20 Mess-Ups That Need Something Stronger Than 'Whoops'

McDonald's with marriage proposal mistakenly delivered to wrong person
reddit | Xagreuss

There's no shortage of ways to mess up in life. In fact, it's probably easier to mess up than it is to succeed. But if there's any consolation, it's that somewhere out there, someone is currently messing up far worse than you ever will.

I'm not saying we should laugh at other people who mess up. I am saying that we should at least be thankful it isn't us.

"Motor yacht fire in Torquay, UK 28/5/22."

A motor yacht on fire
reddit | MGC91

When you're looking at something you spent lots of money on, seeing it engulfed in flames is generally not ideal. That said, it's hard to feel too badly for anyone who has enough money to afford one of these yachts.

"Yup that's how acronyms work. Job well done!"

Acronym instructions don't make any sense
reddit | Annoying__Usernames

I remember learning these acrostic things in, like, kindergarten. By first grade, we all stopped doing them because they're so simple, all of the first graders had mastered them. I guess they're tough for some folks.

"Forgot to strap it down?"

Boat on road after falling off trailer
reddit | iMakeBoomBoom

I like how the caption of this asks whether the driver forgot to strap it down. I mean, of course the driver forgot to strap it down. The evidence of their forgetfulness is spread all over the road.

"Ahhh yes, the nutritional info I needed. I r i s h."

Nutritional info for glass of water reads 'Irish'
reddit | CaptainGisseno

Look, I get that the image of the water is adorned with a little four-leaf clover, but that doesn't automatically mean that the nutritional content of the water is Irish.

"So, uh… wanna tell me what went wrong with this one?"

Crosswalk with one bar badly misaligned
reddit | xx-ANONYMOUS

I'd never thought about how they put these crosswalk designs on the pavement. Having just one bar as a stencil and repeating the design makes sense, but only if the person doing the painting is on their game.

"They put the lamp... under the ceiling..."

A lamp mounted under ceiling tiles
reddit | B0dis

This could be considered something short of a total failure, if only because the light is still (dimly) visible. Still, it's an odd aesthetic choice. Maybe just put the lights on the ceiling, rather than under the ceiling next time.

"Oven just exploded for some reason."

Oven after glass door exploded
reddit | Pb801

Here's a little life tip I've learned: if you've pre-heated an oven and are about to put a frozen pizza in there, don't let any of the frozen cheese or other toppings fall on the hot oven door.

Why? No reason.

"PS5 controller started cooking whilst charging."

Charging port in PS5 controller fried after being plugged in
reddit | no-fapping-way

We expect to see janky electrical connections on old or no-name electronics, but this is a freakin' PS5. We should be able to plug in our next-gen controllers without being afraid the house will burn down.

"Ascend? Why is it pointing the opposite direction?"

Logo for company called Ascend features arrow pointing down
reddit | bandley3

Seen one way, this logo looks like two things coming together and then shooting skyward — a perfect logo for a company called Ascend.

Seen the more obvious way, though, it's obviously an arrow pointing down.

"The low hanging fruit of crappy design."

Public bucket seats with no way to drain water out
reddit | unlocomqx

If you're designing bucket seats that are going to be placed outside in the elements, it isn't too complicated. Just put some holes in the seat so they can drain properly. Perhaps this image can serve as a cautionary tale.

"There’s a reason why yellow tiles are not commonly used in swimming pools…"

Yellow tiles in swimming pool make water look yellow
reddit | dataisok

With spotlights and colorful tiles, swimming pools can be made to look purple, or red, or orange. Yellow is a nice color and all, but it just doesn't work in this context.

"That's NOT how °C/°F works."

Thermometer that shows identical values for both celsius and fahrenheit
reddit | itsTyrion

Centigrade and Fahrenheit do get closer and closer the colder it gets. But that doesn't explain what's going on with this thermometer. Maybe it's developed a new hybrid temperature system, and we're all too dumb to realize it.

"So I just walked into the wrong bathroom…"

Women's washroom with design obscuring the 'wo' text
reddit | Kaizen336

To be fair, this guy just walked into a washroom with an obvious pictogram of a woman, thinking it was the men's room. Then again, if he was only looking at the text, it kind of makes sense.

"6-point stop intersection | Fontana, CA."

A dangerous-looking six-point intersection
reddit | ZonaryOrange

This intersection is an absolute disaster of urban planning. Do the city planners of Fontana, California know about roundabouts? They're not just for the British anymore! A roundabout would probably fix this problem.

"Blind people can only use the bottom 9 floors."

Elevator panel with only some buttons in Braille
reddit | moonhawk49

The world is tough enough for people with vision impairments. One thing they can count on, usually, is for elevator buttons to have Braille text. I guess this elevator just wanted to go halfway in its accessibility efforts.

"During a weekend call-shift I stopped by Wendy’s for their new hot honey chicken sandwich. It was just a tad rare."

Wendy's chicken sandwich is severely undercooked
reddit | Gs1000g

I'm a big fan of fast food breakfast sandwiches. I haven't tried the offerings from Wendy's yet, but now I think I might pass. Chicken doesn't belong in breakfast anyway.

"Why is the wagon black?"

Logo for Red Wagon Pizza Company, featuring a black wagon
reddit | Significant-Bill9405

I'm not a graphic designer, so I shouldn't judge. But it seems like graphic designers sometimes get too deep into a project before they realize that there's a major error. 'Black Wagon, Red Background Pizza Company' just doesn't have the same ring to it.

"Ok, what the heck is this?"

Wristwatch with unusual numbering system
reddit | Hello558

It looks just like a normal watch face at first glance, and maybe at second glance as well. I'm not sure how it can keep accurate time between 3 and 5 o'clock with this unusual alignment.

"So I ordered McDonalds via DoorDash and found this in the bag. Not only did the DoorDash driver get my order wrong, but I think he messed up some poor dude’s plans…"

McDonald's with marriage proposal mistakenly delivered to wrong person
reddit | Xagreuss

The driver shouldn't feel too bad. This is a mess-up, and they did mess up a proposal...but c'mon, who proposes over McDonald's anyway?

"That seems like it might be expensive."

I'm not saying that this is a metaphor for Elon Musk and his whole deal right now, but on the other hand, I can't think of any other way to finish this sentence.