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20 Weird Pics That Are Giving Off Strong Nope Vibes

One of the best things the internet does is to provide comfort — I know, that doesn't sound right, does it? But when you think about it, for all the horrible things you can see online, you experience them all at arm's length or more, and you have the option of clicking away when the going gets tough. If that's not a comfort, I don't know what is.

So, if you're picking up on the strong nope vibes these pics are giving off, take comfort in the fact that it's all happening somewhere else.

Even though this isn't a venomous spider, this is still uncomfortable to watch.

Reddit | xil3h

And I'm not sure telling the person with a bunch of skin in the spider's jaws that it's not presently injecting poison would be a ton of comfort, either.

Repeat after me, "It's just a model, it can't hurt you."

Reddit | MtgWarlock

A giant baby made out of smaller babies would be a) an excellent boss fight in bizarre and disturbing video game, and b) a surefire nightmare to haunt you several nights in a row.

Speaking of babies, this has to be the least appetizing sushi ever.

Reddit | ywnwalfc

I don't know how they made it, I don't even want to know, and even if it's photoshop I might be off sushi for a while.

Okay, here's a theory that has some evidence backing it up.

So, either owls go through an awkward phase just like the rest of us — but also not at all like the rest of us — or they're legit from another planet.

Okay, losing a toenail isn't exactly an everyday experience, but it happens.

Reddit | BWDpodcast

So I'm not sure what possessed someone to keep the toenail that fell off, write down the date it happened on the nail, and store it away for over a decade.

I'm pretty sure that everything in the world is food to something.

Reddit | mongsta

Remember, books are technically made of wood, so termites will have at them — but there are plenty of insects that will enjoy nomming down on a good book, leaving nasty scenes like this behind them.

And here I won't eat food that falls on my pants.

Reddit | KingDwibbley

Maybe I'm being overly picky though. Maybe I'm in the wrong for not placing my lunch, which I'm in the middle of eating, on the floor of a public bathroom as I do my business. I don't think so, though.

Looks like maybe some spray foam or old glue, but nope, that used to be orange juice.

Reddit | plebposter

It spilled under a car seat and nobody noticed until it started to smell like a "weird bakery." Yum.

"Found a tooth in my pizza," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | specialkid0

If this is pizza's answer to the prizes inside cereal boxes, they really need to up their game.

I'm assuming this is some kind of a prop from an independent horror film.

Reddit | Riflemaiden1992

The only other reason I can think of to make something like this is to scare your deadbeat roommate into moving out.

Reminder: We share the roads with people who do this.

Reddit | howardkinsd

Not many of them, thankfully. But even one person trying to drive a garbage-filled car is a threat to themselves and others.

And here's a scene from inside a factory farm.

Reddit | Infinity

So, great. Now I'm off sushi and poultry. It's both filled with "nope" and intensely sad.

This X-ray of a person with Gardner's syndrome or cleidocranial dysplasia sure looks uncomfortable.

Reddit | phoenixreborn

As one dentist explained, someone with a condition causing all those teeth to grow wouldn't necessarily be in great pain, and the removal of the extra teeth might not lead to facial deformities, so at least there's that.

A few brave lads were maybe overly determined to make their trip to the Grand Canyon memorable.

Reddit | tech_shabby

Not sure sneakers are the best choice for hiking the Grand Canyon even on a good day. On an icy day, they're taking their lives into their own hands.

This guy found an alligator snapping turtle hibernating underneath some clear ice.

Reddit | DarthVaper

Even though it's hibernating, I would want to be extremely sure about the thickness of that ice before venturing out there.

"The hairbrush my brother has been using for over a year," the uploader wrote.

Reddit | Badfriend112233

I think they're going to need an intervention, or possibly an exorcism. And even setting aside how gross this is, it can't be effective as a hair brush anymore, either.

Can y'all stop doing this to pies, please and thank you?

Reddit | overbiteoverlord

Poultry and sushi used to be a couple of my favorite things, I don't want to hate pie, too. Mind you, it would be better for my waistline.

I feel bad for whoever has to clean this up.

Reddit | Jori

Not to mention the people who filled this drum up. Such a sad sign of extraordinarily troubling times.

That's...not something I ever would have thought to examine.

Reddit | 8791781927

And you have to think that there are a ton of tragic surprises waiting to be found in America's caves.

That's a gigantic pile of bison skulls.

Reddit | Gruffalo-Soldier

And a graphic reminder of just how close bison came to extinction, from about 60 million in the late 18th century, down to just 541 in 1889. There are about 31,000 of them in America today.

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