13 Photo Blunders That Won't Be Making The Family Christmas Card

Kasia Mikolajczak
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I've always loved taking pictures even as a child. So, I have tons of family albums that I haven't looked at in years and I bet there must be some awesome gems in that lot. After all, back then there was no instant viewfinder so you couldn't see how the photo actually turned out.

It seems to be the case with these photos and they're totally hilarious to see.

1. When Nature Calls

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Oh, how sweet is this photo of two sisters? Wait a minute, what's going on behind them? Don't look! It must be bear mating season, lol.

2. When Your Kid Looks Like Uncle Fester

Ha, ha. I can't get over that face. This kid is going to be the source of amusement for years to come.

3. When You Match The Couch

Awkward Family Photos

OMG, how do I unsee this? I have to say I wasn't expecting that and it just caught me by surprise. Yikes.

4. When You're Channeling Gollum

I've seen my fair share of family photos, but I have to admit that this is the creepiest one I've seen. My precious!

5. When You Feel The Same Way

I don't blame this first-time dad, and the baby is also freaked out. I guess they have something in common, lol.

6. When You're Very Judgy

That look says it all, doesn't it? That kid is looking at you and totally sizing you up. I'm kinda scared of him.

7. When You're Over It

I think it's easy for anyone to have this look after two hours of seemingly endless wedding photos with your mother-in-law next to you. Ha, ha!

8. When You Learn Fast

I guess this little guy just learned how to flip the bird, lol. Be prepared for years of awkwardness to come with this one.

9. When You're Wrangling Cats

Well, you might as well be. Doesn't look like these sisters have things under control here. Somebody just lend them a hand, please.

10. When You Read Them A Bed Time Story

And it just happens to be from none other than Playboy. Oh boy! This dad surely has some good taste... not!

11. When This Happens

Nobody gets hurt until a baby barfs in your mouth. Ohhh, that's so gross. I can't believe it actually got captured on camera right after.

12. When You Love Your Cabbage Patch Doll This Much

I remember when these dolls were all the rage, but maybe this was taking the fad too far. Now, this really looks creepy to me. LOL.

13. When You Drop Your Child

Caitlyn Colford Photography

Whoops, I guess this little girl had a wipe-out at the perfect moment. Good thing it was caught on camera.

Ah, family photos.


Aren't they the best? I bet you must have some awesome ones in your family. I wanna see more. I'm totally addicted to looking at them now.

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