The side of a house that's in the midst of being painted.
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20 Times People Encountered Jerks In The Wild

In a perfect world, nothing would ever go wrong. But there are a lot of jerks out there who like to ruin things for the rest of us. And I think it's safe to say that they suck.

Unfortunately for the people in this list, they ran into some pretty huge jerks. I can't believe there are people out there who think being like this is okay.

"Received in the mail from a concerned neighbor."

A passive aggressive letter telling a neighbor to mow their lawn more often.
reddit | mahelke

"Context: I haven’t been able to care for my yard as much as I would like over the past few months because we had our second child back in February and I’ve been single-handedly caring for the newborn and our 5 year old while my wife has been in the hospital recovering from postpartum complications."


"Be me, sitting in my car, having lunch. Watched a woman hit the pole. Called police on me."

A car in a parking lot, from the perspective of the car in the spot in front of the first one.
reddit | MisterStevieT

"Claimed I moved the pole to cause her to get into an accident. Had to stay for an hour while the incident was investigated."

The fact that there was an investigation is probably the worst part.

"This guy at the gym."

A man at a gym bench, hoarding at least a dozen dumbbells of varying weights.
reddit | asbohorror

You don't even need to be a regular at the gym to know that this is a real jerk move. Don't hoard dumbbells like that. Other people kind of want to be able to use them, too. It's called etiquette for a reason.

"My Dad's a Nurse and The Hospital Gave All the Nurses this Bag because All nurses Are Women Apparently…"

Various makeup and skincare products.
reddit | JamesBuchanan3410

Ah yes, because all nurses (men, women, whomever) want a bunch of makeup products. You know, instead of bonuses, or vacation, or anything that actually makes up for the hard work they've been putting in.

"Hotel keeps my deposit because I left a poor review on Booking dot com."

Part of a screenshot of a conversation where a hotel manager tells someone they aren't getting their deposit back.
reddit | coreybeavers1999

This is the exact opposite of how you should be doing business. Threatening someone for leaving a bad review is... just going to end up in you getting even more bad reviews.

"Some asshole let his dog pee on the inside of the lobby door to my apartment."

A small wet spot at the bottom of a door from the inside.
reddit | peachnecctar

Something tells me that dog needs to be housebroken a little better. But my philosophy is that there's no such thing as a bad dog, just people who shouldn't be dog owners.

"My landlord entered my apartment without notice (illegal) to tell me to clean my lint trap."

A conversation between tenant and landlord in which the landlord tells the tenant to clean their lint trap.
reddit | kiddo-l

It's the "please don't argue" for me.

Look, even if OP did need to clean the lint trap, that isn't something the landlord should've known. Because they did something super illegal to find out.

"This is where Amazon left our package. We live on the third floor. They put 'left in a safe place.'"

An amazon package balancing on a stair rail.
reddit | anxiouslymute

"Left in a safe place" sounds like code for "actually, I just didn't feel like climbing all those stairs." Not cool.

"Got out of his truck and skipped the line to order. Guess inside was too far."

A man standing at a drive thru window.
reddit | f*****-nerdz

I remember seeing people having to get out of their trucks to order from fast food places during lockdown but... this guy could've at least waited in line first.

"Apparently this gym has a sauna-pisser problem..."

A sign in a gym locker room asking people to look out for a person peeing in their sauna.
reddit | Jose_Canseco_Jr

It's kind of sad that the gym has to resort to asking patrons to try and spot a person... peeing... in the sauna. Like, come on! How disgusting can you get?

I mean, hopefully they find the guy.

"When someone steals your homework and gets a better grade... Unbelievable."

A screenshot of a Tweet from photographer Jingna Zhang who shows how someone copied her art and got money for it.
Twitter | @zemotion

People who steal art are pretty sleazy. But the fact that this person stole art from a well-known photographer is mind-baffling. Like, imagine being so presumptuous that you'd do that.

"1.5 years in and we’re still doing this?"

A scalper selling PS% and Xbox series X consoles.
reddit | MostCrispy

Scalpers literally ruin everything. You can hardly get concert tickets for market price. Trying to get one of the latest video game consoles is made even more impossible than it already is. And for what, so someone can make a couple hundred bucks?

"The packaging on disposable plastic cups."

A plastic sheet on plastic cups that says to stop using paper cups.
reddit | happi_botmun1538

So we're supposed to stop using plastic because pollution. Got it. And we're also supposed to stop using paper because deforestation. Got it.

My only question is, did the person who printed that little message actually think any of this through?

"World class parking job by this driver."

A car parked in a Target parking lot that's blocking three spots.
reddit | ddlychee

I don't know why, but the fact that this Tesla is taking up three spaces is unsurprising to me. And those two unattended shopping carts back there just make the picture. Nothing but a bunch of jerks.

"Limited edition."

Two Vaseline containers; one is more expensive than the other because it's the Pride edition.
reddit | rustyyryan

June means Pride Month, which means companies deciding to put rainbows on their otherwise identical products, and then using that as an excuse to charge more for the same thing. But at least they give that extra profit back to the community.

Oh, wait.

"He couldn’t park a little further?"

A car parked at the curb on a street. The back of the car is sticking out into the end of someone's driveway.
reddit | PittsburghPlays_YT

And then if you try to back out and accidentally swipe their car, they act like it's your fault. As if they weren't the one who parked in front of someone's driveway like a total jerk.

"So I haven't had internet all day (Comcast, no surprise). Turns out the neighbors had internet installed this morning, and the technician just. Unplugged mine."

A junction box for internet connection with two wires attached and a third one sticking out.
reddit | b3nchvis3

I can't get over the fact that the technician really just unplugged somebody's internet to connect somebody else. Amazing.

"Contractor leaves message for Karen client who refused to pay after color approval."

A house that's partially painted blue. On one side, in white paint, reads, "Didn't lie my color. Hope u like this one."
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OP clarified: "She approved of the color that was smaller swatches on the side of the home. Only once almost 3/4 of the home was covered did she then proceed to complain."

So... she didn't like the color after she said she did, and then tried not to pay. Classy.

"Found this abomination to disability."

A woman in a wheelchair in a bathroom with a paper towel dispenser that's ridiculously high up on the wall.
reddit | 1ce_W01f

That would be really high for the average person not in a wheelchair to reach, so the fact that the person who installed it thought it was okay to do in an accessible restroom is just... terrible.

"Today is June 1. I work evenings and always pay rent on my way to work on the first. This note, dated the 2nd and marked as delivered on the 3rd, was on everyone's door."

A rent notice dated for June second, demanding rent payment.
reddit | nunya1111

The comment section under the original post is pretty convinced that this is a scare tactic to get the tenants to leave. Which is just terrible, to be honest.