34 People Who Got Us Through The Year

Can you hear that rumbling in the distance? No, it isn't your stomach as you frantically sit at your desk at work waiting for an acceptable time to take your lunch, it is actually the angered volcano which cries out for memes and various funny images to quell its fiery wrath.

Well, never fear, for I have gathered 17+ funny pics to throw into a volcano as part of an ancient arcane ritual for just such an emergency. I wouldn't hang around too long though, that volcano is sounding pretty peeved!

Although, you might have just enough time to have a look through them before sacrificing them to the fiery abyss.

"As a teacher, I find this hilarious."

Reddit | mathamagician13

As someone who writes things down for a living (which is weird when you say it like that), I find the grammar of that sign troubling. Although, either way, take that your kids!

"I can't imagine the things this hotel air conditioner has seen."

Reddit | Ownyourfreedom

"Please, close the hatch, I've seen enough for one lifetime! And for the love of God, don't turn on the black light!"

This bearded dragon trying to get on his hammock

Reddit | massimo_bragi

Well, at least he looks happy about his drunken attempts to get back on that hammock! This would make a much better poster than that one of the cat on the washing line saying, "Hang in there!"

"Chloe's mom recreated her daughter's meme for Halloween."

Reddit | Bueoareo

This is such a wholesome image it almost hurts to look at it! I wonder how young Chloe feels about having been immortalized as a meme at such a young age?

Remember to wrap up warm!

Reddit | zebdor44

Make sure you keep the receipt for that scarf in case you need to return it!

Now, in actual reality definition!

Reddit | danielso4r3s0

That kid looks far too excited to be experiencing actual reality. Has this kid been kept in a dark room up until this point?

"Just after birth , a mother laughs at husband who just fainted,1986"


Good to see that the baby clearly found it as funny as the mother did! I can imagine that this woman's husband sees this photo far too much for his liking!

Drove behind this garbage truck today and noticed someone using it as an Uber."

Reddit | stoney_carter

This little fella has truly mastered urban camouflage. Does he know where it's going, or is he just taking a magical journey to start afresh somewhere else? I like the idea of a raccoon taking a trip to start over, animals can have breakdowns sometimes too!

"Kids do the darnedest things"

Reddit | cheese8904

In keeping with the ritualistic sacrifice vein, these kids have clearly started practicing early!

"Her tattoo says 'fresh spring rolls' in Thai."

Reddit | iiDream

Maybe she's just a really big fan of fresh spring rolls and this way it just makes it easier to order them in Thai restaurants?

That's an interesting tactic

Reddit | emmanuelkkyei

They're really trying to think more outside the box these days with their approach to fighting crime.

Finally, It Exists!

Reddit | hcforever

I need to petition this company to open up a store at the end of our road, as neither of us will ever actually choose a restaurant, to the point where we just end up ordering takeaway every time!

Gonna Get Airport Drunk

Reddit | P0L4RD0G3

This is actually what you're drinking whenever you buy a bottle of alcohol from duty-free.

"Just a cat, chilling on glass"

Reddit | RYTIME13579

I can't put my finger on what it is that I love about this picture. I think it may be the haunted expression on the cat's face, as though it is completely baffled by what is happening, but is too scared to move in case it falls.

Current Vibes

Reddit | unknown_name

No one should ever be allowed to photobomb anyone ever again, 'cause this kid just won photobombing.

Pro Move

Reddit | dfstock

Now that is a person who has dealt with unsolicited nudes and requests more than once and has perfected their response.

Don't Go Easy

Reddit | MuteSasafras

There is a fine balance between letting a kid win and teaching them how to be a good loser.

But all bets are off in Mario Kart.

Big Brother Is Watching

Reddit | pearinactive

People often share this pic to relish in the irony, but I doubt it's by accident. Even if the planners didn't realize, the person installing the camera probably did and thought it was funny too.

Every Sign Has A Story

Reddit | JonDon117

In its defence, this may have been put up in a bathroom where lots of immigrants and tourists visit. In some countries, squat toilets are the norm, and in others, the plumbing isn't good enough to allow for flushing toilet paper.


Reddit | XxPhyre

This is a case where simply adding a possessive would make a big difference. "Dick's Repair Shop" can make broken appliances work like new again. "Dick Repair Shop" repairs men's genitals after they come in contact with said appliances.

No Mistakes Allowed

Reddit | pokemon-master

If I was the student with the camera, I'd fear the look in her eyes.

He's So Proud!

Reddit | the_Diva

"My cab driver tonight was so excited to share with me that he’d made the cover of the calendar. I told him I’d help let the world see."

This is so awesome!

Take That, HOA

Reddit | kalinkabeek

Home Owners Associations are the worst thing ever. Nothing like spending a small fortune on your own home and property, just to have the HOA complain that your garbage bins are "too visible".

Adorable Face Swap

Reddit | kradnozd

Most Face Swaps turn out terrifying, but this one manages to be funny and cute!

1940's Burn

Reddit | dragonxp1

This is a page from a joke book printed in 1940.

The joke isn't really funny, but it sure is sharp.

Tiny Triumph

Reddit | youyouxue

How many times does a person need to take the same flight and make the same mistake before the crew notices?

Teacher Of The Year

Reddit | Ginger_King

"Today was "Meme Day" at my old high school for homecoming week. I appreciate this science teacher even more now."

Leggo My Eggo

Reddit | Cooter_McDoogletron

"My buddy dressed up as Eleven in honor of Stranger Things season 2."

And then he won Halloween.

Unforgettable Deliveries

Reddit | deadleaf_shrimp

"I get an email every time I get a package delivered to my apartment’s mailroom. It’s supposed to be a photo of the label, but there’s this one guy..."

"Man 'bun'"

Reddit | nivek564

The Volcano Gods will be very pleased with this offering! Anything that can be done to purge the existence of the man bun, be it fake or real, is a win.

When You Can See The Post-Holiday-Season Diet On The Horizon

Reddit | Nykholas

Yep, that time is nearly upon us, when we gorge ourselves on ridiculously oversized festive meals and candy until the forced joviality of Christmas is mercifully over.

*Curious Sniffing*

Reddit | mrblahblahblah

This must be the sort of thing that dogs have nightmares about. Well, these and vacuum cleaners.

"Frying donuts gone wrong"

Reddit | zschultz

Edvard Munch eat your heart out! These look like they should be used in a creepy, Tim Burton-esque stop motion animation about being thrown into a volcano — see it ties into the theme!

"If this works I’m heading to mass today"

Reddit | D0NW0N

I've tried some ridiculous things to try and avoid having to take my car into the garage, but this one is really taking things to the next level!