45 Comedic Geniuses Who Are Going Far In Life

A good sense of humor is a solid attribute to have. If you can make a person laugh, you might have just found a friend. And if you can make people on the internet laugh, you might just win some imaginary internet points.


Reddit | jester_kirt

Sometimes, the perfect photo opportunity comes up, but by the time you've fumbled your phone out of your pocket, the moment is lost. Fortunately, the photographer of this pic remained cool under pressure.

We've got pallets...and that's all!

Reddit | MarketingCoding

I think it's a great marketing move to apply the suffix "-land" to whatever your business is. Whether you're operating Palletland or Garbageland, the kids will come for the promise of roller coasters, and the parents might just stick around and buy something.

Hay, that car should've baled.

Reddit | 37_inarow

No, unfortunately we don't yet have the technology to affix hay bales to monster trucks. But one farmer did the next best thing and set up this awesome roadside diorama.

And you know what that means.

Reddit | i_unfriend_u

Whether you're a helicopter rental operator or the CEO of Prestige Worldwide, you know that the Catalina Wine Mixer is a big deal. So come prepared, because you're gonna want to impress.

The sign's not wrong.

Reddit | mnyuubi

Y'know, if Walmart made their signs just slightly more wordy and clarified that it's the frozen Filipino food section, mixups like this wouldn't occur. Then again, the world would be a slightly less funny place.

You do you.

Reddit | angrytortilla

Kids are encouraged to dream big. Of course, they're later encouraged to conform and not make much of a ruckus. Little Daniel L has a different kind of goal, but I hope he's able to fulfill it.

Road salt bae.

Reddit | midwest-distrest

I wouldn't expect the driver of a salt truck to be on the cutting edge of meme culture, but here we are. Even if you were stuck behind this truck, you probably wouldn't mind.

It's not stupid if it works.


This is a good idea, but the best part is the specific image he used. There's no way any thieves are going to want to brave someone with that expression on their face.

I've got 99 problems, and kids are six 'em.

Reddit | dollyte87

Yes, this is a patient's medical history. Yes, the births of her six kids are all listed as "Past problems." They're not just any problems, either —they're significant in nature.

When doctors protest.

Reddit | Call911l

This protesting doctor has found a hilarious way to poke fun at his profession's legendarily terrible handwriting. The only problem is that we'll never know what he's protesting for or against.

CVS has the best promotions.

Reddit | delege

When you get a gigantic receipt, it seems like a gigantic waste of paper. And it is! But if you can adjust your thinking and see it as a free tie, your life will be richer for it.

The questions that keep us up at night.

Reddit | Goktugun

I'm not going to pretend that this glow worm (?) looks exactly like Christine here, but, well, there's a certain resemblance. Props to Christine for finding the humor in the situation.

I guess he likes barbecue sauce.

Reddit | [deleted]

That's a funny way to request extra barbecue sauce, but I have questions. Like, this guy wants to self indulgently drown in a sea of barbecue sauce while he eats fudge-dipped cheesecake, but he's limiting himself to a puny small order of fries?

This kid's going places.

Reddit | riley24__

This kid is absolutely, positively, without a doubt in the right. Their teacher, on the other hand, has been caught in...well, not a lie exactly, but definitely some shoddy test writing.

That's a loaded question.

Reddit | wrenpod

This is really something that partners should maybe answer together. Otherwise, I'm not sure if there's much benefit in Ikea knowing about everybody's habits in the bedroom. Kinda creepy tbh.

The hero we need.

Reddit | LordMugsy

Not only does this guy look like he came out of the Matrix, he's also silently doing the work that everyone needs to be done. I don't know if he's AI or if we're all living in his simulation, but I salute him.

Must be a Chevy man.

Reddit | mistafugit

This is funny, if only because Fords aren't necessarily cheap. You can spend, like, a hundred grand on one of their trucks if you wanted to. Clearly this guy wishes he could aFORD a little more.

When doctors throw shade.

Reddit | ottawa123456789

Look, you can dress this up in all the medical speak you want, but I think we all know what this doctor is saying when they refer to a patient's reproductive organs as unremarkable.

The most interesting yard sale on the block.

Reddit | yaboirick

If there's such thing as a thrift sale marketing consultant, this is probably the kind of advertising they'd promote. It draws eyes to the yard sale, and also vaguely promises that a beer commercial celebrity might be there.

They got Disney+ early.

Reddit | chelychan

The internet won't shut up about Disney+, but the fact of the matter is that many of us already own half of this stuff on DVD. If you fall into this group, you can add a little tape to your collection for the full Disney+ experience.

Shut up and take my money.

Reddit | Mograph_Artist

On one hand, there's no way that pumpkin spice brake fluid is a real thing. On the other hand, following signs that promise pumpkin spice has never led me astray before.

Three kids in a trench coat.

Reddit | Beatreporting

Either this person's neighbor is unusually skinny and likes to dress like Inspector Gadget when doing yardwork, or this is actually three kids in disguise...or maybe it's just Vincent Adultman from the Business Factory.

When gift concealment goes too far.

Reddit | geoffreythehamster

This isn't a toilet, it's something else. I like to think that the recipient saw this under the tree and slowly got stoked about getting a new toilet, only to be disappointed when they unwrapped it.

It's mom-proof.

Reddit | GreasedLlama

Everyone knows someone who doesn't do well with technology. This is a challenge, especially as tech gets more and more involved and complicated. In the end, some concealing masking tape might be the best answer.

Life was harder back then.

Reddit | MrDiou

This was posted by someone who's been working on colorizing old photos. Clearly, some photos have areas that just can't be accurately retouched. Either way, I think this is the best outcome.

He's done for.

Reddit | brycewit

With the busiest shopping season of the year just around the corner, people like this are absolutely doomed. Between long lineups and Black Friday sales, some spouses are just never going to be seen again.

Someone found a clever way to troll whoever's driving the fancy car next to them.

Reddit | Will_I_Dream

Bonus points for making their "tarp" seem appropriate for the equipment they're working with.

Sure, there are versions that cover the whole car, but those are the deluxe models.

Riding the train in a full moss suit is already an...intriguing idea, but this person seems to be making the most of it.

Reddit | Wiildman8

Having someone talk to you while they're wearing one of these must feel incredibly surreal and they definitely seem to know that.

If you ever wanted to make people feel half amused and half uncomfortable, you simply need to stand on this person's mossy shoulders.

I can't say that it looks like this guy meant to do this, but at least he's a big hit with his audience.

Reddit | Maelarion

Although considering that this stunt seemed to leave him a little worse for wear, I think some applause is in order.

That's provided he's in any condition to acknowledge it, though.

It was clearly a joyous discovery when someone realized their dog looks like an incredulous old woman with glasses on.

Reddit | ACMB

Although considering what kind of horsing around must have led up to that discovery, I'm guessing the dog's reaction is appropriate for a reason.

It still feels like it wants me to wear a sweater before I go outside, though.

I'm trying pretty hard, but I can't think of a normal reason why someone would wear these.

Reddit | Trashbird-chan

"Well, I found out that I needed milk, but I didn't feel like putting shoes on. So I thought, you know, hollowed out baby dolls. It just makes sense."

It's clear that this woman is a lot more keen on a spontaneous romantic adventure than her beloved.

Reddit | johnnieA12

That person may not want to take her hand, but at least they're patient enough to not get weirded out by the alternative.

Also, it's a lot more understandable that holding hands wouldn't really be on their mind after this photo. It's probably a hot, sweaty day, after all.

This hacker may have wasted a whole of ink, but at least he was informative and helpful about his little prank.

Reddit | ashayyyyy

Also, this lovely picture of him standing in this smart outfit really goes against the stereotype of hackers as loners hunched over a laptop in a dark room with a hoodie on.

I wouldn't have said no to a Guy Fawkes mask, though.

Well well well, it looks like somebody had to be a fancy boy about this.

Reddit | Lukepit

Although considering that the guy next to him still seemed OK with being so close, I guess he has more control than I'm giving him credit for.

if there isn't a Guinness World Record for upside down peeing (and I'd be more surprised if there wasn't), I think this guy just set one.

The designer that dreamed this two-way mirror showed some real prankster ambition, but they aren't the real comedic genius here.

Reddit | Yomamasonice

Instead that honor goes to the woman standing in front of it with the shirt that says, "Nothing makes sense." She knew what she going to do today.

I kind of wish I could see this woman's expression as she leads this pineapple along.

Reddit | Siphonay

I just want to confirm my suspicion that she's giving off every impression that this is a normal thing that isn't even worth mentioning.

It goes a long way to convince people that they took a wrong turn into Crazy World.

The idea is worth a smile on its own, but the guy's facial expression is what really makes this.

Reddit | Rizmin

I can only imagine the awkward pause a fashion photographer would take before trying to give him some direction.

With how weird those shoots can get, though, I'm not sure the footstools would be so out of place.

Posing like this in front of the pregnancy signs definitely creates some strange mental images.

Reddit | ronaldbronsonmichael

Part of me figures that somebody has probably written a fanfic starring Putin going through this very experience, but I'm honestly not in the mood to confirm that suspicion.

I've gotta love how quickly this went from wild to mild.

Reddit | NecroParagon

I guess you need something to keep your strength up while you're spending all that energy being wild and destructive.

For some reason, this person decided to paste pages from the Dragonball Z manga onto their car.

Reddit | MrMeticulous123

I'm guessing it's to make some sort of statement, but I really want to believe that they think it'll give their car the power of the Saiyans.

I guess it would suddenly turn yellow?

I may not know much about cars, but even I can tell you that this isn't gonna work out.

Reddit | Otter_Swill

I'm guessing that this is just what somebody always wanted to do. After all, it can be oddly satisfying when things actually fit together like this.

Why am I trying to make sense of this picture?

That's better.

Reddit | MisterSpeck

"My daughter asked me if I could Photoshop and old pic of her to make it look better," wrote the original poster. To their credit, they did retouch everything slightly, but the true highlight is on this girl's collar.

At least she's protected.

Reddit | ThunderingSacks

"Got an EEG and felt like an Asian pear," wrote the poster of this image on Reddit. It's kinda weird, really — like, are you more prone to bumping heads with other people/Asian pears in an EEG machine?

Ahh, I get it.

Reddit | left-shoulder-closed

This guy posts on Reddit under the appropriate username u/left-shoulder-closed. It's nice to see that he has a good sense of humor. It's also nice to see that he appreciates classic absurd comedy.

The finetht car in Loth Angeleth.

Reddit | r00t1

The person who posted this captioned the image, "Saw Mike Tyson's Tesla at work today." It's the perfect gag about the man with the most noteworthy lisp in human history.

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