A parent and child looking through a telescope at night.
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20 Mood-Lifting Pics We Wish We Could Bottle Up

In a perfect world, nothing would go wrong and every day would be a good day. But, where's the fun in that? Even on the worst days, you can find some good out there.

The pictures in this list may not be able to cure an unlucky streak or anything, but they'll still make you smile. And that's always going to count for something.

"Elsa loves to play ball, but this new one leaves her confused."

A dog sitting with an abnormally large tennis ball.
reddit | OdoWanKenobi

Okay, but that doggy smile is really infectious! Sure, she might not know how to play with that ball, but I'm sure she loves it all the same.

"I took a picture in Venice."

A picture of a kid taking a picture of a couple kissing.
reddit | Comprehensive_Ad4358

I love how focused that kid is on getting the perfect shot. It's actually really heartwarming. And I'm sure the whole family got to take a group photo at some point, too.

"It’s my husband’s birthday and we have the best friends to celebrate with!"

Two dogs with party hats on their heads!
reddit | LaurenZNe

Sometimes, you don't have a lot of people to celebrate your birthday with. But that doesn't mean you can't still have a party with your favorite friends, even if they aren't technically people.

"The card my son bought and signed completely on his own for his (new-ish) step dad."

A father's day card from a kid to his step-dad.
reddit | HappyGiraffe

I guess the kid must've taken a liking to his new step-dad pretty quickly to want to take the initiative to do this for him. That's so incredibly sweet!

"My big sister and I accidentally recreated a picture from our childhood at a get together recently."

Two images of sisters hugging, one from several decades ago and one taken more recently.
reddit | Shangelatheblessed

"...and it made me realize that she's been giving me the same comforting big sister hugs since we were tiny little things. I love her so much. I'm going to call her today and tell her how much I love her."

Reminder to hug your sister today!

"An effective strategy at any age."

A story of a girlfriend who put sports on for her boyfriend so she could take a nap.
reddit | NounsAndWords

Okay, that's just hilarious! But it also seems like it would work. Sometimes you have to find something your partner likes so you can get a couple of hours of shuteye in without them bugging you.

"I took a picture of baby raccoons on a fence."

Two baby raccoons on a blue fence.
reddit | Gorfoni2

Raccoons may be vicious, annoying, disease-ridden, and dangerous if they get close to your pets... but they're also really cute. A baby raccoon is never not going to make me smile. From a distance.

"Got a call asking if I could help this little one last night. I spent the night warming and feeding her and today she’ll go to a wildlife rehab so she can one day be released back to a forest."

A baby deer wrapped up in a blanket.
reddit | Magwired

Excuse me while I go cry over how cute this baby deer is.

"I took a picture of a bonsai which started being trained in 1945."

A bonsai tree covered with dark pink flowers instead of leaves.
reddit | chrper09

This is absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes, stopping to admire something beautiful, like a bonsai tree or another part of nature, is just the pick-me-up you need in the day.

"Seems like a completely normal request."

A story of a person who finally got their request of a picture of Brendan Fraser from The Mummy sent to their hotel room as a request.
reddit | Mint_Perspective

This is probably the most random thing you could request from a hotel, but I'm glad this person finally got their wish! All I can say is, if I were a hotel employee, I'd be honoring those kinds of requests every single time.

"Wholesome weather guy."

A person talking about how their coworker always tells them the weather and asks about their day.
reddit | SatyamRajput004

As it turns out, we don't need weather apps. We just need somebody to tell us what the weather's going to be like, and make us feel nice at the same time!

But then, how would they know the weather...?

"Certainly cracked me up."

A comic drawn by a child where a man asks a woman out, but it turns out to be a dog.
reddit | Lycanfyre

I hate how much this actually made me laugh. I guess this kid has already mastered the kind of weird, sort of surrealist humor people are into these days. She has a future as a comedian ahead of her!

"Moose is very proud of himself for graduating from training, as are we."

A dog with a graduation cap on.
reddit | TerpinOne

It's graduation season, which means parents all over are going to be proud of what their kids have accomplished. And I guess that also means kids of the non-human variety.

"Bumble bee outside my front door."

A bee on a pink flower.
reddit | Erixia

No thoughts, just vibes. Since there are a lot of different bees on the endangered species list, it's nice to just see one doing its thing, pollinating plants and all that. You can't not love bees (from afar)!

"LPG gas technician came to fix a leaky pipe, said his 8 Year old daughter made the badge and he will wear it all day."

A man wearing a father's day badge made by his daughter.
reddit | ZombiePrestigious243

I think the best thing in the world is when parents cherish all the things their kids make for them. If I were this dad, I'd be so proud to wear that badge.

"I took a picture of a firework behind an old tree."

A firework in the sky that lines up with a tree that's in front of it.
reddit | mtojay

This is just so cool! It almost makes me wish that trees would light up at night like that (even though that would probably be a really bad idea). But at least we can appreciate this pic!

"I took a picture of a happy duck."

A happy duck that looks like it just came out of water.
reddit | Wesleysphoto

Yup, that sure is one happy duck. I know that when animals "smile," they aren't actually smiling the way we do. But I like to think that they're still in good moods.

Nothing like a little organization in your life.

Cleaning a palette out can be pretty time-consuming, but the end result is always worth it. I mean, getting something from a messy state to an organized one is nothing short of satisfying.

"My daughter showed me the rings of Saturn with her telescope this morning for Father's Day."

A father and daughter looking through a telescope at night.
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The best part about Father's Day is knowing that so many kids got to spend the day bonding with their dads, step-dads, and father figures. So wholesome!

"I went to the zoo today and saw a beautiful baby leopard with ice blue eyes."

A baby leopard in a zoo enclosure.
reddit | JustTom1

It's so funny to think about how some of the world's deadliest predators were all once cute, cuddly babies. I guess in a way, that includes us humans, too...