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15+ Insane Coincidences That Seem Impossible, But They Happened

If you've been binge-watching Seinfeld lately, you may have come across an episode where a man Jerry hires to clean his apartment ends up possessing a statuette that's identical to one that had gone missing from Jerry's place.

Naturally, this leads Jerry and his friends to suspect the man stole it, but the man's partner assures Elaine that it's a coincidence. Elaine replies that it would have to be a big coincidence, to which the woman replies that there are no big and small coincidences, only coincidences.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to disagree with her. Because a coincidence that has you thinking of a friend only to run into them soon after is fairly small. The coincidences that ended up on this list? They're much bigger.

Not only does this woman's shirt perfectly match this coffee mug, but she happened to perfectly demonstrate that fact by pure chance.

Reddit | TheJoker12349

The desk that the mug is sitting on is just out of view, so it looks like the mug is floating perfectly into the matching spot.

The referee may not have found anything funny about this situation, but those watching at home probably did.

Reddit | Jendo_Stroman

How appropriate that he happened to be holding a red card right in the spot where a graphic is showing the team's color.

Dude managed to kick someone off the field in two different layers of reality.

Crashing your plane into a power line isn't terribly lucky, but this might just be the luckiest way to do it.

Reddit | Vv00vV

That's right, the pilot just happened to catch the plane's wheel on the line and dangle until he was rescued.

He also didn't have any injuries, but who knows what could have happened if this had ended any other way?

At first glance, this doesn't seem too unusual. It's just a caiman eating a weird-looking fish.

Reddit | camboSoup_

However, this becomes a lot more mind-blowing when you realize that this isn't just one strange fish, but rather a fish eating another fish as it's being eaten.

It's like something out of a cartoon.

I guess it makes sense that it would recognize its own breed, but this is still a wild coincidence.

Reddit | Sonicmooo

I also like that this photo makes it look like the bird is reading about itself. There's just something really cute about that idea.

The big coincidence here isn't just that a Ford GT is parked next to a Ferrari 488.

Reddit | ROOST4R

No, the real kicker is that they're both parked at a movie theater that happens to be showing Ford Vs. Ferrari.

Hopefully, the movie ends with the two teams finding some mutual respect or things might get ugly.

I don't know, would this make it feel better or worse when your snack gets stuck in the machine?

Reddit | Mark1_M00

I mean, a label this astoundingly appropriate would probably cause at least a frustrated laugh for me, but it also might make me feel like the machine is conspiring against me.

Although it's not unheard of for non-paper elements to end up getting scanned by accident, this takes it to a new level.

Reddit | rottenpea

Yes, it seems that a fly just happened to get curious about the scanner right as the user was closing it. And so, it became immortalized in the exact moment it faced its own mortality.

There's something poetic about that.

If that wasn't enough, it seems that flies are making a habit of ending up on the wrong side of fortune lately.

Reddit | kostiik

All this person was trying to do was close a window, but they ended up doing a little pest control at the same time.

Talk about multi-tasking.

The seagulls may get pretty aggressive about our ice cream cones, but that's just payment for a valuable service they provide us.

Reddit | AlarmmClock

Namely, flying in front of speeding cameras so they can't identify us. I say it's an ongoing service because I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time this exact situation has happened.

The patch in this goat's fur has a shape that should look pretty familiar to everyone involved.

Reddit | sgon9

That's right. For some reason, this goat happens to have a white patch that looks just like another goat.

As a matter of fact, doesn't it kind of look like the goat standing beside the black one?

If there were ever any doubts about the quality of this tattoo, this surprise visit should definitely put those to rest.

Reddit | bromanhomiedude

If it's good enough to convince a real monarch butterfly that it's found a friend, that should be good enough for any of us.

This isn't the first time that a future couple has ended up in the same photo years before they met, but it'll be hard to top the backstory behind this one.

Reddit | Mavis_Ivy

Not only was this taken decades before the couple below met and got married, but they didn't even live in the same country when their families happened to take that vacation to Disney World.

This lightning strike wasn't any less dangerous than the others, but it certainly put on a friendlier face.

Reddit | Simo00Kayyal

There may not be a lot of competition for the most romantic thunderstorm, but this heart-shaped bolt found a wild way to win that title.

Although it's unclear how exactly this happened, it seems pretty far-fetched to assume that the deer are holding basketball intramurals.

Reddit | C00lEgg

Therefore, we can only assume that somebody managed to throw the ball in such a way that it perfectly fit between this deer's antlers.

And based on how unintentionally a lot of these other coincidences have gone down, that person probably still doesn't know where their ball is.

Once enough companies launch their own street view systems, I suppose an encounter like this is inevitable.

Reddit | vloneflexin

But yes, it appears that a Google Street View car and its Bing counterpart caught each other on camera.

I guess this means there's one specific part of the world where the two companies accidentally advertise each other.

The man on the left figured that this day out at the theme park would be the perfect time to propose to his partner.

Reddit | ihopebolsonarodies

What he didn't know, however, was that his beloved had exactly the same idea and reached into his bag to get his own ring once the man went down on one knee.

I suppose it's not impossible that someone did this on purpose, but I would think they see too many urinals every day to bother.

Reddit | Calvinator15

Nonetheless, that serial number definitely says "For you to pee into," which is so perfect that I'm surprised we got to see it in real life before it ended up in a movie.

The uploader's first book as a child seemed to have a subconscious impact on the pets they chose as an adult.

Reddit | tinyboat

Does it still count as a coincidence if you're really drawn to certain look and breed for your pets, but you have absolutely no idea why?

Who would have thought a cat and a dog would inspire philosophical questions about ourselves?

I think the fact that the price wasn't originally so perfectly chosen confirms that this was a coincidence.

Reddit | ChalkLetRain

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, note that the price for this pie plate is now $3.14.

Yup, a pie plate costs the starting digits of pi. I love it.

The man interred here was struck by lightning on three different occasions in his life.

Reddit | BossGRT

But while that already seems pretty uncommon, the real kicker is that his grave was also struck by lightning.

That's one way to pay your respects, I suppose.

Everything about this is so weirdly appropriate.

Reddit | papinkston

I mean, not only is the bee landing on the right kind of lip balm for this to be significant, but it's actually covering the "bee" in the name.

So many things had to align here.

Although these planes are technically about 9,000 feet apart, they certainly seem a lot closer.

Reddit | ssigea

But yeah, even frequent flyers often can't recall ever seeing another plane anywhere near them while they're at cruising altitude.

And considering that these two are at different heights, the passengers probably also aren't aware that this is even happening.

This kid just happened to meet Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman while dressing as him for Halloween.

Reddit | egromines

Although it should be easy to understand that sports stars take their kids trick-or-treating like everybody else, this still seems like a pretty amazing happenstance.

I can't really say I've met my doppelganger, but it must feel incredibly weird when it happens.

Reddit | N_A_ME

If I were this man and came across somehow who looked so much like me, it would definitely take a second to convince myself that I'm not living in the Matrix.

This is why it's always a good idea to call and confirm the existence of any underground cables before you dig.

Reddit | dtiernan93

In case it's not clear what happened here, someone jammed a metal stake into what turned out to be an electricity main.

This stake ended up breaking through its plastic casing and barely avoided two different live cables by a few millimeters each. This was incredibly close to ending in tragedy.

When a volcano erupted in Hawaii, only these houses in the affected area were spared.

Reddit | tuhgttg

For some reason, the lava flow split at a crucial point and just ended up circling around this patch of land.

Any tall tales about who caught the biggest fish will have to take a backseat to this achievement.

Reddit | KaakaoSieppo

Because no matter how large the fish they claimed to catch but mysteriously don't have photos of, this person's buddies will have to dourly admit that they didn't catch two on the same line like this.

This visitor's center had to close for a while for one incredibly improbable reason.

Reddit | grinch1225

So, what happened? Well, a tire happened to pop off a tractor-trailer, bounce along the freeway and crash through a fence before it broke through the center's window.

Not only that, but it somehow ended up setting a file cabinet full of paper on fire after colliding with it. Imagine having to file that insurance claim.

This driver hit a log truck after they bent down to pick something up, but they were luckier than it may sound.

Reddit | nomadofwaves

You might see that there's a space between the logs that ended up smashing through their windshield.

Because they were bending over at the time, that's where their head was. Eerily reminiscent of a Final Destination movie, isn't it?

Although you can definitely say that last person made mistake, the people in this house had a similarly close call through no fault of their own.

Reddit | some-guy8899

Apparently, someone thought it was a good idea to fire their gun at a house party a block away from this place.

The resulting bullet apparently passed just inches over the uploader's brother's head while he was sleeping.

Oh, there's nothing much going on in this neighborhood. Just a rare albino squirrel.

Reddit | Joker32256

Despite its bright white coloration, it seems like it would be pretty easy to pass by this animal without noticing it. Fortunately, that's not how it went down for the uploader.

Sometimes, the stars will align and we'll manage to get things stuck in places we wouldn't have thought possible.

Reddit | Shad0wBl4de

For instance, the uploader happened to hit this squash ball in such a way that they got it stuck between this banister and this advertisement.

Most of us probably couldn't do that if we tried.

This one tree is lucky that its neighbor was so oddly shaped.

Reddit | CandleCrush123

It's unclear how exactly the forked tree fell, but the one that remains standing just happened to fit in the space between its limbs.

It's unlikely that whoever placed this IV was trying to be clever, but they happened to hit a pretty sweet spot.

Reddit | Surgeox

Who knew that the perfect place to find a vein was right up the nose of this person's tattoo?

It's hard to tell how someone would even discover this, but it's one impressive coincidence.

Reddit | admiralwan

There's probably as much difference between leaf patterns as there is between the creases in our hands, but these two managed to align perfectly.

It's not on the level of the almost fatal mistakes we've seen earlier, but it's still hard to tell how this person got so lucky.

Reddit | jingerbr3ad

While they were riding this one-wheeled skateboard, a bird happened to poop on it while missing the rider entirely.


This cicada may not be such a rare sight if you know when to look, but its markings are a different story.

Reddit | whats-the-problem

I'm no biologist, but I don't recall hearing that cicadas usually have lion faces hanging around on their backs.

It may not seem like it, but everything about this photo is a pure coincidence.

Reddit | SirERexYun

Apparently, this person had already painted their walls in this style when they noticed a rogue piece of wallpaper left over from the 1970s that looked almost exactly the same.