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12+ People Who Can’t Seem To Catch A Break

Sometimes you just have to play the hand that you're dealt. Even if that hand is truly terrible and involves getting a haircut with a chainsaw.

However, some people revel in making the best out of a bad situation. They are the veritable MacGyvers of the meme world, and their hijinks never fail to bring a smile, or a gasp, to our face.

So, here are 12+ people who are doing their best with what they've got!

Breakups Can Be Tricky

Reddit | MustardTiger99

They can be exceptionally tricky when you have their name tattooed on a prominent place like your wrist. If this person didn't wear any Ralph Lauren before, they certainly will now.

"Each year a friend buys me a bottle of rum for my birthday, he likes to be creative with his wrapping."

Reddit | JamesRustlington

This person claimed that they didn't even attempt to get into the 17/18 models. However they got into the 2016 model with a hammer, and when they finally got though the 2018 model's zip-ties they found that the cap was super glued on as well.

"Tattoo making use of a scar"

Reddit | ShoreSWBF

"Luke, I am your scar-ther!"

Now, I know that joke was unforgivable, but in my defense, it sounded a lot funnier in my head!

"I dropped my phone decided to make the best of it..."

Reddit | Dontnodontcare1

Surely a "hulk smash" reference would have been better? Come on guy, step your game up!

"Told my roommates I would make the best meal possible for our last dinner together..."

Reddit | MotorBoater22

Ahh, student living, both cheap and undeniably classy. People were so impressed with the monkey from the shrine in Legends of the Hidden Temple centerpiece, that this person had to post a step-by-step guide as to how they made it.

"Making the best out of a bad situation"

Reddit | Whoshabooboo

Pretty genius way around having to deal with a very serious situation! Way to go you! I like to imagine that they did this at Halloween and just never, ever took it down.

"Making the best of the flooding in Chicago"

Reddit | WaffleRaff

The very idea of how much sewage water that man must be submerged in is making me physically shake with repulsion. I mean, good on your for doing it for the meme, but there's not enough soap in the world to make that guy clean again.

"Friend had ear surgery and decided to make the best of it."

Reddit | gem25

In case you aren't sure, the painting on the right is "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear" (pretty self-explanatory really) by Van Gogh.

Chainsaw Haircut

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

I initially wrote chainsaw haircut and thought, "Wow, that's a great band name," however, I am far from the first person to have this idea it would appear.

Close-Quarters Combat

Reddit | BlurryFace2604

Accuracy guys, it's all about accuracy! I'm sick of going into men's toilets and wondering why people were clearly fighting while trying to urinate.

"I'm single, and my birthday is on Valentines day. This is what my brother got me while I sat at home all day with my cat."

Reddit | AndewJ2802

Hey, don't you knock spending you Valentines/Birthday extravaganza with your cat! Your cat could be the coolest person around! (I hope this made you feel better about being a truly lonely human being, 'cause lord knows it wouldn't make me feel any better)

"This manager just doesn't care anymore"

Reddit | critsonyou

They had one tool at their disposal to slag off the competition, and they used it with gusto!

"I got to keep anything I broke off a car with a sledge hammer, I am quite happy with what I got"

Reddit | bdog7171

Apparently, he won this in a school competition where students got one chance to swing a sledgehammer at a junk car that the school had found. I dread to think what that school's raffle prizes were!

I'm Trying Ringo, I'm Trying Real Hard.

Reddit | Huey1996

They may not have the most amazing artistic talent, but by God, they have a fantastic talent for memes, and that's something I guess. This meme gets an A!

Blizzards Can Be Fun Too

Reddit | cohena2495

This would be a really fun time if they were drinking something other than Samuel Adams — can't wait for that to annoy all the people that like that painfully average beer.

"Fake United signs posted at the airport"

Reddit | BlurryFace2604

I wonder how many airline employees just walked passed this without reading it, assuming that it was something official?

Eugene Mirman's Way To Get Back At Delta Airlines For Loosing His Luggage

Reddit | BitterExChristian

Eugene Mirman handed these cards out to every person at every single gig he did on a comedy show tour so that audience members could inundate Delta Airlines with hate mail. You've got to use whatever means you have in these instances.

"I thought nobody would notice I lost my paddle if I just pretended it was still there"

Reddit | CoSponC

What you've got is a lot of confidence kid, and you've got to use that! I'm fairly certain that they're going to rumble you when it comes to handing the paddle back at the end. Looks like you're really up a certain creek without the one thing you need!

There's getting arrested, and then there's getting arrested when the Google car goes by.

Reddit | Raysian-

And then there's the cops celebrating your arrest for the Google camera to immortalize. Oh the joy.

You've got to fake it till you make it, right?

Reddit | KaleBrecht

Air travel is ridiculously expensive, but the appearance of air travel, not so much. I wonder if you can trick yourself into thinking you've had a wonderfully relaxing vacation, like the placebo effect?

I sure hope he got the ball.

Reddit | ghostrobo2000

Because that is a high price to pay to not even get the ball. Dude's going to be picking that wedgie for a week.

"Girlfriend dragged me along to Joann Fabrics last night. Opened up a bag of googly eyes to try and make best of the situation."

Reddit | hellyesh

I'd say mission very much accomplished. I need to start taking a bag of googly eyes with me wherever I go, just in case.

Well, that's an A for creativity.

Reddit | Parrot0123

I mean, I wouldn't want to eat at a restaurant that goes to such lengths to mask a C grade from the Health Department, but you have to admit, this is crafty.

This is so much easier than actually patching the hole.

Reddit | mleas706

And funnier, too! Not sure the wife would go for it for very long, but it has to be worth a shot.

Speaking of easy fixes...

Reddit | Willy_Elktrix

I don't know what I would do if a car hit my house, but this suddenly roared to the top of my list.

"Road trip with the gf and my best friend"

Reddit | ryns99

The gang's all here...I'm not crying you're crying.

"A few days ago a car drove through an Arby's. This was their sign today."

Reddit | TotesOfGoats

Honestly, it seems like not that much to ask. Those little reminders never hurt!

Again, repairs cost money; a Sharpie is much less expensive.

Reddit | shamefully_shameless

And as a bonus you get to shamelessly promote your Instagram or Twitter or whatever you want.

"Who knew the best selfie I’d ever take, would be in a parking lot with my sister."

Reddit | [deleted]

This man had grown sick of his father posting pictures with his trophy kills. So, this man took to the hunt himself, armed with a nerf gun, and bagged himself this prize kill.

I love lamp.

Imgur | KindaInnocent

And honestly, I would watch this movie, too. Does Pixar ever do anything wrong?

"My BF and I forgot about the cookies in the oven while playing Settlers of Catan. We made the best of a bad situation."

Reddit | getinkittenmittens

Now, does anybody else wish chocolate chips were a legit Settlers of Catan resource to exploit?

Well, that was unfortunate.

Imgur | DerekAwesome

And to think they're pain specialists, too. Yikes. You've gotta do what you've gotta do though!