Groups of people sitting at fancily decorated outdoor tables on a yard filled with parked cars.
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20 People Who We Need To Invent A New Award For

It's kind of funny how people can be so inventive in the weirdest of ways. Like, maybe you make a joke about something and someone else just runs with it. Or you do something that no one would've seen coming in a million of years.

That's the kind of thing this list is about. The weird, random, hilarious things that people pull out of nowhere, just for fun.

"The (Christopher) walk-in cooler at my brother’s restaurant."

An industrial walk in freezer with a picture of Christopher Walken taped to the door..
reddit | Fboulos

Somebody saw an opportunity and took it, and you really have to appreciate that. But my question here is, do you have to call it the (Christopher) walk-in freezer every time you talk about it?

"This sign for a compressed gas distributor uses compressed gas canisters."

A sign that reads, "Thank you to our customers you are kick gas welders."
reddit | RiderExMachina

Sure, OP wanted us to focus on what the sign is made of. But how can you not pay attention to that pun? It's literally the best part about this pic!

"I have been told my dad jokes are excellent. I gotta say, I’m just outstanding in my field."

A man standing outside in a field as the sun sets.
reddit | TimTheTooth

It's one thing to make a dad joke, but to commit to one on this level takes some serious skill. He probably deserves a dad jokester of the year award or something.

"Shout out to all the preschool teachers who make these things, they’re great."

A Father's Day worksheet for a kindergartener that was filled out by their teacher.
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I desperately need to know what the teachers are thinking when they fill these out for their students. Like, how do they keep themselves from laughing in front of those kids?

"I'm not sure what's more disturbing; the concept or the fact that there were four previous volumes."

A Farting Animals colouring book.
reddit | LoveLivinInTheFuture

I shouldn't be surprised that there's a market for this kind of thing, and yet... I guess it's true that there's something out there for everyone.

"My son tried to trick the tooth fairy for more money by putting other 'teeth' under his pillow."

A comb with missing teeth along one side.
reddit | SU55

See, I think this kid should get some extra Tooth Fairy money. Like, just a little bit. You have to hand it to this kid for his creativity.

"Bowling ball I found at the flea market."

A Shrek and Donkey bowling ball.
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I have to say, I really miss those times when Shrek was literally everywhere. You could find his face on pretty much everything; weird Shrek-themed food packages, random merch, and bowling balls, apparently.

Unless somebody made that, in which case, nice.

"Mother/son at the DMV."

Two people standing at a desk. One is wearing a pro-marijuana shirt, and the other is wearing an anti-drug shirt.
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I wonder how it went down at their house. Like, did the mom put her shirt on in response to her son, or did the son put his shirt on in response to his mom? And they really went out in public like that?

"Boss says build stairs, I build stairs."

A man standing next to a set of stairs that's inaccessible underneath another set of stairs.
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Well, that guy sure did make stairs. I guess no one told him they had to be usable. Though, something tells me they aren't going to be fixing that, and they'll probably be putting new stairs in somewhere else.

"The irony."

A sign that reads, "Please report graffiti to the front desk thank you!" Next to it, graffiti reads, "will do."
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I mean, this is another one of those things where you kind of have to take the opportunity when it's presented to you. Even if it's technically something you shouldn't be doing. At the very least, most people are going to find it funny.

"Vintage clothing store uses Pokémon cards as price tags!"

Clothing items with Pokemon cards that have prices on them.
reddit | summitseeker18

Okay, so those are the "power" cards that just make your cards stronger, which means they're basically worthless when it comes to resale. I guess this is a more creative way to use Pokémon cards you don't need.

"The owner of this minivan allegedly was defrauded by the dealership… and spared no feelings using the cursed van as a billboard to put them on blast!"

The back of a van calling a dealership out for fraud.
reddit | Puff-Puff-Puff-Pass

I feel bad for the person who got scammed, but they really put that dealership on blast in the best possible way.

"Homemade Prius limo."

An elongated Toyota Prius.
reddit | Gabe0fThrones

I remember a while ago people were really making fun of Priuses for some reason. And even though they don't really make them anymore, I guess some people out there really feel the need to show theirs off in the weirdest ways.

"My local pastry shop has misspelled donut boxes."

Donut boxes that are labeled as "dount."
reddit | GelflingThings

I always find it funny when a place that specializes in a certain thing, has a typo in packaging for that thing. On the plus side, I'm pretty sure people are still going to know what a "dount" is.

"The vending machine guy at work left free snacks on top."

A full vending machine that also has snacks on top of it.
reddit | rkrause45

Whoever did this is a real one. According to OP, they aren't even close to their expiration date or anything! I guess the secret to making the most out of a vending machine is to have a good supplier.

"My neighbor’s mailbox got struck by a car. He stuck it in a can and now wheels it out to the street daily like a trash can."

A mailbox inside of a wheeled recycling bin.
reddit | ararerock

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I feel kind of bad for laughing, to be honest.

"Dude of the week" should be a real thing, to be honest.

I love how hilarious yet wholesome this whole exchange is. The first dude just wanted to show off his steak-making skills, and now the second dude has official Chipotle friendship bracelets. What could be better than that?

"Ascot Horse Race attendees brought a Candelabra with them."

Groups of people in a yard, sitting at decorated tables near parked cars.
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If you're dressing fancy to go to a fancy event, I guess you have to go all out in every respect. Is that candelabra necessary? Absolutely not. But I also can't imagine how that place setting would look without it at this point.

Definitely one of the strangest things to have to look out for.

I'm not gonna lie, if I saw this sign, I'd probably burst out laughing. Even if a lamb jumped up from nowhere in front of me, I'd just keep laughing all the way home.

"This Brooklyn family is using all of their available yard space!"

A car parked in front of a house; the front of the car is underneath a hollowed out section of the house's porch.
reddit | carvana6

This is a prime definition of "where there's a will, there's a way." They figured out a way to make do with limited space in the most hilarious yet surprisingly inventive way I've ever seen.