23 Random Lifehacks That Are Kind Of Genius

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to get something done fast and you couldn't find a solution? Well, that happens to all of us. But, thankfully, nowadays we have the internet to the rescue.

If you think you're the only one who ever runs into a problem chances are you're not, and someone else has come up with a genius hack already. Just like these guys did.

1. This Phone Charging Trick

Reddit | Henriquinho007

Okay, so you found an outlet to charge your phone but the cord is too short. Clearly that wasn't a problem for this smarty pants.

2. This Pasta Boiling Trick

Reddit | ShannonononXD

Putting a wooden spoon on the top of your boiling pasta eliminates the bubbles that flow over! I have yet to try this trick.

3. This Headphones Solution

Reddit | ZoroastrianMK

When your old headphones are starting to fall apart, an easy fix is just to use an old soft shirt and two rubber bands and voilĂ .

4. This Keyboard Remedy

Reddit | TheBostonCreamer

It's so annoying when you lose that one leg at the back of your keyboard and now it's all wobbly. This clip solution solves it.

5. This Potato Peeling Hack

Reddit | samhull061200

Next time you're getting ready to peel some potatoes for that soup just stab it with a fork to hold it for no cuts on your hands!

6. This Food Warming Trick

Reddit | AffectedArc07

If you're really busy at the office and have no time to warm up that snack I guess this quick fix will do. LOL!

7. This Shower Storage Solution

Reddit | GoodDayTheJay

When you absolutely need more space for all your stuff in the shower, use this clever storage solution with an extra shower curtain rod.

8. This Bathtub Solution

Reddit | u/sidewalkoyster

If you're like this person and you don't have a bathtub just borrow their genius idea and use a big storage bin. Wait, what? Ha, ha.

9. This Camping Trick

Reddit | GoodDayTheJay

Whoa, some people really take camping trips seriously. Am I right? If you travel like this I'm totally impressed. Ha, ha, ha. Pretty genius.

10. This Christmas Tree Space Saving Trick

Reddit | TheGamercologist

For those who absolutely have no room for a big and bulky Christmas tree, this 2D wall tree is the perfect solution.

11. This Avocado Ripening Hack

Reddit | u/RollinonEase

If you're craving guac all the time like me, but don't have ripe avocados on hand, put them over a heat source to speed ripening up.

12. This Bed Frame Fix

Reddit | edbrinkman

If you're worried about the bed frame scratching up your wall and chipping the paint, now you don't have to. This sponge trick works like a charm.

13. This Mattress Solution

Reddit | Iheartcheeseburgers

If you're left with fuzzy fabric pills after washing and drying your mattress pad cover, use a comb and rake the fabric! Quick and easy.

14. This Air Pod Trick

Reddit | u/alexfreeski007

Tired of holding your phone in your hands when you're watching something? Just prop it up using the case for your air pods. So smart.

15. This Micellar Water Trick

Twitter | @kieraohagan

Apparently, it's not just good for cleansing your skin. It also gets stains out of suede.

16. This Bottle-To-Sponge-Holder Trick

Reddit | Itilvte

This works because it holds the sponge while also allowing it to drip water directly into the sink.

17. This Shaving Cream Hack

Did you know you can use shaving cream to clean a foggy mirror? Someone should tell this guy.

Take a rag and spray some shaving cream on it, then run it over your mirror. Not only will it clear up the steam fast, but it will prevent your mirror from steaming up for a few weeks.

18. This Velcro Solution

Wonderful Engineering

To stop your rugs from constantly shifting on the floor, use Velcro to keep them in place.

19. This Pizza Ninja Solution

Wonderful Engineering

Want to keep your take-out pizza hot until you get home? Place it on the car seat next to you and turn on the seat warmer.

20. This Computer-Saving Egg Carton Trick


To keep your laptop from over heating and the fan from running non-stop, place the machine on top of an egg carton.

21. This Pool Noodle Boot-Saver

Facebook | Giant Tiger

To help boots keep their shape after you've trudged through snow or rain, fill the shaft with a pool noodle. This will help them stay rounded and keep them upright.

22. This Sweater Hanging Hack

Wonderful Engineering

Don't you just hate it when you get those bumps on the shoulders of your sweaters? Try hanging them like this instead.

23. This Toaster Trick

World Inside Pictures

Don't have an oven or a microwave? No problem. Just turn your toaster on its side and you can easily heat up pizza slices or make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Okay so I haven't solved all of your life's problems, I know.

But at least you have a head start with these smart solutions, and I bet there are more out there.