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Nursing Home Hires Male Strippers To Serve Dinner To Residents

You look like you've had a long week, right? That's likely the understatement of the year. Well, call me the doctor of heartwarming vibes (please don't call me a doctor, I did not go to medical school), 'cause I've got a prescription of one fun-loving story to warm your ice-cold heart coming right up!

Do you somehow want a story that includes lovely elderly people and attractive young men? I've got you covered.

Ever heard the phrase "you get what you wish for?"

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Residents of the Milton Lodge Retirement Home in Colchester, England, got significantly more than they bargained for after voicing their wishes for "a man" to come to the retirement home to keep them company.

Whenever one particular 89-year-old resident was asked what she wanted to be served each day, she answered "a man."

"Whenever you ask Joan what she wants that day she always says, 'a man.' So we weren’t surprised when she wanted it to be her wish," says Activities Director Claire Martin.

Martin took the phrase "ask and you shall receive" very seriously.

As it turns out, Milton Lodge likes to raise money to grant the wishes of its residents.

So it was really no surprise when Joan, and a few other ladies, expressed interest in having some scantily-clad butlers show up at the lodge as part of their wish. The real surprise was when the lodge agreed to it.

“We had a chat here and everyone was really keen to support it," Martin revealed.

The retirement home hired a company called "Hunks in Trunks" to serve the residents supper.

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As Martin explained, "When they turned up we had to let them know what we wanted them to do. They had a three-course meal with a roast dinner."

It wasn't just the older gals who got to enjoy the...ahem, *show* either.

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"The ladies’ daughters and granddaughters came," Martin continued. "They all had a massage, the butlers went around asking the ladies if they wanted a massage and they all said yes."

Unsurprisingly, the residents were pretty pleased with the evening's festivities.

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Which is good to hear, considering how excited they were for it.

“The ladies were really excited," Martin revealed. "They had all been giggling and they dressed up.”

Thankfully, it lived up to their expectations.

Out of all the ladies in attendance, Martin said one woman, 99-year-old Doll Jenkins, was the "cheekiest" of the bunch.

After it all was said and done, Doll apparently told the staff that she wanted the men back for her 100th birthday.

"So," Martin said, "we are going to have them back."

"They didn’t stop laughing the whole night, they absolutely loved it."

Facebook | Milton Lodge Retirement Home

Though they certainly got some strong opinions against the dinner after the home posted photos on Facebook, Martin explains that it was all in good fun.

"Some people have been opinionated, but our saying is, 'Life doesn’t stop because you are in a care home.' We will continue to do this as a team and go above and beyond."

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