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11+ People Who Knew What They Wanted But Certainly Didn’t Get It

It's often hard to not get your expectations too high in life; whether it be about something small like making a gingerbread house, or something a little more important like your entire marriage. More often than not, we have an idea of how we think something is going to turn out and are quite wrong when the reality of a situation materializes — it's all part of the general human condition of disappointment!

However, some people experience this crushing sensation more severely than others; and, with that in mind, I present you with a collection of people who knew what they wanted but certainly didn't get it! Hopefully, this will make you feel a bit better about the disappointments you have experienced in your own life!

A Modern Tragedy

Reddit | alexcrelled

This is the exact moment that the true reality of his life's decisions have dawned on him with the force of a hurricane. You can almost hear Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" through the image.

"Got a pic with Santa... He said I was too big..."

Reddit | IbisVox

He technically did get a picture with Santa, but it doesn't look like either of them are particularly enjoying the compromise.

"Attempted to take a cute picture of me and my dog."

Reddit | ShamPow20

I don't know how the owner could possibly be disappointed with this! Well, as it turns out, they're not as they updated the post to inform people that this would be going on this years Christmas card!

"My date asked me what I wanted to do for our gingerbread house... She probably shouldn't come to me for suggestions."

Reddit | noahisthefuture

"Scream, scream, as loud as you can! All hail satan, I'm the gingerdevil man!" — All hail the gingerdevil man!

Schrodinger's Cat

Reddit | sekshibeesht

Well, looks like you now have two cats, what a terrible shame!

The Economy Option

Reddit | Will_I_Dream

This is a great way to both keep your car safe from frost while also drying your laundry!

"I finally got to see Big Ben"

Reddit | chadillac86

Yep, I can see how that would be a bummer! The construction on Big Ben is going to take 3 years! The work is going to take so long, in fact, that the manufacturers of HP sauce in the UK have updated their Big Ben logo so that it has scaffolding on it.

"This is why we can’t have nice things..."

Reddit | maggieberg

You can just hear the council worker who greenlit this screaming furiously, "They're candles I swear!"

"Former One Direction member Niall Horan votes 'no' on a fan’s poll whether she should date him"

Reddit | CaptainCortes

Oh Niall, you absolute savage. Most people have their celebrity crushes that they deep down know will never come to fruition (except for me and Lana Del Rey, that's really going to happen, I promise you), but to have your dreams crushed by that celebrity in person must be crushing!


Reddit | TheMexicanJuan

The government at it again, taking too big a portion of your hard earned cash! Well this time they've gone too far!

Hair Bleaching Mishap

Reddit | kttyfrncs

This girl actually put a plastic bag from Walmart over her bleaching hair to help the heat stay in, but the plastic bag printed the ink onto her hair! Now that is an outcome that no one could have seen coming!

"My roommate celebrates Christmas, I celebrate Hanukkah...we decided to build a compromise."

Reddit | mcsassy3

Well, that's one hell of a compromise. I'm sure their roommate's family will have been made up when they came round for the holidays.

Memorable Holiday Display

Reddit | saoirse_do_chach

I understand why someone might want to decorate a palm tree. It's hard for a place without cold or snow to feel festive sometimes. But this is not the answer.

"Replacing coworker’s phonetic alphabet with a new one"

Reddit | CoastieMark

My dad actually did this to a fella in work once, but he changed it so all of the words were fruits. The guy realized something was up when he read out K for Kumquat in a business conference call.

"Got caught on the way down..."

Reddit | lydie123

The odds of this happening are so slim that it makes my eyes water! The only way you're getting that out is by giving in to the machine's evil desires and buying the pepsi as well! This machine is an evil genius — or just a dick.

"Set up my Mom’s updated TV system yesterday."

Reddit | GreasedLlama

I need to do this for my grandparents. Would definitely cut down on the amount of calls I get to the landline (yes, the landline) asking me how to do anything other than find the news.

Mixed Signals

Reddit | zxnDrew

"If you see someone drowning, laugh out loud then call 9-1-1?"

And really, is anyone going to be able to respond to the call fast enough to save someone?

"My morning coffee had extra aroma today"

Reddit | sercankd

It's not actually on the mouth hole part, so if you're careful, and a little lax with your hygiene, you could probably still get away with drinking it! (Even joking about that make me feel a little queasy)

"Coworker had his neighbour install his new pet door."

Reddit | ZanThrax

Does the neighbor hate your coworker or did they maybe think the pet was a bird of some sort?

Just Google It

Reddit | humblemangoes

I really wish this image included the next response, because that is incredible.

Good Job Hazel, From Hazel

Reddit | conreezie294

A lot of review sites require your real name for this very reason. So that people like Hazel can't fake good reviews for themselves.

How's The View?

Reddit | SayLittleDoMuch

Besides being a disappointing view after a hike, that fog i also pretty terrifying when you consider the drop it's hiding.

Meme Fail

Reddit | Bmchris44

Admittedly, as cute as the meme is, maybe we should just not use ultrasounds for anything other than baby announcements?

No Engraving?

Reddit | SoccerDudeBob

My assumption is that this sort of thing happens because the manufacturing process is automated. You fill out the form, it's fed into a computer, and the computer tells the engraving machine to write exactly what's in the "message" box.

Still funny, though.

"She’s not allowed on the couch because she scratches it. Looks like we’ve made a compromise."

Reddit | deekdeekdeekdeek

Smart cat. Technically, the paws aren't touching the upholstery.

"My dogs gets in trouble for pissing on the porch instead of the grass."

Reddit | RHeath13

As long as the pee hits the grass, she's still following the rules.

Guaranteed To Break My Focus

Reddit | lucdaman4

My assumption is that the message is there for kids who keep turning around to look at the clock. But between the placement of said clock and the fact that the C and the S are upside down, I would be driven nuts for the whole class.

Asterisks Are The Devil

Reddit | Nic0487

This is a pretty evil thing to do. Besides tricking older people into the restaurant with a false deal, you then have to remind them of their long-dead parents.

Unexpected Twin

Reddit | Alexanderf1

What are the odds of the cute guy you gave your number to being a gentleman about not being interested in women, but having an identical twin who is?

True Compromise

Reddit | shadaddy

Since sports don't really require the sound on, this is a perfectly fine way to spend time together without forcing one to watch the other's preferred entertainment.

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

Reddit | De_fau_lt

Hey, look, if you've got it, you may as well rock it! I think you look pretty fly! (And yes, I cringed as hard as you did when you read the word "fly")

It's All About Compromise

Reddit | brownlawn

It's important to compromise in a marriage, and it's also important to know when to compromise on the idea of compromises.

"Forgetting about your pizza for 8 hours. Burnt so bad it looks like a double-chocolate brownie."

Reddit | daddysnakeboi

I know that it would taste absolutely horrific, but I really want to take a bite out of it like a cookie just to see what the consistency feels like.

"My wife wanted to microwave rice in a sock to use as a heating pad. Turns out, we had no rice, but we had popcorn kernels."

Reddit | DropItLikeItsHotdogs

Sure, it may not retain heat the same way, but now she has a delicious snack to enjoy! There is a win to be had here somewhere!

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