20 Pics That Made Us Wonder About The State Of Humanity

Two cars parked especially close together in an empty lot
reddit | SomaDisequiblibrium

If you look hard enough, you'll see examples of human innovation all around you. And yet, for every example of genius, there seem to be about six examples of dumbness.

We're not sure if seeing more things that will make you question the state of humanity is a good thing. In any event, here are some pics.

Remember, if you're questioning the state of the world, at least you're not alone.

"This $10 salad I paid for at a restaurant."

Underwhelming whitish-green salad
reddit | WoundedDonkey

Side salads can truly go either way. You might get a lush bed of mixed greens, paired with the perfect dressing. On the flip side, you might get something that's only technically lettuce.

"Apparently this gym has a sauna-peeing problem..."

Sign advertising reward for catching whoever's peeing in the sauna
reddit | Jose_Canseco_Jr

I understand the gym's frustrations here (I mean, c'mon, who pees in a sauna?). At the same time, this is just going to lead to a procession of peeping Toms looking into the shower area in an effort to catch the culprit.

"So I haven't had internet all day (Comcast, no surprise). Turns out the neighbors had internet installed this morning, and the technician just. unplugged mine."

Internet cable unplugged by technician
reddit | b3nchvis3

Sometimes, the internet technician does some next-level stuff to bring broadband into your house. Other times, they just unplug one person's internet and plug in another's.

"When you get crypto ads in your fortune cookies instead of a fortune."

Crypto ads inside fortune cookies
reddit | CommercialLimit

I've always seen myself as someone who barely cares about the contents of fortune cookies. But after seeing these gross crypto ads, I now consider myself to be a fortune cookie purist.

"Found this abomination to disability."

Paper towel holder in public washroom placed very high
reddit | 1ce_W0lf

Sometimes you see something that isn't particularly accessible, but at least it's trying to be accessible. In this case, it almost looks like the towel dispenser was placed there as a challenge to anyone in a wheelchair.

"At least the load was secure for when the truck bed complete detaches."

Pickup truck bed detaching from cab
reddit | ohituna

Aren't pickup truck beds supposed to be, y'know, firmly attached to the rest of the truck? I wonder what possibly could have happened to the drivetrain to cause this.

"Padlocked fire exit during office renovation."

Fire exit door padlocked shut
reddit | HorseWithNoUsername1

The whole point of those big, glowing EXIT signs is to direct people to an unlocked exit in the event of an emergency. The point of padlocks is to keep people from using a door. You can see how these two things might be at odds.

"Fixing an AC compressor on a level 28 ledge."

Man fixing AC unit on 28th floor ledge with no safety equipment
reddit | mijabari

There's plenty of room to maneuver on this ledge, but I'm still nervous. Obviously, that guy could fall off and die. But that AC unit could also fall off and hit someone on the ground.

"Take a ride on the death swing."

Three swings suspended from one precarious rope
reddit | Sacuna9999

This is the perfect tree to mount a swing on. It would even be the perfect tree to mount three swings on. But there's a better way to do this (and thicker gauge of rope to boot).

"Weird sink."

An unusually long, narrow sink
reddit | Kindawg

This is actually kind of a cool aesthetic, and might even work well in a situation where lots of people are sharing the same sink. But in this case, it's just taking space away from the rest of the kitchen island.

"This castle extension on top of a regular suburban home."

Castle-themed extension built on top of ranch house
reddit | YesdingoateBaby

I think my favorite part of this is the fact that the castle doesn't blend in to the house at all. Like, it almost looks like it isn't securely fastened to the house.

"Louis Vuitton fire extinguishers."

Louis Vuitton-themed fire extinguishers
reddit | mikeymiggz

Did you know that you should have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen at all times? It's a good safety tip — in fact, it wouldn't hurt to have a backup. And if you're Kanye West, I've got the perfect fire extinguishers for you.

"Love me some human flesh with my cheese."

Cheese plate featuring skeleton draped with meat
reddit | SirLagALot420

Speaking as a big fan of both skeleton aesthetics and cheese plates, I'm going to have to condemn this thing. The skeleton is out of place, but hanging thinly-sliced meat off of it just makes things that much grosser.

"Our new oven is 1/4” too big for the existing spot."

Oven slightly too large for existing space
reddit | MilkshakeMan666

This is a common problem with newer appliances, and I can't believe more people don't talk about it. How did humanity come to decide on standard sizes for things, then just kind of give up on the whole concept?

"Movers packed my truck like this and when I told them they should make better use of space in the truck they quit."

Interior of an inefficiently packed moving truck
reddit | mikehtiger

It's honestly baffling that the people who packed this truck are apparently professional movers. They don't have to be packing things in Tetris-style, but surely they could do a little better than this.

"Someone tried to ruin the Mona Lisa."

Cake smeared on glass protecting the Mona Lisa
reddit | mannequin-lover

If there's a weird hill to die on, it's the hill of the person who decided to smear cake on the glass protecting the Mona Lisa. Political statements can be powerful, but what did the Mona Lisa ever do that has relevance to our modern world?

"Having to clean this up after a movie."

Theater seats littered with popcorn
reddit | oven-toasted-owl

On one hand, theater employees should expect to have some popcorn to clean up after a movie. On the other hand, this is more than just 'some' popcorn. It looks like a whole popcorn bomb went off.


Machine says 'credit card use only' and also 'cash only'
reddit | peanutismint

Have you ever found yourself in a paradox? Ever found yourself unable to move forward, whichever option you might choose? This machine has the logos of five payment services, but is apparently unable to accept any one of them.

"Staying at a nice hotel and had to pay $60 for overnight valet parking. Walking to dinner we found our car parked in a tow-away zone a block away from the hotel."

Car parked by valet in tow-away zone
reddit | MilmoWK

Here's the thing about valets: they're not driving their own cars, so they're not particularly invested in keeping the car safe. If there's a silver lining here, it's that the car didn't get towed.

"Get away from me you creep!"

Two cars parked especially close together in an empty lot
reddit | SomaDisequilibrium

This could very well be an example of a parking lot clearing out, leaving just these two cars behind. But I like to think that they came together because they were lonely in that big, empty parking garage.