20 Photoshop Fails That Didn't Come Close To Fooling Anybody

Ashley Hunte
A picture of a normal man next to a picture of a man with a model's face photoshopped over it.
reddit | Nahareeli

Social media can be great most of the time, but there are a lot of dangers that come with it, too. When it comes to internet influencers, things might not always be as they seem.

Some people are pretty good with their editing skills. Others... well, they leave too many obvious clues that show that they don't really look like they do in their pictures. Here are some of those incredibly obvious fails.

"What's the point of photoshopping a Starbucks logo on your cup..? Had a good laugh bc of it."

A woman holding a coffee cup with the Starbucks logo edited onto it.
reddit | joanoa

I guess if you're an influencer, you have to drink Starbucks no matter what. Bought coffee from a small café? Pretend it's Starbucks, no one will notice!

"Pretending to a chess player without learning a single rule of the game. All for the 'gram!"

A woman playing chews with herself in an Instagram photo.
reddit | cooljeet

Everything about this picture is just bizarre. She's making such an intense face for... the second move. Also, none of those back pieces are set up properly. If you're going to pretend to play chess, at least make it look realistic.

"Teeth brighter than my future."

A man on a couch with McDonalds. His teeth are unnaturally white.
reddit | [deleted]

I will be completely honest here; if this guy had yellow teeth, this picture would look better than it does with his bright white photoshop job. Even the brightest, whitest teeth around... don't look that blindingly bright.

"'No filter' but Instagram says otherwise at the top."

A woman with a mask on. The top of the image provides the name of the filter on her eyes, while her caption reads, "No filter look told y'all my eyes starting to change."
reddit | lilteccasglock

If you're going to try and convince people that your eyes are changing color, maybe stop and think about it for a second. Because eyes don't just change from dark to light. Plus, the filter credit completely gave it away.

"He 'travels' the world and he has his own personal fence following him around the world."

Two images of a man sitting in front of an identical fence, one claiming it's in Tel Aviv, and the other claiming it's in Minsk.
reddit | Purple_Lamas

There are two options, here. Either this man was able to find the exact same fence in Tel Aviv and Minsk, or (more likely) he's just flubbing the location. Don't believe everything you see.

"A Strong One."

A man doing bicep curls with a barbell. The mirror behind him shows that most of the weights are edited onto the barbell.
reddit | mr_kord

I know I should be focusing on the fact that this guy edited a good, like 50 pounds of weight onto that barbell, but I can't help but wonder why he's wearing jeans and a polo to workout.

"Well that's something new."

A woman at a table with breakfast food edited onto it. A picture next to it shows the same clip art picture of one of the breakfast plates.
reddit | FaceInTheSpace

In fact, everything about this picture is pretty troubling. That woman's face is giving uncanny valley, like it's almost edited onto someone else's body. Also, why is all the food edited in there??? What was the point???

"Photo on left is from when she first joined Instagram. Photo on right is recent and after influencer fame. Might as well be a different person."

A picture showing a white woman next to a picture of the same woman, now looking racially ambiguous.
reddit | Willoughbeatz

A lot of influencers these days are doing this thing where they try to look racially ambiguous, which is both harmful to people who actually look like that, and to the people doing it. Whatever happened to being yourself?

"Lady on Facebook insists that there's no editing, and any comments saying otherwise are blocked."

A woman with obviously edited eyes that look bright and purple.
reddit | chiiisai

I don't understand why you'd want to pass something like this off as real. Her eyes are obviously edited, and they're kind of terrifying. I'm sure her normal eyes look just fine.

"The arms??"

A woman whose waist is edited to look smaller. The drawers behind her are obviously warped.
reddit | koegie

The scary thing is, people will look at a picture like this, completely ignore how obviously warped the drawer in the background is, and assume this is how her body actually looks. Not to mention the fact that her arms are totally different sizes...

"Found this random IG model and I'm genuinely terrified."

A woman whose face is warped and edited in a weird way.
reddit | Crazy_Slice

I can guarantee that without all the filters, this woman looks totally different. But some influencers present themselves in ways that are so incredibly unrealistic, and yet people eat it up as if it's real. No wonder so many people have body image issues thanks to social media.

The clouds are the exact same in every single picture.

Three separate pictures of a woman outside, with the same cloud formation in each.
reddit | Snugglepuff1

So apparently, this is the result of using an editing app to make the picture look more balanced. Not the worst thing in the world, but still kind of hilarious. Like, was this the only cloud formation available?

"This one stretches her neck out and changes her face but I don't know what she's doing with her hand there."

A woman with a small face and long neck due to editing.
reddit | nardpuncher

You know, this kind of heavy editing can't be healthy for the people who do it. In fact, they probably have just as many body image issues as the people who look at these things.


Two images of the same muscular man, one showing him looking less muscular than the other while working out.
reddit | Odradekflusen

If anything, this shows that being muscular doesn't mean you're always going to look muscular. A lot of the time, people who look like the picture on the left are flexing like crazy. Not necessarily photoshop, but it's still good to show that things might not always be what they seem.

"I’ve never smooth feet 🦶🏻 like this."

A pair of feet with sandals on. The skin on the feet are unnaturally smooth.
reddit | agirlandsomeweed

They went through all the trouble to smooth those feet, and for what? Everyone knows that's not how feet look. Like, I'm not entirely sure if this one would actually fool anyone or not.

"New picture vs picture from 2020."

Two pictures of a man; one where he looks normal, and one with a model's face obviously edited onto it.
reddit | Nahareeli

Ah yes, because aging backwards and having a completely different facial structure is totally attainable. I don't know who this guy is trying to fool, but I sincerely hope no one falls for this one.

"Welcome to The [Warped Fail] Matrix."

A woman standing next to Keanu Reeves. Behind her, you can see a person walking by whose leg is warped by editing on the woman.
reddit | Etourdissant

That person's leg in the background (directly behind the woman) is looking a little bit like pasta right now. Also, did she edit Keanu's legs, too? What is going on here, and why is any of it happening?

"Woman posted this photo to get cat advice, still photoshopped the knuckle lines off her fingers."

A woman's hands moving a cat's fur to expose its nipple. The fingers on the hand are edited to look smooth.
reddit | Quagga_Resurrection

I don't know what's funnier, the fact that she edited her fingers for some reason, or the fact that it seems like she's trying to get pet advice... over a cat's nipple.

"She's not fooling anyone with that steering wheel."

A woman sitting in a car with a Lamborghini logo photoshopped onto the steering wheel.
reddit | MIKE-WAZOWSKIS-****

I guess you can't really call yourself an influencer unless you have an expensive car. The funny thing is, no one would've cared if it was any old car, but she just had to badly photoshop a Lamborghini logo onto the wheel like that.

"Normally I just scroll past her posts but my god."

A heavily edited picture of a woman with an impossibly small waist and huge eyes.
reddit | killerbake

The worst part about pictures like this is that they perpetuate a lot of body image issues. People don't look like this, and it's dangerous to pretend that they do.