39 People Who Are 200% Done

Life is hard. When you're a child everything seems too easy and fun-filled, but when you hit adulthood, the curtain is pulled right the way back to reveal the mounting pile of debts and taxes you have to pay.

The constant stressors that appear in adult life can wear some people down to a fine paste. And, it is in that vein that I would like to present you with 15+ people who are 200% done! Prepare to see people who have been worn down from general life to people who have had their spirits crushed by something as small as replacing the toilet roll.

*Sighs In Dad Voice*

Reddit | TacoPuppy456

How many people did this person watch using this pole to dance around before they could simply shake their head no longer, and simply had to take action?

Thanks Shallot!

Twitter | OG

Grocery shopping can be a difficult man, don't sweat about it. Also, no one really eats shallots, chefs only like them because they sound fancy.

"Firefighters are fed up with you"

Reddit | el_matto

The simple instruction "stop it" has never been so devastatingly delivered as it has been by this fire station sign. There is an amazing weight of apathy behind it.

The Price Of Life

Twitter | reaghan

Sadly the "Having a good time package"costs far too much in the current climate. You can buy the reasonably priced "I'm getting on with it" package though which is a real customer favorite.

"As a Target employee, its easy to get fed up."

Reddit | CheapDrummer

On behalf of everyone who has ever worked in retail in any capacity, we feel you.

"This baby is a whole 7 mins old & already fed up with life"

Reddit | ayeshar

Wow, those must have been 7 rough minutes. Someone get that baby a whiskey stat!

The Prophecy

Twitter | Jordon Nardino

The only thing I can see in my crystal ball is a man looking shattered as hell, and being stupid enough to think that two bottles of red wine on Friday night won't render him useless all day Saturday 'cause he's getting old.


Reddit | grneclipse9902

I think I might just get that sign tattooed across my forehead to save everyone around me a lot of time and worry.

"A co-worker got tired of people asking where Ed is"

Reddit | ImJohnathan

Maybe someone should be telling Ed to stay at his damn desk! Christ Ed, it's your office, not a social club!

That Moment Of Clarity

Twitter | Nick-Fil-A

Ah The Grinch, truly a misunderstood hero of our times. Well, he was a hero before he turned his life around and started believing in Christmas and all that nonsense!

Breaking Point

Reddit | onmyknees4batman

I think whoever wrote this may be about to do something drastic! Anyone who has lived in university halls will have seen a sign like this at one point or another.

*Cock-A-Doodle-Doo You Miserable Thing!*

Twitter | Deirdre

If you want to start the day screaming then be my guest; I mean, hell, I'm not your neighbor so do what you want. Get a drum-kit for all I care!

"My dad calmly explained he was tired of people not refilling the roll"

Reddit | amoore94

The day that all of that toilet roll has gone and someone goes in there, only to realise there's none left just a second too late will be a wonderful day.

Fed Ups

Reddit | Bonafy

This delivery guy must be at the end of his rope. There is such little enthusiasm for his job here that it's weirdly impressive.

Look Out!

Instagram | curleysue4u

Well, that's what you get for walking around in platform shoes the size of skyscrapers.

When Your Bag Is Sick Of Being Your Slave

Reddit | Phosyrgo

Sure, it may be an inanimate object, but that inanimate object looks completely done with your nonsense!

It may not be the most hot-button cause right now, but this man has obviously seen enough of this for a lifetime.

Reddit | jonnycreepycrepes

Although it may hurt the visibility of his protest, I almost feel like his point would be more powerful if he was sitting down.

To be fair, Bette Midler is probably one of the last people who would consider art museums a waste of taxpayer money.

Reddit | 4sfish4

That said, the powerful energy this guy exudes definitely sounds like it comes from a long time spent being blamed for societal problems that just happened to brush against him.

It's pretty relatable.

I don't know how common divorce cakes are, but I can only imagine that the more done with a marriage someone is, the prettier they get.


If that's true, then I only imagine that whoever ordered this one sashayed out of court once everything was finalized.

Despite how good for business this issue is, I'm guessing this mortician is at least a little done with it.

Reddit | Evenball5

Otherwise, they probably won't be so inclined to give the game away like this. I guess that makes this morbidly wholesome, which probably isn't a very common description.

Once you learn what this substitute teacher just heard, it should be easy to understand why he's facepalming.

Reddit | CrazyWookiee25

Apparently, one of his students for the day just expressed that they thought ham came from a bird.

It was obviously a very overwhelming statement.

Wow, someone has to be really tired of trying to convince people to recycle if they're taking it out on some poor kid's drawings like this.

Reddit | eightcell

I'm guessing that this is what they came up with after their "Why don't you just recycle yourself, you idiot" campaign was rejected.

Considering what just happened to this person's freshly-laid floor, this seems like the one time they wish the delivery person hadn't bothered.

Reddit | OXmasTroy

Naturally, the person with the "we're home, please knock loud" sign on their door who would love this driver gets the one who leaves a sticker on their door no matter what.

These are some pretty impressive shots that Burger King is firing right here.

Reddit | codysherrod

Or at least, they would be if their creepy King mascot wasn't arguably even scarier-looking than Ronald McDonald.

Anyone wondering why people keep saying "OK boomer" need look no further than this board.

Reddit | Heliodjent

Granted, millennials can't necessarily take credit for the meme, but years of being blamed for essentially everything does have a way of trying people's patience.

Sometimes, we might find ourselves feeling kind of done with everybody.

Reddit | skane110

And I suppose there are less healthy ways to deal with the fact that we're still mad even after we've run out of enemies.

You might notice that Sera essentially spelled this message out twice, but from the looks of it, it seems like that was necessary.

Reddit | Kreepyskera

I guess we're supposed to assume that if Sera hadn't left that post-script, the persistent seven-year-old would immediately ask "Yeah, but will you go out with me?"

Apparently, this person has to deal with two broken key fobs now.

Reddit | POO1718

One broke because it was 13-years-old, while the other was the victim of the uploader's sister not pulling it all the way out of the car.

So now, they're stuck taking pliers to the actual key part for a while. That's hardly enviable.

Because the uploader didn't do this, we can only imagine how done some unfortunate soul was with their phone here.

Reddit | hrb4

So far, the theories are either that it was working so poorly that they smashed it in a rage or that they smashed it in a bid to evade the feds.

Either way, it sounds like a stressful situation.

A picture is normally worth 1,000 words, but this one seems like it's worth 1,000 one-star product reviews.

Reddit | phillydog1

Not only can I not picture using this in a way that doesn't make me feel ridiculous, but the cat seems to like it about as much as it would a flash flood.

I can almost hear this person's frustration as they clarify their picture.

Reddit | parapeligic_gnome

I guess when you've seen enough people act genuinely mean to people online, it's hard not to develop a knee-jerk reaction like this.

Without spoiling too much, those probably would've been safe if they were in the Joker movie, though. Maybe they're onto something.

It's hard not to love this guy's response to a public transport strike in France.

Reddit | niconico84

While some people won't do much more but stew about it, he and his horse aren't letting anything stop them.

If the giant wine glass wasn't enough of a clue that this person's had a rough day, the way she's drinking it should be.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

When the matters of how much is actually making it into your mouth and what this will do to your white shirt aren't even on your mind, you are officially done.

About 200% done, to be exact.

I definitely don't envy anybody who can recognize their car in this treacherous tundra.

Reddit | smm523

If some of these cars are still in the lot by the time the spring thaw comes, I can't say I'll be able to blame the drivers.

Even though it's worded very politely, I can only imagine that someone put up this sign with a weary sigh.

Reddit | faxinator

I don't know what the story behind this situation is, but I can guess that it started with, "Sir? Sir!"

"For all those baristas that are fed up with people on phones"

Reddit | MikeHuntsUsedCars

I wish being a barista meant being able to not serve the rude customers. Sadly, however, the rude customers must be satisfied too.

"My Operations/IT co-worker was a little fed up with people asking about the copier..."

Reddit | KennyPowers

You know that someone is still going to say, "But, do you have any idea when it's going to be fixed?"

Fair Warning

Twitter | Jocelyn Thompson

Dying at someone else's funeral would be one hell of a power play in fairness. Imagine, being in perfect health but sat at the back of the church, straining to try and give yourself a heart attack.

One Word Is All It Takes

Instagram | shut.up.mac

This is in the same vein to when the careers advisor asks you, "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" and you reply, "Dead."