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Woman Confuses The Internet With A Trippy Optical Illusion

If you're not a big conversationalist, it can become easy to find a lot of parties boring and isolating. For this reason, it often helps to come with a little ice-breaker to help alleviate the fact that you've been brought together with a bunch of total strangers.

This could involve a funny or interesting story, but those who are better with their hands than their mouths might make their impression with a fun little trick they've picked up.

And considering how little one woman needed to make a fairly convincing optical illusion in the full video, that little trick may not be as hard to discover as it seems.

In late November, TikTok up-and-comer Tori Pareno posted a short video to both her home platform and to Twitter.

Twitter | @ToriPareno

All she had to say about it was "Here's something trippy for your night lol" before she unleashed it on the world.

Pareno begins the video with her hands raised and one placed in front of the other.

Twitter | @ToriPareno

In time with the sounds of someone breathing, she then laces the fingers of her hand in the back together with the hand in the front.

The breathing then gives way to a messy electronic beat and the real illusion reveals itself.

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For all appearances, Pareno's back hand passes through the hand in the front as she guides it forward.

As the breathing returns, Pareno quickly laces her fingers together again.

Twitter | @ToriPareno

This time, the breathing is faster, so Pareno picks up her speed in locking and unlocking her fingers as well.

This makes it hard to tell which hand is doing what as they appear to switch the more she does this.

As this goes on, she seems to get more excited about what she's doing.

Twitter | @ToriPareno

And once again, she appears to make one of her hands phase through the other again before ending the video with a big smile on her face.

At first, it's not entirely clear how Pareno is doing this.

But while your mileage may vary on how many watches of the full video it will be take before you can spot what's really happening, the illusion isn't that hard to shatter.

It might help to focus on her arms instead of her hands.