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Level-Up Your Holiday Decor With The Super Mario Power Star Tree Topper

If you've seen the variety of holiday decorations available as of late, you'll know that we truly are living in the future. No matter who you are, where you're from, what you like, or how many times you've gone "Eh, I'll get a real tree next year," there are decorations that are your cup of rum and eggnog.

You think that Christmas trees should be reserved for dusty-as-heck "conventional" decorations from a hundred years ago? Okay Boomer, you can keep those for your Christmas.

An artist on Etsy is selling a Super Mario-inspired take on the classic star tree topper.

Etsy | NerdlyNecessities

NerdlyNecessities 3D prints a variety of decorations from multiple fandoms, his most popular being the Super Mario Power Star Tree Topper.

The "lit up" effect is achieved by feeding fairy lights through the hole in the bottom of the star, as the product does not come with lights of its own.

Supporting small businesses and freelance artists is SUPER important.

Etsy | NerdlyNecessities

And just look at how adorable this guy is!

"Want your Christmas tree to really stand out this year (and also to help Mario save the princess)? Well now you can with this awesome star-powered tree topper!" the product description reads.

"This Christmas tree topper is the perfect addition to any nerd-friendly home, and it is sure to be an awesome conversation topic."

Etsy | NerdlyNecessities

The Power Star Tree Topper retails for around $45 American. Your holiday season should be personalized to look however you want it to, and little touches like tree toppers can really add to making your winter festivities a special experience.

h/t: Etsy