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12+ Creative People Who Are Looking Out For The Rest Of Us

As Batman reminded us, some people just want to watch the world burn. Thankfully, they seem to be in the minority, but all too many have access to oily rags and lighters.

The folks behind the pics below want the opposite of a burning world, and they've got some much better ideas than Molotov cocktails to share with us.

All you have to do to give a mustard jar an extra level of re-usability is add a handle.

Reddit | TheChapstickMan

So, this one can be a mug once the mustard is done. No need to put it in a blue box at the end of your driveway to recycle it.

It's not like glow-in-the-dark is a recent revelation.

Reddit | Sloth_Luvs_Chunk

Putting it on stairs so you can safely navigate them in an emergency, however — well, I'm surprised it has taken so long, and glad it's finally here.

So, hearses also come as sidecars.

Reddit | Rayl33n

If you want a send off in a unique, quirky fashion, you'll get it with this. It's unusual, but that's what's cool about it.

There's a vending machine for fresh salads now.

Reddit | J_chevy88

Okay, I know salad is usually a disappointment, but what can I say, I like it when strangers want to help me keep my cholesterol under control.

This bathroom cancels out nasty odors with strongly scented wood.

Reddit | Marivahlio

I don't know how well wood will hold up in a humid environment like a bathroom, but compared to the harsh chemical scents usually used there, I'd be willing to give this a day in court.

For accessibility, this iPhone has a screen cover with Braille dots on it.

Reddit | KrispAlien

It must be a pain and a half trying to use a smart phone by touch, so every little bit will help.

Here's an innovation from the past that I wouldn't mind coming back.

Reddit | Hustler_Kamikaze

Although you won't see radiators in new buildings, designing a warming spot inside is just a good use of space and energy.

Wouldn't mind if there was something in my house that made use of the warm air from my furnace like this.

Some buses have a button you can press to say thanks to the driver.

Reddit | Goat_Juice

Nothing wrong with making nice gestures even easier to do. I know I'd press it!

As promotions go, this seems fun and different.

Reddit | cingerix

I mean, you're guaranteed 10% off regardless, so you may as well try, right? Could be a lighthearted way for a business to build a customer base.

At this outdoors store, there's a small course with all kinds of different terrains to try out hiking boots on.

Reddit | bogzaelektrotehniku

Because there's no way a concrete floor can replicate the conditions you'll find out in nature, this little setup could greatly reduce the number of returns.

Believe it or not, the mud on this van has all been strategically applied.

Reddit | Darkaeluz

This photo comes from an undisclosed country that's known for massive carnival celebrations and on those carnival days, it's not unusual for people to throw balloons filled with ink at each other.

Unfortunately, this ink is very good at permanently staining the paint on passing vehicles. However, someone discovered that if they cover their vehicle in mud first, the ink can't get through the mud and washes off with it.


Obviously, bathroom mirrors fogging up after a shower is a minor inconvenience that this hotel takes seriously.

Reddit | superchet

As we can see here, the idea of installing heaters in the mirrors works like a charm to ensure you can still clearly see in it no matter how steamy it gets in here.

The locking mechanism had apparently broken off this canopy, but that problem didn't slow one creative thinker down for long.

Reddit | TopDesert_ace

It turns out that all it took to make this thing work again was inserting a pen into the right place.

I'm not sure how practical this is, but at least the positive intentions are there.

Reddit | Erikcom

This little bubble is built into the spoon and it's supposed to reduce the amount of sugar you can put in it at once for health purposes.

This restaurant in Texas seems to handle a lot of different people's problems at once.

Reddit | MarvinH88

Hopefully, servers who are stressing over their finances and those who complain about having to tip can both find a satisfying solution if this policy ends up catching on.

While some people can use duct tape in impressive ways to fix their cars, this person obviously didn't feel that it lasted long enough.

Reddit | Hialex12

And so, they chose to keep this bumper in place with a belt instead. There is a little more permanence to that idea.

There's actually a lot more cactus in this photo than you might expect.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

See all that leather? It's actually made from prickly pear cacti like the one you see here and it's supposed to be breathable, natural, cruelty-free (unlike traditional leather) and sustainable.

This woman has a practical reason to wear these and it isn't because her office is located in a war zone.

Reddit | kevinttan

It turns out that she lost her glasses and her son happens to have the same prescription as her.

So, she was able to make do with the night vision goggles that came with his special edition of Call Of Duty.

Someone has made this terrain out in nature a little easier to navigate.

Reddit | RiGuy2424

Maybe they didn't have the benefit of that little obstacle course when trying on their boots, so they needed some sturdy terrain.

Nice of them to cut stairs for everyone to use!

These boots have a secret feature on the sole.

Reddit | TheRealJasonium

There's a little metal cleat that you can flip down during the ice and snow season to get some serious grip.

As someone who lives in a cold climate, they're more than welcome in my life.

Parents rejoice, they've made snow pants that grow with your child.

Reddit | onyxandcake

You just know that when you buy the snow pants in fall, they're going to be snow capris by spring.

These are the little things that will keep cyclists on the roads all year round.

Twitter | @BiddyBike

It's just a simple cover on a bike stand that keeps the snow from settling on the seat. It's cold enough without sitting in snow!

I wonder how much road rage can be reduced just with a stoplight countdown?

Reddit | --Abby--

When you've been sitting there for a while and there's no sign that traffic going the other way is slowing down, you start to itch to get back to moving. So we tend to hit the gas a little harder than usual when the light finally turns green.

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