23 Times The Internet Shared Simple Solutions To Annoying Problems

We all live such busy lives these days with lots on the go. There's always cleaning and cooking and grocery shopping to be done. And, if you have kids, your life is even more upside-down.

So, if we can find ways to expedite things and get stuff done much quicker, that's definitely key. Hopefully, these awesome lifehacks shared by generous folks will save the day for you.

1. This Bottle Opening Trick

Reddit | eyedimples

This one might just be for the ladies, because how many guys have an eyelash curler lying around? But it's still pretty good, huh?

2. This Treat Hiding Trick

Reddit | PostMaStoned

Is someone constantly stealing your treats at work? Protect yourself from this chocolate bandit when you camouflage them inside a frozen veggie bag like this.

3. This Plastic Lids Storing Hack

Reddit | WW-OCD

Add a wall file holder to the inside of your cabinets to hold all your plastic lids. No more lids falling out. So awesome.

4. This Colander Toaster Idea

Reddit | TheDemonHobo

If your toaster suddenly goes kaput and you need your morning toast, don't cry! Just use a colander to create this awesome contraption. Whoa!

5. This Pizza Heating Trick

Reddit | tnasty994

Speaking of toasters, if you do have a working one and want to warm up some pizza, this trick is genius. Seriously, ha ha! So good!

6. This Phone Holder Idea

Reddit | TheRocketSurgeon

If you absolutely need to look up directions on your phone but don't have a holder, just use your phone case to do this with the help of some bent wire.

7. This Airplane Holder Trick

Reddit | claque

And speaking of impromptu phone holders, this simple Ziplock bag trick works like a charm when you're on a plane and want your own entertainment.

8. This Cooking Hack

Reddit | Sinner72

Use this trick if you're cooking something on a high temperature and your oven sets off the smoke alarm. Just remember to take it off afterwards.

9. This Flip-Flop Fix

Reddit | Flame2216

If this happens to your flip flops, you definitely need a new pair. But you can temporarily fix it with a paperclip so you can walk to the shoe store, at least.

10. This Squeaky Door Hack

Reddit | Greighlin

Ideally, you should be using mineral oil if you want a lifetime fix, but this can work quickly if it's totally driving you crazy.

11. This Drink Helper

Reddit | Tigersnap027

If you want to cool your drink, but you don't want to water it down with ice, just use frozen fruits instead. Cold and pretty.

12. This Improvised Sprinkler

Reddit | u/yeadude

If you can't splurge on one of those pricey sprinkler systems, don't feel too bad. Just improvise and use this super cool trick instead. Wow.

13. These Makeshift Tweezers

Reddit | Apps4Life

Who knew you can make makeshift tweezers like this by using three coins? Definitely not me. I dunno how well it works, but it's worth a try.

14. This Battery Solution

Reddit | Draxdemskalounst

This is such a brilliant solution if you don't have the right size batteries. Just use foil to make them fit and complete the circuit.

15. This Extra Shower Curtain Rod

Reddit | GoodDayTheJay

Keep all your stuff where you need it and you can also hide everything away from your curious toddler. Win-win!

16. This Ceiling Hole Drilling Trick

Reddit | cableguysmith

Never make a mess again when you use this super clever and handy trick while drilling a hole in the ceiling. Yippee.

17. This Cell Phone Holder

Reddit | alexfreeski007

Did you know that your airpods case can also become the perfect cell phone holder? Wow, that looks so neat. Gotta try this.

19. Power Outage Trick

Reddit | jdotmassacre

If you want to heat up some water during a power outage, no worries. Just use a muffin tin and some tealights and you're rocking.

20. This Banana Ripening Hack

Reddit | TeslaTy

Use the bag that the bananas came in to hang them so they ripen evenly. This sounds like a pretty easy solution, right?

21. This Shopping Trick

Reddit | fuzzybat95

Those shopping cart straps can be used for something other than holding your toddler in. They can come in handy to hold your drinks while you shop, too.

22. This Outdoor Drink Trick

Reddit | dmerk121

Isn't it annoying when you're enjoying yourself on a patio sipping your drink and you find a fly floating in it? This will protect it.

23. This Stubborn Shoelace Solution

Reddit | Oh_No__Im_Just_Lame

Some of us aren't super dexterous, so getting those stubborn shoelaces to come undone can be a pain. Not when you got bobby pins, though!

Ha, ha! I'm loving all these life hacks.

Which one is your favorite? I'm totally digging the colander toaster idea or the flipped toaster pizza warming one. They're so cool.