to capture a shot that looks uncannily like someone doing a handstand on water.

All sorts of quartz.

Reddit | supremegalacticgod

When we think of digging into the ground to strike it rich, we're usually talking about buried treasure or a gold deposit. But this Arkansas man seems pretty content with this massive, $4 million chunk of quartz that he unearthed.

Take the dog for a fly.

Reddit | hlllzbth

This is a nice pic of a cute little pupper out for a run with his human in front of the Bay Bridge. It looks like pupper's either got some serious hops, or straight-up knows how to levitate.

A sign of things to come?

Reddit | Somali_Pir8

There was a big response to Tesla's boxy new truck when it was revealed a few weeks back. This pic of one of the trucks in the wild is either a sign of things to come, or an image of a relic whose design was too weird to succeed.

At least they escaped.

Reddit | therebel007

I don't know why this angry bull chased these two guys off the end of a pier. Lucky for them they escaped with a jump into the water rather than a horn through their torso.

Late night?

Reddit | therebel007

Highly choreographed military displays often produce photos that show line after line of virtually identical soldiers. This would be one of those photos, if not for the fact that one soldier clearly needs a nap.

You've heard of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"...

Reddit | TheManWhoBecameGod

Now get ready for, "always a wedding guest, never a bridesmaid." That look just tells you everything you need to know about how the lady in red feels about this particular ceremony.

Always a good cut and chat, I'm sure.

Reddit | palifaith

As someone who's been going to the same hairdresser for twelve years, I really wish I'd though to do something like this too. The passing of time is always a fascinating thing to capture on film.

The effect even just a few people can have when they put in the effort.

Reddit | polymurphy

This is the result of a group of tens who have been cleaning up the Mithi River in Mumbai, India for just over a year.

"Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party hosted by Prince Andrew at Windsor Castle."

Reddit | hilaryclintonbdycnt1

This is sort of like one of those "famous people hanging out together" photos that are supposed to make you feel like your favorite movie characters are all existing in some weird crossover universe.

But really it's a picture of three disgusting people who make my stomach churn just by looking at them.

These smiling ladies didn't come to this restaurant together, but they really should have.

Reddit | glitterqueenbee

As the caption explains, "While out for dinner for my grandmother's 85th birthday, we found out the lady at the table right next to us was also celebrating her 85th birthday. They were born one day apart, grew up in the same city and had never met until this milestone birthday dinner."

These are quite possibly the two most dedicated students ever.

Reddit | readbutseldomlypost

After a particularly bad snow storm, the one man showed up at his school to work on a project, only to find it completely empty. Oh, except for that second man there, who happened to be the first one's project partner.

This isn't just simply a photo of someone who just received a shot.

Reddit | nowos45

What you're looking at here is a girl who, after finally moving away from her anti-vax parents, finally went out and got her very first vaccination.

Sometimes the lighting is just perfect, isn't it?

Reddit | rastroboy

I'm sure this picture was placed strategically in the corner for this very purpose, so once a day that little lighthouse there can shine nice and bright in the most picture-perfect way possible.

This school gymnasium has been generously filled with donations.

Reddit | grumpyfinn

The poster's mother works at a school in a low-income part of town, and someone dropped off enough boots, hats, and gloves for every single student at the school who are all about to have a very, very happy Christmas.

Sometimes we can feel too insecure about ourselves to be pictured.

Reddit | DemonicWombat

Thankfully, we can count on the people we love the most in the world to remind us we have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of:

"He didn't want to hold the cane because he was afraid it would make him look 'weak'. I convinced him otherwise."

"I'm pretty sure the answer is yes."

Reddit | aids_free_since_69

There's nothing I like to see more than people trumping hate with love. And I especially like that fellow on the left there who clearly appreciates these two women's "counter protest" as much as I do.

Believe it or not, these aren't two separate photos.

Reddit | meominhanh9991

This is just one picture of a balcony taken at quite possibly the most perfect angle possible. Ah, so satisfying.

Oh, so this is what animals do when we aren't around.

Reddit | TheManWhoBecameGod

I love this purely because I can relate so hard to both of these little critters. The squirrel in its picture is trying to look cute and cuddly (honestly, same). And then when its time for the bird to pose, its all about looking fierce. Again, same.

What's so extraordinary about board games, you ask?

Reddit | JephriB

Well, this man right here actually made that game he's posing with. So what you're seeing is one incredibly proud game creator who has the absolute pleasure of seeing his brainchild for sale on store shelves.

'Tis the season.

Reddit | ygtjf

A Redditor was hiking in the woods when they chanced upon this fully lit Christmas tree, powered by solar panels. Maybe it's supposed to be festive, but I don't know if Father Christmas would approve of this level of creepiness.

I won?


"My friend recently competed in a film festival," wrote the Redditor who originally posted this photo. "This is the moment they announced his film had won."