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Mom Spooked After Seeing ‘Ghost Lady’ Watching Kids On Baby Cam

The release of Paranormal Activity in the first half of the decade pioneered a new genre of home security camera horror.

It makes sense: what's scarier than a demonic force that you can't see showing up on video in the one place you feel safest?

Arguably, the creepiest sub-section of this genre surrounds videos caught on baby cams.

Baby cams are normally in place to watch babies sleep while parents are in another room, or to re-watch footage after a babysitter or nanny has watched one's children alone.

For a mother, there is nothing more frightening than the prospect of an evil force attacking her children.

One mom recently came face-to-face with what she thought was a spirit inside her home.

Facebook | Leila Livingston

Leila Livingston is a mom of three (ages 4, 2, and four months old). On November 15th, she posted a story on Facebook explaining how a freeze-frame on her baby cam ended up being "The scariest thing [she had] ever experienced in [her] life."

Livingston put on 'The Lion King' for her kids while she went into another room to get ready to go out with her husband.

Facebook | Leila Livingston

"They were sitting quietly on the couch. Jayce was in his chair beside them," she explains. "I turned the camera on them and was watching them from the iPad upstairs. Every so often I would glance down and every time they were sitting in the same spot watching the movie."

However, she looked over at one point and saw something she never expected to see.

Facebook | Leila Livingston

"I looked down and saw someone (an adult) sitting on my couch looking at the baby and the babies just watching their movie like it was no big deal," the post continues.

"My heart dropped"

"I ran downstairs and turned the corner to the living room and no one was on the couch."

You all saw that photo, right? There was definately someone on the couch.

"I JUST saw them ten seconds before."

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"The babies were still sitting there in the same exact spots watching their movie."

"Naturally I assumed it was a ghost and I caught it on my camera."

Facebook | Leila Livingston

When Livingston ran back upstairs to look at her iPad, the 'ghost' was still sitting there on the baby cam.

Similar to how any of us would react in a situation like this, Livingston called her mother in a panic to show her the footage.

But things aren't always how they appear in these kinds of situations.

After looking at her iPad one more time, she realized that the whole thing had been a misunderstanding.

"Somehow my iPad went from the camera’s live view to a clip that was recorded earlier," her post continues. "It was me. I was the ghost on the couch."

Moral of the story? Maybe don't automatically assume your house is haunted.

Facebook | Leila Livingston

At least it's clear that Livingston is fiercely protective of her family. If this woman was tasked with being the lead in a horror movie type-scenario, she would surely come out on top.