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34 Feel-Good Pics To Inspire Some Smiles

We all need a little pick-me-up from time to time, don't we? It's basically the regularly scheduled maintenance that keeps our cars from ending up in the shop for a month, but for our emotions.

Or, to put it another way, you need to feed your emotions goodness, or they'll get all weighed down with negativity and gloom. So here, fuel some smiles with some heartwarming stuff.

Okay, try to keep it together now.

Facebook | Natalie Coffey Bunting

It's not easy, I know. Just goes to show you how important it is to tell the people you love that you love them. It goes a long, long way.

You have to love people who go out of their way for their pets.

Is it a little odd to keep a duck as a pet? Maybe, but who are we to judge? The important thing is that she's looking out for it as best she can and trying to make sure it's warm and comfy.

It's hard to imagine how much of an impact this would have on a child.

That is, until you see him absolutely melt, overcome with emotion. What a moment.

That's an important little bandage for this person.

Reddit | nowos45

"After moving away from my anti-vax parents, today I went to get my first vaccination," they wrote. It's a big step to take control of your health like that!

How can you not appreciate this?

Not only is it a perfectly Hermione thing for Emma Watson to do, but the note is adorable. And it's just one of those things that brings even more magic to the Potter series.

"So, my friend made life-size Snorlax for my husband," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | youcanseemyface

I think this gift hit the mark. The only problem is that now everybody wants one too. This is the tie-in merch the world demands: joyful, nerdy comfort.

Yes, the spirit of giving is alive and well in this house.

Reddit | jcat47

"Our church reverse tithed $50,000 to everyone over 3 in the congregation after the sale of some property," explained the uploader. "Everyone got $242 to use how they saw fit. Ryker chose to buy gifts for kids who would otherwise not have them for Christmas. It was so fun unleashing him on the toy aisle."

Well done, Ryker!

This couple is feeling it, too.

Reddit | ajallee

"Ed and Karin who live on basic military retirement had been saving all year, just purchased and gave us 100 fantastic toys for our 18th annual Christmas toy drive," the uploader wrote. "My heart and office are full now!"

This choir visited the palliative card ward to sing to the patients there.

Reddit | Undertheweatherornot

It can't have been an easy visit, emotionally speaking, but it's an awfully nice thing for them to do.

Yep, this is how you end up with two dogs.

Reddit | Master1718

Quite happily, I would expect. They're clearly inseparable, and you know you're getting a sweet, good-natured dog in the deal.

This old guy couldn't resist taking a pic of his wife while she wasn't looking.

Reddit | SafeCarry

Which seems like a pretty amazing compliment. He might want to turn the flash off, though.

I love this lady.

Reddit | aesop7

"My grandma just passed away short of her 90th birthday," wrote the uploader. "I found this photo while looking through her albums." What a character she must have been.

Elephants, wow.

If you can't get the feels from this herd's grieving ceremony, you might have a rock where your heart is.

A turkey seems to have taken a strange liking to a postal worker.

I just keep hoping that the driver makes sure the bird is safe before driving off again. And so far, so good!

The moment a shelter dog got adopted was truly worth celebrating.

Facebook | Lort Smith

The exuberance cannot be contained. Hope this family gets many, many years of joy together.

And then there's this adoption.

So glad this poor pupper was rescued, and just try not to tear up at his reaction to the love.

Microchips work, folks.

Humane Society of Greater Rochester

This cat owner and truck driver got his best bud chipped, and when they got separated in Ohio, the microchip allowed them to be reunited when they otherwise likely would have lost each other forever.

Eminem quite rightly celebrated 10 years of sobriety by showing off his chip on Twitter.

Twitter | @Eminem

He's up to 11 years sober now, and we're all rooting for him to keep it up.

"One year ago I finished this 70-inch treehouse tortoise and last week I got the key for my own art studio," wrote the uploader. "Time to go bigger."

Reddit | felli55

You always have to love and appreciate it when someone's dreams start to become reality. And it looks like this guy has plenty of talent!

"I was shoveling my front steps and got nostalgic for the old days of Reddit, so I cleared the whole street," wrote the uploader. "Today you, tomorrow me."

Reddit | Justokayscott

Just goes to show you, despite all the flack online communities take, they can, in fact, inspire people to spread some good in the world.

This is a nice reminder that parents all around the world go to great lengths for their kids.

Reddit | xxExcalibur

And as another user related, driving an Uber can be a good way to practice English, and it occasionally gets amazingly wholesome.

"I recently had an Uber driver take me to the lightrail station so I could hop on a train to the airport," they wrote. "He was an older retired gentleman from Eastern Europe that moved to the states to be near his grandchildren. He told me that the main reason he drives is so he can practice his English with passengers while his grandkids are in school. We had a good conversation and when he got to the station he told me that I was his last fare of the day and if I wanted he would drive me to the airport so he could keep practicing. We chatted for about an hour."

"Reunited with my doggos after a year away at university," the uploader wrote.

Reddit | allanastro

I can't help smiling at all these reunion photos. There's just so much wonderful, silly, unconditional love on display.

Once again, Reddit came through for one of their own.


A young woman with a genetic abnormality and little money has to use a full set of dentures and decided to open up to the community and allow them to ask her any questions the wanted to. One, a dentist, asked if he could give her a mouthful of implants for Christmas, and another asked if they could pay her travel expenses to get them.

Talk about spreading smiles!

Around Thanksgiving, a group set up a table and a meal on a subway train to make sure everyone got a good meal.

Reddit | railstormers

Because nobody should have to go hungry, especially not on Thanksgiving. And it's some great community building!

A flat tire nearly ruined this woman's day.

Reddit | desperateforthings

"A truck lost part of its cargo which knocked a hole in my tire," she explained. "I pulled out the supplies to change it to the spare (in a sketchy part of town). These two gentlemen offered to help. When they saw my tag (I'm an RN) they took over completely 'as a thanks for what I do.'"

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has the most touching ritual.

Getty Images | Bob Levey

Every time he scores, he finds his mom, who lost her sight 17 years ago, and gives her the touchdown ball. What a wonderful tradition.

Politics doesn't always get in the way of humanity.

Reddit | silverlight22

Just look at what these Pakistani cricket players did for their Indian taxi driver. Not what you'd expect if you pay attention to headlines, but here they are, all being awesome to each other.

You couldn't script a better proposal.

He went to propose to his boyfriend, who responded by pulling out the ring he was about to propose with. I think that's a resounding yes.

Strangers trying to get cats adopted by anonymously paying off all the adoption fees? Yes please!

Reddit | GroovinApple

Now here's hoping that that was the nudge needed to get these kitties some good, loving families.

"Met these random lads on a night out. They offered me their couch as my house was quite far. Woke up to this note on the table," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | techtom

For the record, it reads "If you wake up before anyone else, help yourself to my tea & coffee & bread. My cupboard is nearest to the window in the kitchen on the left hand side. Tetley's tea. Milk in the fridge & butter & jam in cupboard. Help yourself."

That's proper looking after your guests.

So glad to know someone's looking out for all the busy delivery drivers over the holidays.

Reddit | Sugarmugr

You're not always able to tip them, so I bet some refreshments in the middle of a route would go a long way to showing some appreciation.

Happiness and relief and gratitude are all over this family's faces.

Reddit | TWill420

"The family market in town just paid our housing deposit," they explained. "We have been homeless for three months living in our truck, but tomorrow we sign our lease and move into our new home. Just a case of the Washington Peninsula community being bros."

Dads never stop being dads.

Twitter | @biticonjustine

And honestly, the look on his face is too much dad-ness. He's so proud of himself. I hope she gave him a high five after she recovered from the excessive dad-itude.

A nurse tried her best to share some Thanksgiving goodness with her patients.

Reddit | legendofriss

Nurses never really stop taking care of their patients, do they? What a bunch of saints.

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