20 People Whose Luck Has Got To Change Soon

Ashley Hunte
An ATM displaying a Windows XP shutdown screen.
reddit | grubas123

I swear, some people have all the luck. All these good things happen to them, and they never have to worry about any trouble. For the rest of us... well, it isn't quite that easy.

Though, most of us probably have better luck than these people. In fact, the people in this list have such bad luck, something's got to change. And soon.

"This is the 2nd tv my little brother broke. No more PlayStation for a while I guess."

A TV with a completely broken/messed up display.
reddit | imherefortheH

I find it so strange how people can go through not one, but two broken TVs in a row. Like, how unlucky do you have to be?

"Darien, Connecticut | Less than an hour after taking delivery of a new boat, owner struck a reef."

A capsized boat in a large lake.
reddit | yeetgod__

Welp, I guess it's not just us average folk who run into bad luck. People wealthy enough to afford a boat don't always have it so easy, either!

"It's 4am and my dog just had violent diarrhea, so I put her bed in the washer to be cleaned. 30 minutes later...."

Foam filling from a pet bed, littering the inside of a washing machine.
reddit | Chef4disney

It's probably for the best that this pet bed got destroyed. Too bad it had to happen inside of the washing machine.

"Renovated a 40 year old home and found this under the kitchen island."

A puzzle piece stuck in years worth of kitchen dirt.
reddit | bigdaddyteacher

I feel insanely bad for the poor sucker who must've spent hours, days, weeks, looking for that piece. Only for it to show up years later, after they'd already given up on it.

"We just got home from the airport! As soon as we came in we noticed it smelled kinda bad but we made sure to clean the house before we left."

An open, mostly empty refrigerator.
reddit | GlitterSunshineLove

"Turns out the fridge didn’t close all the way and was slightly open for the past 5 days. Everything in it was warm and we had to throw out almost all our food."

Oh yeah, the best way to end a vacation... Not.

"Left my earphones in my pant pockets when I did my laundry."

A tangled pair of wired earbuds in an empty top loading washing machine.
reddit | 8lycurious

This is probably as good a time as any to remind you to empty your pockets before you do laundry. I wish I could say I always remember, but we know that isn't true.

"Went travelling once, bought a van, and had to scrape knock off Nutella of my bed on the first night."

A tub of hazelnut spread spilled all over a mattress.
reddit | Koeienvanger

This is a double whammy because not only is all that bootleg Nutella lost, but the bed is ruined, too.

"My parents' car after a thunder storm."

A car with a broken back windshield. Hail is visible on the ground around the car.
reddit | AYANA2K1

For the most part, cars can survive any storm. But of course, this car got hailed on. And by the looks of it, there was a lot of hail, and it was all pretty big.

"I got hundreds of burrs stuck in one of my favorite pants, along with in my shoes and socks."

A person's pants and shoes, which are covered in burrs.
reddit | keblx

I mean, you can take those off. It might take you a few hours. Or days. But it's possible. I guess it depends on how much you love those pants.

"Left my drink out for an hour in the woods, proceeded to drink it, and got confused as to why there were solid piece's in my drink. The answer was not very cash-money."

A Monster can in a person's hand, next to a puddle of the drink, which is full of ants.
reddit | heke1112

Yeah, finding ants in your drink is definitely not very cash money.

"Welp, I guess this is what happens when you mislabel weed killer with Round-Up."

Patches of dead grass in a small lawn.
reddit | Druzzer

Using the wrong stuff on your lawn really sucks. Those patches are going to take forever to grow back. I'm almost tempted to say pull it up and roll new grass there.

"This is the result of my phone falling out of my pocket."

A broken, cracked phone screen.
reddit | ChargedBonsai98

I would say, "this is why you use a screen protector." But there's actually a screen protector on there. I guess some falls just can't be cushioned.

"Wasps have decided to build a nest on my cycling bag hanging in the shed."

A wasp nest attached to an outdoor bag.
reddit | MajorDFekt

Let's face it, there's literally no good place for a wasp colony to build their nest. If wasps weren't so important to the ecosystem, I'd say get rid of them.

"Got a flat. Replaced the tire. 5mins later the spare went flat too."

Two different flat tires on the same car.
reddit | NotStreamerNinja

I mean, what are the odds that the replacement tire also goes flat? How is that even fair? It sounds like something the universe would do to be extra mean or something.

"Least it was clean? Could have been way worse."

A pair of sunglasses in a clean toilet bowl.
reddit | Jasen_Fo_Facen143

I'm not gonna lie, even though that toilet bowl is pretty clean, I'd still have a hard time putting those sunglasses on my face again. But hey, at least the toilet's been flushed.

"The ATM took my card then just shutdown."

An ATM displaying the Windows XP shutdown screen.
reddit | grubas123

Something about this screams "scam." I mean, it could just be an incredibly faulty ATM, or OP could've just gotten scammed. Hopefully the machine will turn back on at some point.

"Someone stole my bike but left my helmet behind..."

A bike helmet in an otherwise empty bike rack.
reddit | deliriz

I guess the bike thief was more worried about looking cool than playing it safe. But seriously, that just sucks. At least OP has their helmet for the next bike?

"The tragedy of a dropped candle."

Candle wax spilled and splattered all over a floor and on someone's leg.
reddit | adoptdontshopbro

My first thought was about how much it must've sucked for that one dude to get hot candle wax on their leg. My second thought was how difficult it's going to be to clean that mess off the floor.

"Just bought a new car last week. Found this after work today. Nice."

The indent of a license plate in the back bumper of a white car.
reddit | Uzumaki-Em

Don't you just love it when somebody hits your car in the parking lot, and leaves without at least attaching an apology note to your windshield? I swear, some people.

"My puppy chewed up my $3,800 hand carved coffee table I had shipped from Japan."

Visible scratch and bite marks along a wooden coffee table.
reddit | dylanciaga

I guess the moral of the story is: puppies don't care how much your table costs. It's gonna get chewed.

Hopefully that can be refinished, at least.

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