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Mom Goes Viral After Defending Her Son For Beating Up His Bully

Parents aren't always going to agree with the choices that their kids make, especially if those choices get them into trouble. When kids get suspended from school, it's a pretty common reaction for their parents to be ticked off.

It's rare to see an instance in which a parent supports the behavior that got their child suspended, mostly because there are very few instances in which getting into a fight at school is an admirable action rather than a shameful one.

One mother recently took to Facebook to share support of her son, who has been suspended for five days from school.

Facebook | Allison Arnall Davis

Allison Arnall Davis explained that her son, Drew, was given a five-day off-school suspension "for beating up the kid that has been tormenting and bullying him since middle school."

But she wasn't sharing the news to shame Drew for that.

"I know as a parent I’m supposed to be upset with him for resorting to violence or getting suspended," she shared, "But I’m not. Not even a little bit."

"For years, the school has failed Drew."

Facebook | Allison Arnall Davis

Davis goes on to explain that the school took no action when Drew's bully threatened him in person and over social media, and even "followed Drew down the hall threatening him and making fun of him," all captured on video.

"When this kid took to social media, voicemails, and texting threats, the school did nothing."

The school definitely gets an F for their terrible bullying policy.

When the bullying first began, Davis sent a letter to the school begging them to take action.

Facebook | Allison Arnall Davis

"Drew had four classes with this kid and he would not leave Drew alone," she wrote, "Their solution and response was to have him and his bully sign a no-contact contract. Seriously?"

One morning, Drew decided to stand up for himself.

Facebook | Allison Arnall Davis

"When this kid threatened Drew (while on the bus) and then moved on to making fun of his Dad and then threatening Jackson, his 11-year-old brother, Drew decided that he would quit relying on the school and the adults who are supposed to protect him and HE would do something," his mother writes.

It's notable that Drew suffered through it until the bully escalated it.

Often, once a bully has learned about the lack of consequences, they begin to escalate the abuse, especially once their original methods start to become stale.

"Three punches and his bully screamed like a baby."

Facebook | Allison Arnall Davis

"His minion friends shut up, and this morning the bully wouldn’t even look at him," Davis continued, "Problem solved."

Since Davis posted her lengthy explanation in support of her son, the post has garnered almost half a million likes and shares.

Most commenters seemed to agree with Davis' stance.

Facebook | Allison Arnall Davis

"The boy did what he had to do," one person wrote, " Shame on that school."

Others praised her for not pointing fingers or naming the bully.

"I personally don't think you owe it to anyone to justify or clarify what you wrote," another person wrote, "Especially since you didn't even name the other kid/kids. You and Mike were protecting your child and then Drew ended up putting a stop to some ridiculous behavior. Period."

What do you think of Davis backing up her son?

Facebook | Allison Arnall Davis

Regardless of whether or not you think she is condoning violence, it is nice to see a parent show support for their teen online during a turbulent time.

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