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14+ Questionable Pics We're Not Sure There Are Answers For

I'm a person that likes to have all the answers. I'm a classic overachiever and it took a long time for my perfectionist tendencies to learn that there isn't always an answer — and that's okay.

Things can be interesting without having the full explanation, and that's what these pictures are.

Either this is a very strange funeral home or someone bought a used hearse for the lols.

Reddit | doubledeecon

The doll is creepy. but what really weirds me out is the bumper stickers. One is for D.A.R.E. and the other says "Honk if you love Satan."

If this was my doctor's office, I would turn right back around and leave.

Reddit | Smoke_Hex

I get wanting to make exams less stressful, but the answer isn't a view — for the patient or those wandering by outside.

If you have to ask "Why does my car smell like a funky bakery?" then you've made mistakes.

Reddit | plebposter

You see, the answer was: "Spilled orange juice curdling under the seat."

The real question is: "Why wasn't that cleaned up immediately?!"

I want to meet the owners of this storefront.

Reddit | boisgagnon

It's not even clear what they sell, but the words "pro life" paired with the symbol of back-alley abortions can't possibly be the message they intended.

I wonder how zombies are handling inflation?

Reddit | ventanaman

A quarter seems like a pretty good price for brains, though it's unclear whether they're fresh or frozen.

Props if they got the TV home safe.

Reddit | lastintherow

But if you're spending a ton on a television and don't own a car, maybe it's worth paying a little extra for home delivery.

Why are these a thing?


Like, I see enough of these... vehicles posted online that there's clearly something to it, but all I see is a mess.

Perhaps this person is just beginning their journey toward a rolling junk yard.

Reddit | mak-nil

I appreciate a person who looks at their lighter rainbow and thinks "condoms would really tie this look together".

I appreciate them, but never want to know them personally.

This is the car of a very unlucky person.

Reddit | gilsilvai

Or a very lucky person, if you consider that only ten minutes before his car spontaneously combusted, he was sitting behind the wheel.

How much air did this vehicle get?

Reddit | simas1014

The fence is mostly untouched and yet the car seems to have had to come from that direction before hitting the poor tree.

Even though snails are harmless, this still grosses me out.

Reddit | Amrooshy

If you have to transport live snails, there must be a better way to go about it.

Not sure if this rat is lucky or unlucky.

Reddit | svrij22

I suppose it depends on whether the person that took this photo then saved the poor rat from falling into the deep fryer.

Is this laziness or ignorance?

Reddit | Badfriend112233

How does a hair brush get that matted and gross before someone thinks to clean it out? Does it even remove tangles at this point?

[Insert *Final Destination 2* joke here.]

Reddit | herecomesthedrums

The obvious question involves the sanity of the person that loaded the truck, but I have questions for the photographer too.

Why are you taking a photo while driving and why is your seatbelt warning light on?

Sometimes I wonder how the human race has survived so long.

Reddit | releasethehounds26

The nurse in the bottom illustration has the same look on her face that I get looking at this advertisement.

I feel like I can smell this photo, don't you?

Reddit | Revan447

I guess it's a small mercy that it's insulation stuffed into that toilet and not something else.

The real question is: why was this photo found on Craigslist?

How many pickles need to be left in the book drop before this sign was warranted?

Reddit | AmazingBecauseOfYou

Considering the tone, my guess is more than one. I wonder if the books that happened to be dropped off the same nights will smell like pickles for the rest of eternity.

Taxidermy can be art, but it can also be really freaking weird.

Reddit | pine_apple_pizza

Taxidermy is about recreating the liveliness of the animal in life. A frog circus is a strange way to show that.

And here I am like a FOOL wearing my street clothes on the subway.

Reddit | ddsdhillon

Anyone else getting a "Club Penguin meetup" kind of vibe from this bizarre scene? Yeah, same here.

"Kids don’t play outside like they used to anymore."

Reddit | raffaroffa

All this picture's missing is Wednesday Addams telling the guy lying down that this won't hurt a bit.

Twenty bucks says this guy still doesn't use his turn signal.

Reddit | Robotfood2030

This truck lights up like a darn Christmas tree. At least they can be sure they'll always be the center of attention on every street they drive down?

When one phone just isn't enough.

Reddit | zapbob

Someone on Reddit theorized this guy is visiting websites for money, which is definitely a possibility. If that's the case, that makes his set up all the more impressive.

Reproduction is as easy as cleaning out your closet, apparently.

Reddit | comoseenya

It's not super clear how we're getting from point A to point B here, and while I'm sure the "Kiducation" organization has only the best intentions, this is donation box is just a mess.

Colonel Sanders is always watching.

Reddit | OhGodItsRyan

I hope you're not the kind of person who gets nervous when someone watches you pee, or you may want to go use the stall instead.

It's called FASHION. Look it up.

Reddit | seriousblack

Personally, I think that skirt is showing a bit too much leg.

Bada tsssss.

Parking for squids only.

Reddit | SplatoonPornAccount

Hey, at least he kept those tentacles inside the lines. No one likes someone who parks like an a**hole.

Subway rules.

Reddit | LucasGlanville

This sign is posted in an effort to maintain British culture apparently but all I can focus on is the two seconds of eye contact. Am I the only one who thinks that's way too long?

"Some guy was selling an old fridge full of Jurassic Park SNES cartridges for $1500 on eBay."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Honestly, it's the inclusion of the half-empty Bacardi bottle that makes this fridge worth $1,500 for me. What a steal.

This is a random mountain of china that someone stumbled upon in an empty field.

Reddit | AwesomeClips

How did it get there? Why is it there? Why are there so many dishes? What's the point of anything?

So many questions.

Every claw machine needs...cigarettes?

Reddit | Carli_The_XXI

I suppose this particular machine is for children (who like plain toy balls apparently) and anyone who's jonesing for a smoke.

What's creepier than an abandoned animatronic?

Reddit | mefee123

How about one that's missing its face? Yeah, you're welcome for this free nightmare fuel. Have a good sleep.

These spare teeth were discovered at a thrift store, which raises SEVERAL questions.

Reddit | PunchyPractitioner

First of all, who had enough spare teeth that they felt they needed to be donated to de-clutter their collection?

Second, why the heck did the thrift store accept these random teeth? Who was the target customer here?

I'm not even sure how to count those fingers.

Reddit | Erdinc57

Are they one big finger or three conjoined ones? Those feet have a whole lot of piggies on them too.

This photo was shared with the caption: "Thai theme park two-way mirror."

Reddit | Yomamasonice

Which seems innocent enough until you realize that the mirror is in a men's bathroom. Presumably, the kids on the other side can't actually see the guys peeing, but it's definitely unnerving.