A cracked, uneven road surface.
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20 Things That Have Us More Nervous Than A 7 AM Job Interview

I don't know what it is, but looking at really strange, kind of stressful stuff is incredibly fascinating. I guess it's that element of terror that keeps you from looking away, even if you really want to.

With that said, this collection of strange images are, well, very stressful. Though to be completely honest, I'd rather stare at this than have to worry about an early morning job interview any day.

"I guess that sign isn’t important."

A pile of junk set in a warehouse zone where you're supposed to keep the area clear.
reddit | telsus

Fire safety? Never heard of it! No, but seriously, this is actually super dangerous and so stupid. Here's hoping whoever piled all that stuff there never has to deal with an actual fire at that place.

"I’m working with only the best and brightest..."

A chemical burn and eyewash station that also contains nail polish remover.
reddit | saioli

You don't have to be part of your work's safety committee to know that the nail polish remover doesn't belong there. I really hope no one tries to use it to wash their eyes out or something...

Meanwhile, in the overhead...

A pallet full of boxes that has fallen down in the overhead section of a warehouse.
reddit | velocacracker

I would honestly be so unsurprised if all these dangerous things were happening in the same workplace... Though, I guess there are plenty of warehouses and stuff out there where people don't seem to care about the rules, even though they should.

"My sister replaced her office chair wheels with rollerblade wheels."

The bottom of an office chair where all the wheels are from rollerblades.
reddit | Nsmith1881

I'm sure she had a lot of fun with that, even if it's seriously stressing me out right now. I dunno, I just feel like those wheels would make the chair too slippery.

"I found one random ketchup from last Halloween at the grocery store."

Heinz "tomato blood" Halloween themed ketchup.
reddit | kvlt_ov_personality

Look, this was fun during Halloween. But enough time has passed since then that seeing this on a shelf would absolutely freak me out for a couple of seconds.

"Somewhere, below a busy street in Shanghai..."

A ladder sticking out of an open manhole.
reddit | RustyToad

The idea of going down a manhole is honestly kind of terrifying. The way the ladder is sticking out of this one makes it feel a lot weirder, though. Plus that random pickax there... Just, no.

"If 4 wasn't bad enough, there's 2 more on the same wall but in the bathroom on the other side."

A wall with no less than three different outlets at various heights.
reddit | throwaway892360

All I can think about is the fact that an electrician did this. For what reason? We may never know. But it happened.

I don't think we should ask questions.

A worker using a small ladder to work on a post that's at his level.
reddit | gregoriocavazos

You know what? I'm going to try not to judge too hard. Maybe this guy is afraid of heights. Maybe it's the exact opposite, and he's afraid of being too close to the ground for some reason.

I still think it would be pretty painful if he tripped, even from that height.

"Just a small jump and it'll move again, nothing to worry about."

A sign in an elevator that reads, "If elevator does not move do a small jump it should move after."
reddit | Same_Ad4736

Ah, yes, because nothing makes nervous elevator riders feel better than having to jump to make that dang thing move. Sounds totally safe. Not even a little bit suspicious.

"I'm so glad they added a strap to the windshield wiper to properly secure the load."

A van sticking out of the back of a truck, suspended using cords.
reddit | DChapman77

File that under: things I would absolutely never want to drive behind, especially on a freeway. I seriously doubt that car is as secure in there as they think it is...

"Came home to these little guys growing from my ceiling… I think it’s a bad sign."

A ceiling with water damage and small sprouts growing out of it.
reddit | LiquidFireExplosia

I mean, the water damage itself is a bad sign too, but those weird sprouts are definitely not good by any means. I think it might be time for a new ceiling at this point.

"This guy walking with his cat on his shoulders."

A black cat balancing on a man's shoulders.
reddit | dungeondevil2

Okay, both the cat and the dude carrying the cat are pretty intimidating. In fact, I'd go as far as to say they're probably both incredibly powerful and not to be messed with. So, uh, don't mess with them.

"This shark shaped cloud."

A cloud over an ocean that's shaped like a shark.
reddit | tommyspilledthebeans

The fact that it's over water makes this so much more hilarious. But also a little terrifying. Hopefully that shark shaped cloud isn't some kind of indication of what might be waiting for us under the surface...

"NYC you’ve gone too far..."

An ad for a spaghetti donut.
reddit | readycent

I feel like I actually know a lot of people who would love to try this. Not me, though. For me, this is just stressful to look at, or to even think about. Does it... taste like spaghetti and donut at the same time?

"Motorcycle gets stuck in an unusual place."

A motorcycle stuck in overhead electrical wires.
reddit | Unusual_Magic

See, there's no explanation for this that isn't slightly horrifying. If that bike got up there because of a flood, that's horrifying. If someone got that thing up there somehow, that's equally as horrifying. It's literally a no-win situation.

"Humidity in Sydney these days."

A car steering wheel that's covered in mould.
reddit | roby_soft

See, you really do learn something new every day. For example, today I learned that mold can grow on steering wheels. This is something I never thought I needed to know, and it's something I'm going to be living in fear of for the rest of my life. So, great!

"Mayflies hatched in Northern Michigan."

Hundreds of bugs resting on a gas station pump.
reddit | plyitnit

Even though mayflies are pretty harmless, this is still very stressful to look at. Though, apparently tourists like to look at them. I don't know why anyone would want to look at a swarm of mayflies, but to each their own.

"This is a highway bridge in Pennsylvania."

A cracked and patched road surface.
reddit | Tylenol_Creator

You know what? If I came across this bridge, I'd probably just turn around. Because there's no way that can be, like, safe and stable and stuff. It just looks like an accident waiting to happen, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere near it when it does.

"Found a snakeskin in our basement the other day. Still can't find the snake."

A snakeskin next to and nearly the same length as a pool cue.
reddit | swooson

That story started out stressful... and just got even more stressful. This is probably the last thing you ever want to find in your house, especially if you don't actually have a pet snake or anything.

"That should do it..."

Tire chocks around (instead of behind/in front of) what appears to be an airplane wheel.
reddit | qareti

Um, is that an airplane? Because that makes this already bizarre picture, like, ten times more bizarre. And stressful at the same time. I would not want to be wherever that picture was taken, for the obvious reasons.