15+ Genius Creations That Could Change The Way We Do Things

As the amount of insane material on the internet continues to grow, it can be harder and harder to find new creations to be amazed by — whether it be due to how daft they are, or how genuinely useful the specific thing is. But, somehow, the innovators of the world keep finding ways to amaze us all.

With that in mind, here are a collection of clever inventions that will definitely help! Whether that be with a profoundly specific task, or a profoundly important one! Enjoy!

This Peanut Butter Knife

Reddit | RampChurch

Gonna kick things off here with one of the most specific inventions I've ever come across. Although, even though it only has one function, and I don't eat peanut butter very often, I will definitely be purchasing one of these.

"Norwegian shoe drying machine."

Reddit | joeChump

Yes, this wonderfully industrial-looking thing dries out your shoes after being out in the rain! As someone who lived in Northern Ireland for many years, I would have given anything for one of these!

This Straw That Purifies Water


The LifeStraw removes around 99.9% of bacteria from water when it is drunk through. This could save thousands of lives in countries without clean drinking water.

Packaging That Changes Color When A Product Has Expired

YouTube | braskemsa

This technology works on the plastics detecting the PH level of whatever perishable produce is inside. Then you'd be able to tell for sure whether the chicken was dodgy before getting sick!

The Mosquito Blender

Reddit | sterr424

This "fan" is actually a lamp that sucks up mosquitos and blends them into oblivion. Say goodbye to those pesky bites!

Page Holding Ring

Reddit | insertext

Ah, the inner nerd in me is dying at this! What a fantastic idea! I know what I'm buying myself for Christmas! (And, yes I said myself because I'd never actually ask someone for one of these!)

"This pillow will stop 'dead arm' when sleeping in this position."

Reddit | RondriguezUK

While I now desperately want one of these things, I also love how it looks like they just had the model lie down on the floor for these pictures. Guys, just put him on a bed with the pillow! That's where people use them!

Pedestrian Crossing Flaps

Reddit | nawelasg

These flaps raise from the ground when it is safe for passengers to cross, which further encourages motorists who may try and run a red light, to stop and take care for pedestrians.

Politics-Free Uno

Twitter | @realUNOgame

Yes, as if Uno wasn't stressful enough without the added turmoil of political conflict. Well, now you can avoid one of those stresses — for the length of a game of Uno at least before you finish the game and remember the world that you are currently living in.

"These notched chairs to hold bags."


This really smacks of someone in the chair factory messing up spectacularly and then having to figure out how to market this new "feature" they've accidentally added!

Portable Bean Bag Onesie


The field of lazy home-tech engineering has been making some great strides over the last few years, and here we have the latest innovation, the portable bean bag onesie. Prepare to be comfortable forever.

In Case A Frog Lands In Your Pool

Reddit | QuestionableMeaning

This thing is apparently called a frog log. And, it helps any potentially drowning frogs to get out of your pool! So, if you've got a pool, don't be a meanie, get yourself a frog log otherwise you're killing the frogs you monster!

"This taxi has a silent alarm flasher to alert a driver behind the cab that there's trouble."

Reddit | doubled822

Now I think about it, I don't know how these aren't just standard issue on all taxis?

"This elevator with an additional alarm button near the ground in case you can't get up"

Reddit | xkaia

I wonder if something specific happened for this to need to be installed. Also, I wonder how many people have hit it with their feet by accident.

"EZ-Nabbers, how vets currently restrain so pretty angry cats"

Reddit | Crushhie

Yup, this is how vets keep agitated cats still so that they can give them injections. Essentially, net scissors!

"My school has racks in the front office for kids to put their skateboards on during the day."

Reddit | Boopnoobdope

I particularly enjoy how they got a pair of Vans shoes in the picture as though the skater image wasn't entirely clear enough!

"Collapsible cup! Never forget it because it's always right in my purse! Also comes with a silicon straw"

Reddit | IllustriousMilk7

In this day and age, reusable coffee cups are a must! So, why not have one which folds down into such a neat little container!

"Thanks, didn't know I wanted this doormat warning people of my dogs."

Reddit | Aly_onthebeat

As someone with a dog I simply couldn't leave this one off the list; in fact, I'm straight off to buy one when I've finished this!

"I went to a convenience store in Colombia and they sold a pack of 4 slices of bread."

Reddit | jorsiem23

This is perfect for those people who know they won't be able to finish an entire loaf of bread on their own before it goes bad.

Personally, I just stick the loaf in the freezer and take out as much as I need to thaw, but this is super handy too!

"My friend is staying in a hotel in Belgium. They've offered her the option of renting a fish for the night, in case she's lonely."

Twitter | @Miche_Cooke

Traveling alone an be pretty...well, lonely. Especially if you've left behind your beloved pet(s). But this hotel is going the extra mile to give you some much-needed company.

"My headphones can be zippered to prevent tangles."

Reddit | kanabear

This would same me so much time spent untangling my stupid headphones after I've put them in my pocket. Yeah, I'm looking at you, iPhone headphones!

"My orange and mango juice carton has a see through part on the side to show you how much juice there is left."

Reddit | iWillPunchAMuffin

This is a much better alternative to shaking the carton and trying to guesstimate how much juice is left purely by the sound it makes.

"This Nescafe drink cover has a built in smart phone holder."

Reddit | linkinstreet

Now you can comfortably (and totally hands-free) watch some Netflix while you sip your delicious coffee. The future truly is now.

"This bathroom door has a foot pull to prevent the spread of germs."

Reddit | TheGarananimal

I can't be the only one who hates touching bathroom doors right after I've scrubbed my hands clean, right? Well, this is a handy-dandy solution for that.

But, if you still prefer to use your hands...

"Door handle with built-in hand sanitizer dispenser."

Reddit | Al-Pastor

...then you can use this handle in stead that provides you with a helpful squirt of hand sanitizer to keep you bacteria-free!

"Urinals that protect your shoes from splash-back."

Reddit | Ukleon

Speaking of bathrooms, don't you hate it when you're going the ol' numero uno and you get some of it on your shoes? Same. These urinals offer little splash guards so your bodily fluids can right where you aim them.

"This subway car in Seoul has a mini library."

Reddit | YamhillScrub

No one likes public transportation, but this subway car is making your commute just a little more relaxing by offering some books to help you pass the time.

And also ignore the inevitable weirdos riding with you.

"The mirror in my hotel in Japan has a heated part that won't steam up after a shower."

Reddit | mdengler10

You want to be able to see your beautiful face after you step out of the shower, and now you can thanks to this heated mirror. No more streaks from rubbing the steam off a tiny section!

"This Tabasco tray on our pizza."

Reddit | theowlhoothoot

Those little trays inside pizza boxes serve a very important purpose: to prevent the cheese from sticking to the top of the box. But this particular table serves another very important purpose: delivering you some adorable little containers of hot sauce!

"My newspaper came with 2 printed pattern pages to wrap presents."

Reddit | plantGG

When the holidays roll around, this newspaper helps its readers out and offers some wrapping paper because 'tis the season, right?

"Steel foot prints across grates to prevent heels from getting stuck."

Reddit | snatchiw

This would make a lot of girls' night out on the town much safer. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone nearly snap their ankle just trying to walk over a grate in heels. It's darn near lethal.

"This laundry basket has the meanings of all the symbols on the care label."

Reddit | cryphus

I'm all my years of "adulting", I've never understood what those symbols on my clothing tags mean, so this laundry basket is definitely going on my Christmas list.

"My local blood donor centre has started giving out these blood type key rings when you donate."

Reddit | manlikerealities

I could really do with being given one of these — particularly because I don't actually know what my blood type is!

"My temperature sensitive color changing nail polish shows unevenness of the blood circulation in my finger tips"

Reddit | userspuzzled

This could be particularly useful for people who suffer from Raynaud syndrome in which arterial spasms cause restricted blood flow!