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Woman's Viral Winter Hack Is Perfect For Anyone Who Hates Scraping Their Windshield

No matter how you slice it, winter can be such a pain when it comes to driving. From icy roads to obscured vision — or even the potential for sliding off the road — these are just a few of the winter driving woes. Then, there's dealing with your car after a snowstorm or freezing rain. Ain't nobody got time for that.

One woman had enough so she stumbled upon a genius hack that's simple yet effective and you really need to try it.

Angela Hickling was trying to get to work one day when she had to deal with her frozen windshield.

And, we all know that's no fun. Am I right?

Even if you have your heaters on full blast, chipping away at ice on your windshield can be time consuming.

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Not to mention, cold and painful for your poor hands!

So she scrambled around her boyfriend's house to find something — anything — to help her out of this winter jam.

Thinking fast on her feet, she stumbled upon the perfect solution.

Angela found an empty bottle of Dr. Beckmann's carpet stain remover that came with a nifty cleaning brush attachment.

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She had an awesome eureka moment.

She decided to fill the bottle with some warm water and get to work on her frozen windshield.

Facebook | Angela Hickling

To her surprise, this idea worked just like a charm.

She was able to clear the ice right away and it came off quite easily.

Facebook | Angela Hickling

She almost didn't believe it, but it was true. This winter hack is quite brilliant.

It only took about a minute for Angela to completely clear her windshield with this hack.

I'll try anything that saves me time from standing outside in the cold. The faster I can get in my warm car, the better.

So, of course, as anyone would do, she posted the pictures and her video proof to Facebook and she got another surprise when the post went totally viral.

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Her post has racked up thousands of shares and reactions.

Angela seems to know that she stumbled upon something special here.

Facebook | Angela Hickling

"I'm a genius, get ya self one of these bottles, fill it with warm water and ya sorted, no cold hands scraping anymore and it cleans ya window screen too, the brush bit is ideal," she said in her post accompanying the photos and video of this hack.

People started freaking out about her seemingly simple yet genius solution.

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The comments and shares just started pouring in. She even got to talk to Manchester Evening News about her post going viral.

She was also interviewed by BBC radio for her genius hack.

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What can I say? A genius hack is a genius hack. Everyone loves them (especially if they will clean your car faster in the winter).

Since her post has now hit 20,000 shares, Angela decided to celebrate her little 15 minutes of fame by getting a bottle of champagne.

Facebook | Angela Hickling

I say, "Go drink that, girl." Hee hee. You deserve it!

If you aren't able to get your hands on one of these special scrubbing bottles, there are other ways to clean your windshield quickly in the winter.

Unsplash | Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Another popular hack is to spray your windshield with a solution that is one part water and two parts rubbing alcohol. The ice will dissolve instantly.

As well, Amazon and other retailers sell these windshield covers that prevent ice from forming in the first place.


In addition to Angela's hack, there are a bunch of ways to save your hands from the tedious task of scraping your windshield.

I find it amazing that sometimes the most simple solution turns out to be a genius hack.

Thanks to the internet, we can now all take advantage of it. Woo-hoo!