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10+ Movie Moments That Scarred Fans

These are the movie moments that made you stop for a sec and think "wow, that was dark."

Maybe it was a jarring shift in tone, maybe it was a moment that didn't belong in an otherwise fluffy movie.

TW: This article contains depictions or discussions of very sensitive themes and may be triggering to some readers.

In "Love Actually," when Karen realizes her husband gave the gold necklace to another woman.


It was at this moment when she had to excuse herself and cry alone in a room for a couple of minutes, before returning to her children.

Jeez, that's harsh as heck.

In "What Women Want" when that girl almost committed suicide.


What Women Want is a movie filled with some sexism, some romance and some... suicide, apparently.

Nick bumps into Erin and hears her suicidal thoughts, then goes to her apartment later and finds a suicide note.

The beginning of "Up"


This was probably one of Pixar's darkest moments, and also one of the moments that make us cry the most.

They set up this whole beautiful love story...and then take it all away.

Hawkeye and Black Widow trying to kill themselves in "Avengers: Endgame."


This movie was filled with people we have grown to love in the last ten years dying spectacular and devastating deaths.

This one was really bad, though...when Hawkeye let her drop...Jeez.

In "Hereditary," when Charlie got her head cut off


We know it's a horror movie and we should have expected some dark moments, but this one came out of nowhere!

She has an allergic reaction and sticks her head out the window...then WHAP!

Leslie's death in "Bridge To Terebithia."


This is the moment where a whole generation of kids went "Woah."

There they were watching a fun fantasy affair when all of a sudden one of the main children dies!

All the deaths in "Avengers: Infinity War."


We knew they were going to be there, sure. We knew they needed to kill off some people in order for the Avengers to have something to fight for in Endgame.

But man... it was sad. Spider-Man's dusting especially.

In "Dead Poet's Society" when Neil shot himself.


We all thought this movie was going to be full of nice moments about people who love books.

Then Neil shoots himself in the middle of the night and his parents find the body.

The son dying in "A Quiet Place."


Any kid dying in any movie is usually pretty dark, but this one was accompanied by the fact that John Krasinski's character couldn't get to his son in time.


The end of "The Notebook."


Allie finally realizes who Noah is, then they both say goodnight one last time and die together in bed.

No wonder so many people say they cry during this movie...

Artax drowning in "The NeverEnding Story."


It's always sad seeing an animal die, especially if it's a horse or a dog. In this movie, they have one straight up drowning in a swamp.

We all thought Artax was going to survive...

When Will Smith had to put his dog down in 'I am Legend.'


Oh god... and the song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" is playing in the background, you hear the damn thing yelp as it's shot...

I can't think about this. Move on to the next one.

In "Perks of Being a Wallflower," when Charlie realizes he was sexually abused.


In a movie that was decently light and fluffy, except for the many occasions of bullying.

And when this moment came out of nowhere, it was like a gut punch.

Rosie's miscarriage in "What to Expect When You're Expecting."


I guess it was so that you could expect anything when you're expecting but... jeez, this moment almost came out of nowhere and was really, really sad to boot.

Mufasa's death from "Lion King."


Not just his death. Because didn't just die, did he? He was murdered by his own brother.

As children, we watched a lion get killed by his own brother and a bunch of rampaging wildebeest.

E.T. dying.

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Not only does E.T. start to die, but Elliot starts to get sick too!

Either this is a really touching moment, or E.T. is doing some weird things to Elliot.

Rufio's death in "Hook."

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He was one of the coolest Lost Boys.

Heck, he led the pack for years while Peter was off doing his Robin Williams thing. And yet, he couldn't hold on.

Dumbo's mom gets locked up.


Damn, Disney! Why are you always making us cry?

Not only do they have this cute little elephant's mother locked in a cage, but she sings possibly one of the saddest songs to boot.

The walrus eats the oysters in "Alice In Wonderland."


There are a lot of strange moments in this movie, but the one that was the most disturbing was when that Walrus ate all those oysters... Oysters that had baby faces!

Tod gets abandoned.


A lot of Fox and The Hound is heart-wrenching (Disney again!), but this moment probably takes the cake for us.

He looked so scared and confused when he was left behind. What a horrible moment to have to live through!

Jack dying in "Titanic."

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She said she would never let go, and yet in literally the next shot, Jack is sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

At least let someone try to save him in the lifeboat, Rose!

The cartoon shoe.


Remember this moment in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The adorable little shoe being slowly lowered to his death? His squeals as he is burned alive by the acid?

Wholesome family fun.

The chokey from "Matilda."


Man, this thing was scary. Every darn thing that wretched Mrs. Trunchbull did was pretty scary.

And people wonder why we had a disdain towards teachers as kids. It's because of movies and moments like these.

Bambi's mother dying.


This moment is infamous for scarring not just one generation of children, but every generation of children since the film came out in 1942.

Shadow being left behind in "Homeward Bound."


Does he live? Yes, but that's not the point.

We didn't know that, so instead, we had to watch this adorable Golden Retriever we've been watching all movie get left alone!

The boat ride from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

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This scene was like an early acid trip for us kids.

Some if us got to see what hard drugs would eventually be like: scary and occasionally traumatizing.

The nightmare clown from "The Brave Little Toaster."

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Apparently, the director wanted to cut this scene from the film. He also wanted to get rid of that one where the cars go into the crusher willingly.

And yet, they were kept in.

Large Marge.

Warner Bros.

Oh yes, the scene from Pee Wee's Big Adventure that sticks out in my mind.

The ghoulish atmosphere, that chilling story...

All culminating in one of the most disturbing jump scares in a movie.

The pink elephants.


Oh look, Dumbo makes the list twice. Once for making us wet our faces, the other for making us wet our pants.

Who remembered this scene as a kid? If you do, then I'm sorry.

The animal murders in "Cannibal Holocaust."

United Artists

Oh what, you thought this was all going to be all movie moments from your childhood?

Oh no, watching animals actually get murdered on camera is something we can't even show you here!

The dead body in "Jaws."

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When Hooper is underwater and that head pops out of nowhere.

Ugh, in a movie full of scary moments, this one made us literally jump out of our seats.

The flying monkeys from "The Wizard Of Oz."


Fly! Fly!

These were pretty darn spooky, that's for sure. The way they walked, their painted Joker-esque faces those thin, grey wings.

It was like something out of a horror movie.